Web site for the Augmented SmartWatch Pro Android Application – the world’s first hands-free and 100 “At a Glance” notification app for the Sony SmartWatch, MotoACTV and the MetaWatch Watches. There are two version of the app:

  • Augmented SmartWatch Pro Market Link – This is a paid app and it is in the top 10 Paid apps for the Sony Watch.  The MetaWatch and MotoACTV  Smart Watches are also supported. Future focus will be on continuing to update this app as there are many more exciting new use cases (plus future devices like the Pebble Watch coming soon)
  • Augmented SmartWatch Notify Market link – This is a free (and much more restrictive) and older version of the app, yet it is still in the Top 15 free apps for the Sony watch. Note that I do not intend to update this free version (at this time)

I also invented the Augmented Traffic Views app and the older version of the PhantomAlert app. Augmented Traffic Views generated a lot of viral buzz and was presented at a conference (2010). These applications are no longer being supported (though they remain on the market). Additional presentations FITC 2013 and Android BBQ 2013.

There are a couple of other apps that I have written: one for the Toronto area (Dinesafe) and another for the Smart Watch (Augmented Traffic Views). All apps can be viewed here:

The SmartWatch is an evolving and fast-growing trend, that is only just starting and there is no clear leader. Augmented SmartWatch Pro address this uncertainty by abstracting the notifications from the various key applications on an Android and supporting the key smart watches in a seamless manner to all 3rd party applications. Augmented SmartWatch Pro is the first and only application to support multiple Smart Watches (simultaneously) in this visionary and future-proof manner. New watches will be supported within Augmented SmartWatch Pro, thereby rewarding the early adopters that had the vision to recognize this emerging trend first.

The application is specifically designed with 100% hands-free and for real-time notifications, hence some fundamental design decisions were made:

  • 100% hands-free means truly being able to glance and get the information without requiring any manual interactions with the watch. In only a few use cases do I optionally allow such interactions.
  • Investing in Augmented SmartWatch, means that as new Smart Watches  evolve, your investment in this app will be protected as new Smart Watches will be supported by future versions of Augmented SmartWatch (all settings are reused for all watches as applicable). Moreover with an open API, other applications can use the Augmented SmartWatch Open API to quickly support any smart watch supported by this app; thereby increasing the value of your investment in Augmented SmartWatch. For advanced users, Tasker can be used to “roll your own” notifications via the Augmented SmartWatch Open API.
  • There is no need to buy separate apps for the same Smart Watch simply because each app supports a different notification type. Augmented SmartWatch can be used to aggregate all notifications into a common user interface and operational approach (rather than a more costly and less user friendly approach of truly having separate applications). Moreover each app will take separate memory (and CPU) resources on the watch/Android.

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    • I look into the Honolulu cameras. Unfortunately the information I will need is not available. I would need the latitude and longitude for each camera.

      Unless this information is found, or someone hand-codes it then I will not be able to support Honolulu. Hand-coding takes @ 2 minutes per traffic camera and it basically involves looking up the lat/lon using Google Maps.

  1. Vancouver webcams aren’t working. It says “Image Unavailable” for all of them.

    Also, even though the augmented reality mode compass IS working 100%, it ALWAYS says “Please shake the phone to re-calibrate the compass” (even after I shake it). This is on the Google Nexus S running 2.3.4

    • Hi Telf,

      1) Some Vancouver ones do appear to work but I see some are out of date. I will need to look at them.

      2) Try doing the AR mode outdoors away from other electronic equipment. Try moving the phone in a figure 8 motion also.

  2. I was going to ask adding a feature for Facebook’s stand-alone messenger,but after latest update to your smartwatch notifier, there’s no need! Great as usual! Now this app is simply perfect!

    • I believe you can only pre-order on their respective web sites. Strata should be finally shipping next week to Kickstarter backers so you may find some on eBay. Pebble I would not expect until at least Q2 of next year.

  3. Is there a way to clear the notification that is visible on the widget so that the notification is blank until a new event triggers a notification?

    Example: I have the app set up to notify me when my phone battery is low, but after charging of the phone the watch still displays the battery low warning until another notification is received.

    • right now – no as the intent of this is to double the side button to always see the last notification. What I can do is clear it after you see it (once) and make it an option.

      i.e. default is current behaviour, but if you enable the option it will clear and next time you do this it will show blank (with just the normal other info weather, fitbit, etc).

      Good idea.


  4. when using the sony smartwatch with my s3 and after setting up the accessibility options, every time i open on of my menu folders, it says out loud either “folder open” or “folder closed”, is there any way to stop this from happening?

  5. I love your app. It’s a must have for all smartwatchs!!! Unfortunately, my watch is Wimm One and not on your support list. Is it possible to support Wimm in the future?

    • Unfortunately while I do have a WIMM watch, from the very limited time I used it, it was not able to reliably receive any push notifications. Moreover the company seems to have gone silent. So no plans.

      • That’s a bad news. The most important facts I am looking for are call, SMS and email. WiMM can do previous two but not the last one. So I am thinking if your software could play this role. Right now, Pebble would be a great replacement if it can support non-English characters.

  6. Hey would be god if you could have settings like in pebble notifier only to show notifications. when i add aquamail client it sends me when its synchronising and more. thanks for a great app

    • You can get Aquamail working as follows if you are willing to use Executive Assistant (in addition to aquamail).

      You need to enable Executive Assistant (EA) via optimized notifications (not all other notifications).

      Also you need to enable notifications and uncheck notify once (these are not set properly by default) within EA.

      Disable aquamail notifications in augmented also

    • This is fantastic! One day I will open my garage door from my pebble Once I get a garage door to open 🙂

      BTW with the ability to set the Buttons on the Pebble programatically via Tasker to Augmented, you can set these buttons when you are at home (as detected by location on Tasker) and reuse these buttons when not at home for other things.

      • Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I’ve only had the app installed for about an hour – a lot to learn. Still need to figure out where “NoMoreMeetings” comes from, and why I only get N/A degrees

      • You can disable calendar from settings-notifications to get rid of no more meetings.

        Weather is disabled or not getting updated. It will be updated once the update frequency (which may be a couple of hours) passes. Or you can reboot phone to force it (or enable the force weather flag under Pebble and tap the top button on the Pebble to force a weather update).

    • Are you getting double updates for other apps or just these two. If these two you need to ensure that these are disabled in the Pebble app (or any other notification app) – i.e. only one app should be sending notifications per app.

      For music override, did you set the preferred music app in the Pebble app to Augmented SmartWatch (it needs to be for these two things to work) thanks

  7. I use Llama instead of Tasker, mainly because of better location profiling (via specific, editable cell ids). It would be be great if you could integrate running shortcuts (just like ordinary shortcuts, which you can add to homepage) appart from the Tasker integration. I think that this would give more options to users because many applications use shortcuts (i.e. Llama). You can check how it works in Llama (adding shortcut as an action to run).

    • I quick look at Llama shows it supports Locale plug-ins not sure if it supports calling Intents directly in which case it should be possible to integrate with directly now. Otherwise the
      one possibility would be via a plug-in (which is not currently supported), does look interesting though.

      • I was thinking about implementing running custom android shortcuts from the watch. Llama has implemented such action called: Run App Shortcut. You can check this out. Thanks to that users would be able to run any available shortcut (e.g. changing profile in Llama using one of Llama available shortcuts).

  8. I’m enjoying using the app so far. The only problem I’ve had is that I’m having loads of pictures of the various icons the app uses saved to my album, and I haven’t been able to find a way to stop it. I had to delete nearly 200 icons earlier today, after using the app for only a few hours. Can you advise me on how to stop this? Using Xperia Z Ultra

  9. Hello. Do you have any plan to support the new Casio GB-6900B? It has Smartwatch functions but at the moments its only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4. I think a lot of people will use your application if it has support for this watches because at the moment there is no alternative. What do you think? For sure, I’ll be one of the new potential users

    • not sure if this is a bug but rather what Live Score is doing.
      Is the alert exactly the same and does it always happen with every alert?

      • It always happens.On the phone there is only one alert, but on the watch it shows to times. (It doesn’t alert two times, only shows the message twice)

  10. Hello, great app. You’ve done a great job adding so much functionality to smart watches. However I have a question. Have you considered or have the ability to separate out the Fitibt parts? I have a Sony SW2 and am looking for only the Fitbit pieces. I’d gladly pay for that (to save me from trying to cobble together an app). thanks

  11. Hi,

    I am just wondering why I keep getting this “reconnected’ message in stead of the actual message for Google Now notifications?

  12. Thanks. However I found that that did not work. What I did find that worked was I had to turn off the “enable large display” option in the SW2 settings. I tried a few options with the connect/reconnect settings and nothing worked as long as the “enable large display” option was on. As soon as I turned that off, it worked again.

    One other thing (may or may not have to do with the same thing), in the Google Play store in the pictures for the app above the description; on the fourth picture over, is my SW2 supposed to look like that? That picture looks pretty stylish but my watch has never looked like that, even for my Google Now notifications my screen looks more like the 2nd and third photos.

    Now…I’m just thinking this as I’m typing…but maybe the 4th pic is not a Smartwatch 2 but some other watch….

    Thanks for your time…

  13. When will it has official Twiiter notification? Now I use in All Other Notification but the layout is not good. It’s hard to read about tweet and sender. Thanks.

  14. I’m using Augmented SmartWatch Pro with SW1 for a long time, and its best option for me was to show custom app notification directly on watch, with screen on and vibration. But since latest updates, I can’t get a single notification directly, they all are shown in app/widget only, even if widget mode is disabled.
    Is there any way to get normal notification behavior back?

    • you should be using 5.6.1 for SOny Smart Watch 1 (if you use the new events queue) – please email me for a link to that version

  15. I´m trying to use Augmented SmartWatch Pro V. 6.8.1 with Qualcomm Toq, but it´s not working. It´s not possible for me to get any notification on my watch. The Toq app itself is installed and working properly. On your Website 1 time I can read the Toq is supported beginning with Version 6.8.1 and on another place in your Website I can read it´s supported beginning with Version 6.8.2. What is the correct Version and where I can get the Version 6.8.2 (or beta of this maybe??)?

    • 6.8.1 is ok – go to toq app -> preferences -> more applets -> uncheck augmented

      go to augmented app – ensure toq is shown as connected and then hit menu – test notification and add the applet (you may need to do another test notification)

      Then it should work – test with another test notification

      • Hi again. I had already tried this before, and it don´t worked. But now after several tries I got the message you mentioned, if I want to add this applet, and then it was possible to add it and now it works fine. Thank you very much for your instant reply ! 😉

  16. Unfortunately my Sony Smartwatch 2 does not display Whatsapp images, although my phone (Galaxy S4) is running stock firmware with root & sqlite3 and – afaik – I checked all the necessary options. Help would be >greatly< appreciated.

    • Just to confirm whatsapp is enabled under optimized notifications – also are you using Android 4.3 or earlier or are you using Android 4.3/4.4? If the latter you need to force accessibility use.

      Can you confirm?

  17. Whatsapp is enabled in the optimized notifications but disabled in the other notifications list (where all apps are listed). I am using the old stock Android 4.2.2 (with root). Accessibility is enabled.

  18. OK I think something is broken – are you OK to try a test version with a potential fix? send me an email augmentedtraffic at gmail dot com

    • send me email – some reported issues with later versions I will send you version 7.4.2 – which works for them on the MotoACTV.

  19. is there any option to buy the app for android without using the google-play-store? Of course I’m willing to pay for the app (paypal?) – but am running the phone on cyanogenmod without a google-account?

    • I think the APIs have changed – can you use weatherunderground or openweather providers instead for now?

      • Hi, thank you for the prompt answer.
        Actually i cannot set the “WOEID” because the inputbox “WOEID for your location” because the string has to be 4-7 didit code, and thus i cannot save it.
        I cannot change the “weather provider option” because the only choice to use a WOEID is “Yahoo (with OEID)” and, if i select it, an error message inform me that “cannot set option, must set WOEID first”.

        Unfortunately I don’t have a wunderground.com api key so i cannot help you more on this.

        Since this is not (for me) a major issue I can also disable the weather notifications, is not a problem at all.

        best regards, il.canty

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