Posted in August 2009

Augmented Traffic Views 1.0

Predictive Auto-Tracking – Predicts and presents traffic camera views based on your current location and direction to automatically show the traffic cameras in your upcoming trip; –          SmartMode feature learns your often-travelled paths and uses that information to filter/select cameras to show in a more optimal manner; –          SmartAlerts provides real-time traffic construction/maintenance information based … Continue reading

v0.99Beta now in marketplace – Release Notes

Critical regression fix for UI; Some other tweaks to aid with initial usability; Still working on more stuff before 1.0: Finally figured out how to get the STILL geo-coded images for Dallas – at this time only Dallas will be added for 1.0. Even more usability improvements; Some speed-ups also

v1.0.1 now available in the Marketplace

Now supporting over 3000 cameras in North America! Cameras added for the following cities: Manhattan, Buffalo, Denver, St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia New Jersey, San Diego, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Vancouver Fort Worth, Houston, Milwaukee,, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Louisville, Phoenix, Portland, San Fran Bay Area. Added Boca Raton local cameras to the … Continue reading

Request to add new cities/areas

I welcome the suggestions to add cameras. I have added San Fran, Manhattan, Buffalo and St Louis already for v0.98Beta. I am considering more, but will not have much time to do so, this week. In your request, if you could specify a city (area) that would be quite helpful (otherwise an entire state/country could … Continue reading

How to add Florida cameras

1)  Select from the main screen: menu->more->switch to the Florida Cameras; It will take a few minutes to load the cameras. Note you will need a good internet connection as the data is being loaded from the internet (for this operation only). 2) Once it’s done go to menu->Detailed Info and the # of traffic … Continue reading

New update v0.98Beta now available!

Minor tweaks, code clean-up and bug fixes NEW – support for Florida Traffic Cameras added!!!!! Select menu->Switch to Florida Cameras (note the Toronto cameras will be deleted to save memory). One can restore the Toronto Camera by choosing the menu->Delete Databases option and restarting the application (cameras are reloaded automatically during the restart). I cannot … Continue reading