Top 10 Reasons to Buy Augmented SmartWatch Pro for Android Wear

Augmented SmartWatch Pro with the Companion Augmented Wear App enhances the current Android Wear experience for all Android Wear devices.


1) Ability to add vibrations for alerts from apps (like Skype) that do not vibrate the Android Wear by Default.

2) Ability to customize the vibration patterns for any alert. See here for more.

3) Enhanced Weather information  including hyper-location aware Rain/Snow alerts, ability to show the current Temperature on the notification shown on top of Wear notifications.

IMAG05544) Custom alert/notification alternative which is highly configurable (colour, text size).


5) Intelligent Quiet Time – to suppress alerts. Weekend/Weekday hours can be set independently. High Priority Alerts can be set to still show during quiet time, and quiet time can also be configured based on battery charging state (i.e. Quiet Time is enabled only when plugged in and in quiet time hours). # of alerts received during quiet time is also shown after Quiet Time ends.


6) Rich selection of Android Wear connect/disconnect options. Wear will show alert when disconnected from Phone. # of alerts during disconnection can also be shown upon re-connect.


7) History of prior alerts can be viewed on the Android Wear.

8) Traffic Cameras – can see the real-time image of the closest traffic camera (North America).


9) Tasker/3rd party API Integration to control Augmented SmartWatch automatically via Intents. More info here.

10) Augmented’s legendary, high-quality and “optimized” support for notifications including filters, high priority designations, re-formatting info for “at a glance”, enhanced alerts (battery charged, battery low, network status) and much more.

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