Release Notes for Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Current ReleaseVersion 8.0.4: Market Link 

Free Trial Version of 8.0.4: Link

Release Notes for Older Releases (6.8+ and older)

Updated Sony SW2 Detailed User Guide

Top 10 reasons to use Augmented for Android Wear

Current Users: Please disable “Force Use Accessibility” option in Augmented Settings if running Android 4.3+. You will need to enable Augmented SmartWatch Pro in Notification Access in system settings

Also if you are getting double notifications in Android Wear please disable the apps (enabled in Augmented) – you can follow this

New in Version 8.0.4

Augmented Wear (Augmented Wear Version 2.7 required)

  • Support for LG Urbane 2 (480×480)

New in Version 8.0.3

New Minimal and Elegant Features

  • Red line around watchface is shown when your selected calendar is busy with events at those times – must enable calendar alerts in Augmented Wear settings.
  • Lo-Hi temperature bar at the top is new
  • Separate option added to control autosizing of minute/hour hands based on battery capacity.
  • Option to use last background image saved in a Minimal preset (disabled by default). The last background image saved in a preset is used and the weather/picture information is shown on top of that image.



New in Version 8.0.2

  • Support for Dark Sky Weather APIs (More info here)
    • Need to provide your own API key
    • Support in Minimal Watchface for a graphical rain indicator
      • Two graphs in middle shows rain probability based on current location
      • Size of vertical line is probability
      • Colour is intensity of precipitation (Strongest is Red, Orange, Yellow, then White)


New in Version 8.0

  • Critical Force Close fix for Wear
  • Whatsapp optimizations
  • Augmented Wear Battery threshold bug fix
  • Optimizations to use sender picture in more situations (i.e. you will see more pictures)
  • Fix for calendars – should now be able to see all calendars and can select the one(s) you want Augmented to see/show. In Augmented Smartwatch settings -> Android Wear Options -> Select Calendars.
  • New option for Daydream mode
    • Must have always send option enabled for this
    • Disabled by default
    • If enabled, then when in daydream mode (screen on and phone is being charged non-wirelessly), then no alerts will be sent to the watch. If on wireless charging, then this option has no effect.
  • Augmented Wear/Minimal & Elegant Watchface
    • Optimization to not show Sender name in text if picture is also being shown.
    • ADT support for lock/unlock door state in centre dot – name of door lock can be configured. 3 states (Alarm on, Alarm off & Door Unlocked, Alarm Off & Door Locked). Colour for each state is used based on battery state colours (for now).
    • Calendar optimizations
      • Setting to control enable/disable calendar alerts in Minimal&Elegant
    • Fix to ensure white side lights while phone is being charged (if enabled)

New in Version 7.9.9

  • Android Wear Optimizations
    • Nine (email app) – for VIP senders the vibration intensity is increased on alerts and the number of vibration pulses is increased by one from default setting.
    • Whatsapp picture optimization (of sender).
  • Battery Saving Feature for Wear
    • New option (enabled by default) – reduces vibration intensity and inhibits showing a full screen sender picture if battery drain is exceeded (on your Wear – threshold is configurable), Wear battery is < 30%, or the sender of the current message is the same sender as the prior message (and the message was sent in less than a minute after the prior message). Note if the sender is the same sender as the prior message (and in one minute prior) the vibration count is forced to one vibration pulse.
  • New option to disable/enable showing alerts for all unread emails on an incoming email alert (should be disabled if getting multiple alerts for new emails).
  • Minimal&Elegant Watchface Enhancements:
    • New option to show watch/phone battery state separately. Requires Augmented Wear companion app (for watch battery). There are two options: (1)  Watch/Phone battery is reflected in analog watch face colour or 2) watch/phone battery is reflected in the side lights.
      • For option 1) The minute hand will also reflect the watch battery status and the hour hand will reflect the phone batter status. The thicker (main) part will show battery capacity and the thin hand portion will show the used battery capacity. The colour of the hands will also reflect the watch/phone battery state (5 bands defined – so 5 separate colours).
      • For option 1) the side lights will be used to show context of the last message received as follow in priority:
        • If a high priority sender, the colour associated with a high priority sender – regardless of app used by the sender. There are 4 senders in Augmented and each high priority sender can have a different colour.
        • The LED colour on the phone (if it exists).
        • A default value that can be configured in settings (SMS, emails, etc) if neither of the above provide a LED colour.
      • Note the length of the minute and hour hand can be configured in settings (from 1- 100 each).
    • Change for Wifi state – now indicated by size of side lights (thicker means wifi connected, thinner side lights means wifi disconnected).
    • Size of center dot in the analog watchface will be based on hyper-location rain/snow alert (for next two hours) – larger dot means rain/snow warning, smaller dot means no rain/snow expected (for next two hours).
    • New option (disabled by default) to change the watchface background image to the picture of sender of the last alert sent to the watch (if the picture exists). Note battery savings throttling may not allow the picture to be set (if enabled in augmented).


  • Redefine <MEV5> to be Weather Condition + Weather Location (ideal for being the 3rd line for the new feature in Minimal)
  • New option – control colour of hands in Analog Watchface
    • If enabled, monitors SMS messages for a Trigger phrase contained in the Subject that denotes the start of an event (like an outage) and changes the analog hands to white. When the Trigger phrase for the end of an event is found in the subject , then the analog hands reverts to the battery sensitive color. So the presence of a non-white colour for the hour and minute hands means outage not currently in play. If the colour is white, then the outage is current (and waiting for end SMS message).
    • Disabled by default, the trigger start and end phrases can be configured in settings.

New in Version 7.9.8

  • Increase the number of Global Filters from 2 to 4 – applies to all alerts/watches
  • Android Wear
    • TripIt Optimizations (needs Augmented Wear Companion App) vibrations can be configured in settings and screen on time for custom alert is doubled.
    • SMS screen on time is doubled for custom alerts (requires Augmented Wear)
    • Custom vibration setting for AquaMail Notifications.
    • Augmented Wear
      • New option in Mute mode to allow high priority senders to still vibrate/show text alert using the custom animation in Augmented Wear (disabled by default).

New in Version 7.9.7

  • Microsoft Band 2 – Update to SDK (for Android 6.0.1 Bluetooth issues)
  • Note Traffic Camera support will be stopped as of Feb 2016 – only Toronto and selected cities will be supported. This is an API issue (that will no longer be available at that time).
  • Fitbit Support for Android Wear
    • “Show Fitbit” command (via Intent/Tasker in the Sender field) to show Fitbit Info (Augmented Wear required)


  • Minimal & Elegant Enhancements:
    • Added additional battery status side colour range for a total of 5 ranges (100-80%, 80-60%, 60-40%, 40-20%, 0-20%). Each range can be a different user-configurable colour.
    • If phone is charging side colour is set to white (overrides above battery status side colour until phone is disconnected from power source)
    • New option to show background image in DIM mode if Quiet Time is enabled (Enforce plug-in option in Quiet time must also be enabled to work fully).
    • Screenshot_20160126-072005
    • Automatically override Quiet time when Wear watch is disconnected from power. Use case is phone is in Quiet mode (via Augmented SmartWatch). When you wake up and take off the watch to wear but leave phone charging (hence Quiet mode remains) but still want alerts to Wear watch. Note Enforce Plug in Option in Quiet Time mode must be enabled. Augmented Wear 2.5 or higher required also.

New in Version 7.9.6

  • Android Wear
    • Bug fix for Minimal Watchface crashes on Wear watch caused by last alert info
    • New Tasker Variables supported
      • %MEV5 and %MEV6 – Weather Location and Hyper-Location based Temperature using the Augmented selected Weather source. (Disabled by Default).
      • %MEV4 – Wear Watch Battery Drain Info (requires Augmented Wear Companion app). Note option needs to be enabled (disabled by default)


  • New Context-Aware Use Cases:

  • Side Numbers in Dim mode will only show if NOT connected to Wifi (on your phone). If connected to Wifi, the Side Numbers will not show.

    • Side Lights are now based on the status of the Phone Battery and the Watch Battery (if Augmented Wear) is installed. There are four ranges – the colour of the side lights can be selected by the user:

      75 – 100% – If both Phone and Watch have at least 75% battery;

      50- 75% – If at least one of the Phone and Watch battery are in the 50-75% and the other device is 50% or higher.

      25- 50% – If at least one of the Phone and Watch battery are in the 25-50% and the other device is 25% or higher.

      0 – 25% – If at least one device is in the 0 – 25% range.


  • In Dim Mode, the background Image will show if the phone is charging. If not charging, the background image will not show in DIM mode. Disabled by default


  • Option to automatically switch to an inverted Black&White DIM watch face whenever a message from a High Priority Sender is received. It will revert to a non Black&White DIM watchface when a non High Priority Sender is received afterwards. Disabled by default.
    • Option to vibrate Wear for above use cases (to alert user that context on watchface has changed) – disabled by default.
    • new option to temporarily enable vibrate only mode for all alerts. Smart Haptics is used to differentiate between various types of alerts. Works well with the  Minimal&Elegant %MEV1 variable support from Augmented SmartWatch Pro for more discrete alerts (e.g. Alerts are indicated via a smart haptic pattern and a update to the watchface).


New in Version 7.9.5

  • Minimal & Elegant Android Wear Watchface support – more info
    • Added more variables:
      • %MEV2 – Next meeting time + title
      • %MEV3 – Next Meeting location
    • New option to have silent updates of Google Play and Spotify Music info


  • Option for context aware presets (based on start time of next Calendar event):


  • Augmented Wear 2.5
    • option to disable persistent notification alert on Wear

New in Version 7.9.3

Now Test Notification will always be sent even if only send when screen off option is enabled.

Augmented Wear (Augmented Wear Version 2.4 required)

  • Support for Tag Heuer Connected (36×360)


  • Fix for re-connected message
  • Fix for disconnect – will now vibrate phone when Wear is disconnected also (note the Name of Watch under Connect/Re-connect options must be set properly)
  • Minimal&Elegant Watchface Support for %MEV1 variable – direct API access to Minimal (without needing Tasker to be installed)!



  • Bonus Tasker Tasks that can be used with Minimal&Elegant Watchface
    • AugmentedAction 1 here – Shows current Weather Information
    • AugmentedAction2 here – Shows closest traffic camera on Wear
    • Note Tasker needs to be installed prior to the Minimal&Elegant app (so you may need to delete the Minimal&Elegant app and reinstall).

New in Version 7.9.1

  • MS Band 2
    • Bluetooth Re-connect alert for Band – when the band gets disconnected and re-connected to the phone an alert is shown on the MSFT Band. The number of missed alerts is also shown. (note please keep the default name for your MSFT band under My Microsoft Band in Microsoft Health Settings)


  • Optimized for Google Music/Spotify alerts (shows more information than default notification)! (enable Music Alerts under optimized Notifications)


New in Version 7.9.0

  • Native support for the Microsoft Band 1 & 2
    • Custom vibrations for high priority senders and other alerts


  • Optimized support for Microsoft OWA for Android (Email)
  • New option to send WhatsApp/SMS messages to another device (using Pushover)
    • Need to set pushover, API token, User Key and name of device to send alert to
    • Augmented needs to be running on both devices (alert on remote device comes in as a pushover alert)
    • Enable “Enable Pushover WhatsApp/SMS” under Other device options (on the device receiving the SMS or Whatsapp alert)
    • Install pushover app on the other device to receive pushover alerts
    • Enable pushover in Augmented “All Other Notifications”
    • Hence SMS/Whatsapp alerts received on one device can now also be sent to your SmartWatch connected to another device (since SMS and Whatsapp are specific to one device)
  • New option (under Other Devices) to automatically show notification in status bar only when a bluetooth headset device is connected or when a PocketCasts, Spotify, Sirius or Google Play music track info is updated (and not connected to a bluetooth headset). Useful to automatically show alerts on the bluetooth display (in the car) when connected +/or android wear watchface in a fully automated manner!. Needs the Botifier app.

New in Version 7.8.9

  • Updated traffic cameras for York/Toronto region – need to re “Initialize Traffic Cameras” from Augmented Menu to pick up the new cameras after updated
  • New Option that is especially useful for Android Wear

    Use case when playing music/podcasts the music info is show on the Watchface (ambient mode) and not the last notification info (which may be more useful).
    Another use case is to show notifications on a bluetooth display (like a car head unit).
    New option to allow Augmented to send the info to the status bar to help enable showing the last notification info – even when music/podcasts are playing.
    Open Augmented SMartWatch Pro on your Android -> Menu -> Toggle Temp Show on Status Bar Mode. The status screen should show in yellow that this is enabled.

    Note only the first word of the sender along with the message is shown to optimize the info shown on the Android Wear Watchface +/or Bluetooth display

    Currently the Botifier app (on the Play store) on the play store can be used to show info. It also allows info to be shown on bluetooth displays (for example in cars) with this app.

New in Version 7.8.8

  • Support for Nine Email client as an optimized notification
  • Support for new Sony Smartband 2!
  • Support for 400×400 Wear Watches (like Huawei). Required Augmented Wear 2.3

New in Version 7.8.7

  • Fix for Sony SW2 on Android 5.1.1 devices

New in Version 7.8.6

  • Sony SW2 – Active flag now works properly to disable alerts to SW2
  • Android Wear – Show Weather Temp opton works properly now
  • Augmented Edge – Option to disable/enable showing contact picture of Sender.
  • Pebble Time now supported


New in Version 7.8.5

  • Whatsapp tweak
  • Note Edge (1.9)
    • SMS tweaks
    • Option to play audio alert (default system notification sound) for incoming SMS messages (disabled by default)

New in Version 7.8.4

  • Android Wear – Tweaks to SMS when not using pre-canned responses and custom alerts to Wear
  • Note Edge (1.8)
    • Tweak to slow down the scrolling of the Sender’s Picture during the pre-alert flash on the Note Edge
    • Real black background in main part of phone (before it was not entirely black)

New in Version 7.8.3

  • Support for Pushover (note you need to register a pushover app to get an API key to use this feature, due to API rate limits)
    • Can send alerts to any specific (or all) of your devices enabled with Pushover
    • Could be used for Android to Android alerts (tablet to phone)
      • Android Phone – install Pushover and Augmented – enable Pushover in all other notifications
      • Android Tablet – install Augmented – in “other device options” enable pushover and configure your pushover user key and API token. Optionally set your pushover device (if you want to send to only one pushover device)
    • Could also be used for Android -> Apple Watch alerts! Apple Watch connected to iPhone that has pushover installed.
    • Pushover seems very fast to receive Alerts!
  • Note Edge (1.7)
      • New animation option to show sender’s picture in the sliding square. If there is no contact picture for the sender, then the default colour square is used in the animation instead.
      • Update to latest Samsung Note Edge Library (1.2)
      • SMS tweak to show actual picture of sender (if available)

New in Version 7.8.1

  • Note Edge
    • New option (disabled by default) to override all quiet time settings and always send an alert to the Note Edge (when screen is off). Useful if have a smart-watch also and want to only send to the Note Edge and not the watch during quiet time hours.
    • New option (disabled by default) to override screen off state to show alerts on the Edge during Meetings. When Enabled the screen on/off state is ignored if this option is enabled (default off to show alerts only when phone display is off).The use case is during meetings and multiple alerts arrive (and hence the screen is on as a prior alert is being shown). Useful for seeing the other alerts since during a meeting you may not be able to “touch” your phone.

New in Version 7.8.0

  • Note Edge
    • Animation options for pre-alert colour bar. There are two animation options: a sliding square and sliding bar.


  • New feature to use system LED colour specific to an app (if enabled within the app to customize the LED on the phone) – e.g. Touchdown allows a new email to customize the colour of the LED on the phone. Augmented Edge will use this colour automatically. Note a high priority sender colour will have priority over the default colour set by the app. You can now use an app like Lightflow to further customize the colours per app. Must use Notification Listener for Augmented SmartWatch.
  • Separate Pre-alert Colour options for Chat (Skype, WhatsApp), Email, Google Now, Music and SMS) in addition to default and High Priority Sender colours. So the flashing colour will now be alert-context aware and generate a colour accordingly.


  • Can configure duration of each pre-alert flash. Can also fast flash for Calendar, SMS alerts or High Priority Senders (flashes 3x the normal # and 1/3 faster and as a solid bar, no animation). All configurable in settings


  • Option for Sirius to show alerts only on Note Edge (Useful if have a smart-watch connected to the Note Edge also and you want the Sirius info on the Note Edge only).
  • Option for Calendar alerts to show alerts only on Note Edge (Useful if have a smart-watch connected to the Note Edge also and you want the Calendar info on the Note Edge only). Note Calendar alerts colour can be provisioned and can will be shown as a flashing alert if Fast Flash in enabled.


  • When Full Brightness is enabled a new option to only use Full Brightness mode when not in meetings is added (default is disabled).


New in Version 7.7.9

  • Note Edge
    • New option (enabled by default) to show a flashing colour bar alert (similar to Edge 6) prior to showing the alert text. The # of times to flash this color bar and the color can be configured. Note if it is a high priority sender then the colour associated with the High Priority Sender is used instead.



New in Version 7.7.7

  • Note Edge
    • New option (enabled by default) to force Alerts to be shown at full brightness (rather than default brightness)


  • A flashing colour bar is shown with alerts for High Priority Senders. Color for each High Priority Sender can each be individually configured in Edge settings.

DSC_0011 Screenshot_2015-03-02-07-07-07

New in Version 7.7.6

  • Note Edge
    • Option to show Google Music info on Note Edge when display is off (Augmented Edge app is required). Info is shown only if phone display is off (Power option is respected but quiet time is not). This option is useful to send to only the Edge and not the smartwatches that Augmented SmartWatch Pro may also be controlling.


  • Tweaks to show more context for alerts on Note Edge

New in Version 7.7.5

  • AquaMail Optimizations
  • Email optimizations to show all emails as separate alerts when multiple emails arrive at the same time (not just the last email to arrive) – all optimized emails app are supported (notification access must be used)

New in Version 7.7.4

  • Optimized support for Microsoft for Outlook Preview
  • Weather underground fix

New in Version 7.7.3

  • Weather(openweathermap) API updates – working again

New in Version 7.7.2

  • Touchdown Tweak
  • New option for Quiet Time to automatically go into Quiet Time mode if there is an appointment in your calendar (disabled by default) – High Priority Alert settings are respected.
  • Augmented Wear 2.2
    • Respects Mute setting on Wear (disabled by default)
    • Tweak to custom action alert mode
    • New option to show actions possible for last alert (if last alert had actions and you did not select any action) when tapping the icon on the Augmented Card on the Wear (default is enabled). When disabled it will show the weather (or if there were no actions for the last alert).

New in Version 7.6.9

  • Augmented Wear 2.1
    • Intelligent Weather updates (if location name changes or temperature changes by +-5 degrees) – enabled by default
    • IMG_20141228_043328
    • Can trigger weather info update as per above image by clicking on icon on notification card on wear. Can be disabled in Augmented Wear app settings – enabled by default. Will also show closest traffic camera image (if enabled)
    • Support for Actions using custom alert system on Android Wear
    • Option to disable actions from Wear during meetings (enabled by default)
    • Option to specify the # of times each action is shown for an alert – default is 3
    • Need to enable which apps to show actions during an alert (under all other notification in settings)
    • Screenshot_2014-12-20-08-36-50
    • Tweaks to custom animation alert system

12 thoughts on “Release Notes for Augmented SmartWatch Pro

  1. How do you disable the Disconnect notification for Android Wear? It’s driving me crazy, every time my watch disconnects from the phone, my watch vibrates 3 or 4 times. I have made sure to uncheck this feature, but it still keeps doing it, really obnoxious, please advise how to fix.

    • I assume you have Augmented Wear installed ?

      go into augmented settings within augmented smartwatch Pro -> go into augmented wear options and disable the disconnect alert option.

      You need to send at least test alert to the android wear for the option to take effect

    • I am not sure if I fully understand the request. Augmented will show any notification you see on your android notification area on your smartwatch or Note Edge.
      So if you can see your twitter feed in the notification area via any Twitter app – then you can use augmented.

      • I do see my notification in my android notification bar ( at the top of the phone), but when I get a tweet, if the screen is off, the edge does not light up like it does when I get an email.

      • Do you know which app is sending the info to the android notification bar.

        This app needs to be enabled in augmented smartwatch Pro (under all other notifications).

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