My thoughts on the Sony SmartWatch 2 (10 Days of use)

Updated Detailed User Guide for Version 6.2.1 – here.

In Short – very positive.

New Sony SW2 Detailed User Guide

  • It is now my main daily watch – hence my focus in Augmented will be for this new watch with even more potential

Update Sept 25 –

Sony updated their Smart Watch 2 app and SDK 2.0. IMO they regressed a bit backwards so the current version of Augmented does not behave as I had it running on their prior Beta SW as follows:

  • After a notification is shown it will go back to the home screen for about 8 seconds or so, and then show the default watchface. Prior to this update the default watchface was shown immediately after the Augmented notification. This is a minor issue (assuming no major hit to the battery life) – will monitor it.
  • The options and back buttons show different menu options within Augmented. Prior to this update, the display of these menus was very smooth. Now the display is “jerky” as it paints the menus twice. I cannot seem to prevent this with the current Sony SDK/firmware but will monitor with future updates.

Update Sept 19

I will be presenting at two conferences very soon – FITC and Android BBQ. One aspect I will be discussing is criteria when considering purchasing a Smart Watch. I list the following: Environmental, Battery, Connectivity, Software Capability and At a  glance/Hands-free.  I review the Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2) here based on these criteria and after 10 days of use

Environmental – In short very positive – water resistant and ability to view in sunlight have both been addressed admirably. My only negative is that viewing the SW2 display with polarized glasses is challenging. With the always on watchface it also looks like a regular watch.

Battery – With the MN2 I had to charge every day (to be safe) and I consider my daily use-case to be intensive. With the SW2 I can go two full days so I am pleased. Moreover since the battery connector is a standard micro-usb, I don’t have to worry about carrying the special charging cable (as I did with the MN2). The Pebble is better in this regard. In fact I have been not topping off the Pebble daily to see how many days (edit it is @ 5 days) it can go without any charging (since I don’t have to worry about it running out as it is not my main device today).

Connectivity – In short, even with beta software on the SW2, it is rock solid. Note I am connecting the SW2 to a Sony Z Ultra (so I cannot comment on connectivity with non Sony phones just yet). I noticed it does disconnect whenever I connect a Bluetooth headset but it immediately reconnects.I have added the auto reconnect logic in Augmented as a fail-safe also which works like it does with the Pebble. So in short it is 100% reliable – not something I can say about the Pebble in this regard (when using Canvas).

Software Capability – I only need Augmented and the Incoming Call app – both work very well on the SW2. In experimenting with various things, I can trigger the Sony firmware to get to an unstable state (requiring a reboot), but I have now tuned  Augmented SmartWatch Pro to avoid these trigger states – so it is indeed 100% reliable. I also rooted my Sony Z Ultra so I can now get Sender/Subejct and Email Preview for Exchange email and GMail via Augmented SmartWatch Pro.

At a Glance/Hands-Free – With Augmented SmartWatch Pro, this is the primary use case which is now optimized for the Sony SW2. I eagerly await the low power mode support in the Sony SDK2 to always have Augmented “displayed” similar to using Canvas on the Pebble. I currently do have a “Alpha” version of this but it is not yet 100% stable (hence the Alpha designation).

I am pleased that Augmented SmartWatch Pro 5.2 will be fully optimized and tuned for the new Sony Smartwatch 2 right out of the gate in time for the global release of this watch. Compared to support for the Sony Smart Watch (MN2), Augmented SmartWatch adds the following new capabiities unique to the SW2 (in addition to the legendary support for rich notifications):

  • Tasker Integration
  • Music Playback controls
  • Canned SMS Responses
  • Display tuned for the higher res-Sony SmartWatch 2 (which is >
  • 2x the display resolution of the MN2)
  • Ability to configure key options using the app on the SW2
  • (Stealth Mode, Vibrations and Alerts)

Update 4 days with the new Sony Smart Watch 2:

  • Battery life impresses – at least 2x the battery life of the Sony SmartWatch 1 even with Beta software.
  • Sony is delaying the release of the Smart Watch 2 to the end of September
  • The current software is buggy – 3 times now, it gets into a state where I need to either use NFC to restart the Sony Watch 2 (what do those that do not have NFC do if they get into a similar state?) or the Augmented App gets into a state where notifications are not displayed – I can eventually recover but I am not yet sure on what needs to be done to recover as I have tried several different things – my current theory is that killing the Smart Connect software is the key thing to do (as otherwise the Sony software reports back incorrect capabilities to the application software it appears).
  • That said given that it is Beta software – I am confident it will be resolved by the end of this month prior to the global release.

2013-09-11 18.43.24

2013-09-11 20.04.47

  • Augmented SmartWatch 5.1 will really shine with the Sony SmartWatch 2. Other than the issues above,  I am quite happy with the new Sony Smart Watch 2 so far

Key Improvements over the Sony Watch 1:

  • Battery life – while too early to say but it seems very good – much better than the 1 and may even better than what I saw on the Pebble
  • Always on watch to tell the time
  • Vibration is stronger than Sony 1 and Pebble – I reduced the pulse on time 300ms and only 1 pulse. I also added the option for no vibrations as in meetings it may otherwise be distracting to others
  • Disconnects/re-connects – 100% stable so far – always automatically reconnects – does disconnect when I disconnect a Bluetooth speaker (connected to the same android) but it quickly re-connects

2013-09-08 09.26.47

  • Water resistance – not yet tested but should be comparable to the Pebble
  • Battery charger is now standard (micro-usb)
  • Sunlight viewing – much better

2013-09-08 09.43.38

  • Software SDK – some keys features
    • larger display area (220×176) which is more than 200% more pixels than with the Sony 1
    • dedicated soft keys (back, home, options) – image below shows Icon options for music controls

2013-09-08 11.19.10

    • low power mode to allow an app to continue to be displayed – not yet available in SDK

Still lacking vs Pebble:

  • The Pebble magnetic charger is nice but non-standard – so I am not sure if this is a pro for the Pebble
  • Music controls still better on the Pebble – less buttons to do something – but Augmented on Sony Watch 2 now has all capabilities
  • Always on watchface – Canvas and Augmented was a killer combo (IMO), I hope with the low active mode by Sony I can at least have the ability to leave Augmented running on the watch all the time.

Waiting for from Sony:

  • Widget mode has been eliminated (for now)
  • Ability to add to new events queue is gone

Augmented SmartWatch Pro 5.0 for the Sony SmartWatch 2:

  • I am bringing over the best from the Pebble to the Sony Watch 2!
  • Optimized view for 220×176
  • Tasker integration
  • 2-way canned SMS responses
  • Music controls
  • Will continue to focus on an “optimized” experience for Augmented on the Sony Watch 2 (as was done in the past for the Pebble and Sony 1)

2013-09-07 10.15.02

85 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Sony SmartWatch 2 (10 Days of use)

  1. Hi, I have purchased the Augmented smartwatch pro some time ago. I have a Galaxy note a7000 and a Sony smartwatch. I had to uninstall your app because the facility for blind persons was actuated on my Note 7000 and I could not stop the voice telling my what page I was on Etc. Is this version suitable for the Galaxy Note 7000, should I try again? regards Norman

  2. Can I ask 2 questions about the Smartwatch 2. How long does the battery last with the watchface always on, my Smartwatch 1 barely makes 11 hours. And do any of the always on watchfaces include the date. If those 2 answers are good im buying a Smartwatch 2 and I will be using your app.

    • Battery life is At least 2x longer than with smartwatch 1

      Yes there is a watchface with the day of month plus normal time

      The new watch is much better than the mn2.

      • Thankyou for your reply.

        As I take it that means Smartwatch 2 makes it more than 20 hours with the watchface always on I think I will be getting one.

        I am trialing your app on a very recently purchased Smartwatch 1 at the moment and it makes an unuseable watch useable. When I get the Smartwatch 2 I will be purchasing your excellent app.

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  5. Just started using Sony’s great looking SW2. All working well as you noted above, however I just can’t get the Sony Email app to show our receive any notifications when I get a new email on my Xperia Z1. Any help welcomed.

    • I have not tested on a Z1 but on an Ultra I rooted it and use the optimized exchange email option in Augmented.

      if not rooted, I suggest you disabled exchange email in optimized notifications but enable it for the email app under all other notifications (and turn on Alt info). Note you need to ensure email notifications are also enabled (so they are shown in the android notification bar).


  6. Hi, newby on Smartwatch 2 here 😉
    I purchased your Pro App and I think it is great, by far to complex to start with. So many options causing worries: did I make in unstable, is it my fault that the light does not come on when the watch vibrates? Did i do something wrong in settings that i start missing emails, the reason for me buying both watch and AS Pro?
    Perhaps a tutorial for first time users, how to setup getting gmail, k9, whatsapp, hangouts, skype chat, weather, and text, to start with 😉

    On the screenshots i saw nice straight dialogs on SM2. But I have no idea how to do this on my phone, Ik keep receiving the geeky UI views. Or is this not yet implemented in the public builds?

    But the combination looks great, even with getting high blood pressure fighting all options I love the product(s) 😉


      • I agree with the original poster: great app, far too many unexplained options. I would appreciate a tutorial. For starters, what does “Enable prior notifications” mean? Your release notes recommend turning this “off” if i am having delayed notifications… Well, i can’t tell if my notifications are delayed because this app is complicated and i don’t know what is the expected behavior. Some of my notifications do seem to come late, but don’t i depend on seeing the list of prior notifications? What functionality is lost if i disable this? Thanks for your help!

      • you will see a yellow bar along the bottom of the watch (by augmented) along with the label “Delayed notification” if this was occuring +/or alerts will show on the SW2 much later than on the Phone – so I suggest not using Prior alerts unless you always ensure you exit on the SW2 when viewing such alerts.

        no lost functionality – just swipe left at any time when viewing an alert in augmented on the SW2 and go back into the augmented app to see the prior alerts. Swipe left again to toggle this prior alerts state

  7. Having issues with ASP and SW2/HTC ONE. every time the notification appears, at first is in color… But, then the watch face goes to B&W, vibrates once and then stays that way until home or the back button is depressed. I have also had the watch lock up 4 – 5 times during the ASP notation. In these cases,the face goes blank and the watch begins to vibrate sporadically.

    Lastly, I’ve noticed that since the ASP install, my phone’s battery life has been cut by 20-30%. ASP is at the top of my power usage log consistently. Does this sound correct?

    Thanks in advance,


    • try version 5.5 just uploaded – it fixes the first (and possible signs of the 2nd) issue. You need to ensure Enable low power mode is disabled (it was enabled for certain configurations in a prior build)

      Battery life is definitely not normal – suggest deleting app entirely and re-installing – by chance do you have a custom ROM?

      • No. I am using stock with nova, for now. If I do change, I will most likely go AOSP. I’ll try loading 5.5 after I remove previous and a restart.

      • Can you give me screen shots of how you have your settings? Don’t need your notif data, just the set up. I am only using your app for very few notifications. None of the optimized, 3 “other”. However, I do use the (dis)connect notice, missed calls, batt level, weather, etc. Are they any other apps that are known to cause issues with your software?

        (any plans on adding “TextFree” to the optimized?)

    • כן זה עובד, ניסיתי. חלק מהאפליקציות של סוני לא עובדות עם עברית, אבל Augmented מציג עברית בצורה מושלמת.

    • Actually, now that I updated to the new version of Augmented, I see it no longer displays Hebrew properly. It was working fine till version 5.0. I reversed back to version 5.0

      • Doesn’t sound right. If you could send a screenshot of the 5.0 version that would be quite helpful.

      • A screenshot of what screen?
        I think on version 5.1 you switched to the native Sony notification system, which doesn’t support Hebrew (and Arabic by the way), and that’s why it stopped working.

      • Ok that is the issue use the force Sw2 flag with 5.5 to get the augmented view instead of the Sony notification views

  8. I’m buying a SW2 (my first smartwatch) after reading about your app. Hoping you keep up the great work. Will be buying the app as soon as I get the watch!

    Question about the bluetooth though. I have bluetooth on my car and since the watch is also connected to the phone via bluetooth, can I control the songs on google play and play them over my car stereo? (ie: can my phone be connected to both the watch and the stereo at the same time?)

  9. Hello, great app. Using it with my sw1 and now with my sw2. How can i have notifications like your screenshots on the sw2? Mine is very simple.


    • Ensure force Sw2 flag is enabled.
      If it still is not working right, You will need to delete augmented and reinstall. The view you see is when augmented thinks it is running on a Smartwatch 1


  10. I, Just a question:

    Can you create a mod for clearing notification once it’s view because my app stay with it once a new notification arrives.

    And the app crash sometime when iI switch off the watch.
    If i switch it on, the app is still in the app drawer on the phone but never display on the watch, like it’s disactivated. Need to uninstall and reinstall the app from the playstore to have it on the watch again.

    Thx for your work.

    • the view stays on if you touch the screen – it should go off automatically after a long period of time – not sure if this is what you are asking though?

      • I think no :-). I mean clear notification when view like on the smartwatch 1 widget mod. So when you select your app after a notif, it says no notification in the top left.

  11. Hi, I have a question.
    I enable the prior notifications on my SW2, every time I enter the main screen of prior notifications (by clicking the icon on the watch or pressing back button on a prior notification I am reading) the watch vibrates, it is normal? and is there a way to turn that vibration off?

  12. “SW2 display with polarized glasses is challenging”
    It’s the way LCDs work – would need another “quarter-wave retarder” layer to fix it.

    Interestingly, even some OLED displays are polarised because they use “optical isolator” layers to reduce ambient reflections.

  13. Hey, didn’t bought ASWPro yet, BUT I consider to do so. Anyway SWNotifier and Notify SW don’t work for me on Z1 and SW2… I hope this one will…aaaand another question… is it somehow possible that whatsApp will show all messages, because when I recieve more than one, the Watch (SW1 and SW2) simply says 2 or 14 new messages in Whastapp… that’s a bit crappy, because nearly everyone has whatsapp (in GER) and with the watch you still have to pull your phone out of the bag :(((((( THX alot

    • Try the trial version

      Also for whatsapp disable under optimized options but enable under all other notifications and enable alt info.

      • Did exactly as you wrote…watch is still quiet… other messages like SMS calls and are comming in… with all the other SW apps, but not whatsapp

      • Is whatsapp showing on phone status notification bar? If not then the whatsapp settings should be enabled to put info their as this is how augmented grabs the info

  14. excellent write up on the SW2! I got mine, it looks nice and responsive, but I’m disappointed because I’m not finding it to be a real “at-a-glance” experience. If I wanted to quickly look up ASWPro info (while at the watchface) I have to push the button, choose ASW app, and wait a bit for it to display 😦

    I miss the widget feature in SW1, where it’s sufficient to double tap the display then I get the ASW widget with all the info immediately. Am I missing something here?

    • When the alert comes in (in real time) it is “at a glance”. If you want to see the prior alert yes you need to do what you describe.

      Sony does not (yet) have widget support for the SW2 – note if you double press the power button it will bring up the last app (if any) otherwise it defaults to the home screen. I do not recommend doing this (i.e. leaving in augmented on the SW2) as the real-time alerts will not work properly.

      So one reason I did the prior alerts feature is to allow you to see the last (up to 20) alerts recognizing the pain.

      the latest SW2 update is very solid (with augmented) for real-time at a glance.

      • With the latest sw2 app update, augmented smartwatch pro force closeat every boot of my phone and sometime when a notification appear.

  15. Hi and thank you for a very good app! I have had my SW2 for 4 days now, and I like it very much. I also like the Augmented app very much, I am using it a lot. I am using Google Talk and want to have the notifications to the watch. It mostly works, but sometimes, the notifications stop coming for a while. And then suddenly, after a while, all of them comes. I had to disable the accessibility check because I got accessibility messages often, even if accessibility is on for Augmented all the time. It may be a connection between these two things?

    I also wonder if there is an easy way to toggle google talk notifications on/off? Sometimes I want it on, sometimes off. Same for facebook and others.

    Other issues: I am using the DME app to get e-mail from my work. But it sends notifications all the time about “connecting” and “checking for new e-mail”, but I only want notificatons to be sent to the watch when it is a new e-mail. Is there any solution for this?

    And then I wonder if it is possible to choose a combination of length and wait for the vibrations for each thing. So I can make it say “SMS” in morse if I get a new SMS and so on.

    And the navigation directions, how can I make it notify me only when I should turn soon? It is sending a notification every 50 metres, even if it is a long time before I should make a turn.

    And also.. For longer messages, it seems like it is not possible to scroll down. Is this right?

    Have also noticed that Augmented usually takes the wrong contact picture when displaying messages.

    Is it possible to have more than 3 Tasker buttons?

    Oh, I am sorry for all my questions… But I am really interested in this and love my watch and your app!

    • Thanks for your detailed comments:

      The accessibility comment is concerning – sounds like something may be killing augmented in the background (i.e. you may have a lot of apps running on your android)?

      individual toggle is not yet supported (but if I did I would do this via tasker).

      next release you can filter out messages with the word “connecting” – you need to set the filter string.

      enable option in navigation to show only direction changes

      no scrolling supported on sw2.

      you an change the 3 tasks dynamically via tasker – see advanced features in

      wrong picture may happen only when you get multiple notifications very fast.

  16. I love the new large display option on SW2, but it would be nice if the text would automatically become smaller on long notifications which don’t fit on the screen.

    • I believe it does but please try the trial version first.

      Click on the watch picture (top bar) to open settings;
      Select Sony Watches Options
      Select SmartWatch 2 Specific Options
      Select Preferred Music App
      Check enabled box for the Deezer app
      Go back to top level menu
      Select Optimized Notification Options
      Ensure Play/Pandora/Spotify/Deezer/LastFM is enabled.

      • Hey it does indeed work with Deezer! 🙂 Still playing with the trial but it seems to have made my sony smartwatch 2 worth having.

        Many Thanks

  17. Hi, I’ve recently purchased the app and find it to be fantastic, once tweaked to my liking. I have a couple of questions though:

    1) Rather than using the default apps, say for Gmail, should I just enable them within Augmented Smartwatch Pro? Currently I have Gmail App and Augmented SmartWatch monitoring my Gmail, and suspect this is overkill! Probably the same with SMS messages and Google Hangouts too!

    2) Within my Google Calendar, I have several of my own calendars, and also access to my partners calendar. As I had no appointments today, it was showing one of her appointments. Is it possible to select which calendar you wish to receive notifications from? The SW2 Default Calendar App currently has this functionality.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  18. Hi,
    I am the happy owner of a SmartWatch 2, and my first purchase was your app; great!.
    I am using my SW2 with a Moto X, and thye worked well together.
    But since my Moto X upgraded to Kit Kat, the battery life of my SmartWatch (and phone!) have severely degraded: My watch used to work almost 3 days, and my phone 2, but since the upgrade the watch only works for 8 hours, and my phone just through a day.

    Does anyone recognize this as well?
    Does anyone know of BT power issues with Kit Kat?
    Does this have to do with the Augmented SmartWatch app?
    (Note that I cross-posted the same question in Sony’s forums)


    • I have been fighting the very same issue . Sony replaced the smartwatch 2 once before and I am still having the very same issue that you are having. I have called Sony 4 or 5 times and they are not aware of any issue with the motox and SW2. They advised me that if I know of other people having the same issue they should also contact Sony tech support. The more people contact them then they will look into the problem. I have been waiting for a fix since the update on my moto x . I am starting to loose hope.

      • It must be motoX specific – I run daily now on 4.4 as I am now fully supporting the new notification listener in 4.4 (rather than accessibility) with no issues at all (HTC One M8, Sony Ultra and Sony Tablet X2 – all running 4.4)

      • It is looking like that is correct. No luck getting the issue resolved with sony or motorola support . I think it is not happening to enough people. You need to have a motox with kit kat and a SW2 apparently there are not many of us 🙂

  19. I’m getting duplicate notifications on my sw2 when I receive sms messages. Can you help with this?the first headline says “sms person’s name” the next says “messages” any thoughts?

    • which SMS app are you using?

      It may be augmented relaying two alerts (since that is what it gets) or two apps.


  20. Hi, I have been running Augmented smart watch pro on a SW2, for 3 days now. The first message received on skype is transferred to the watch, but then until I read the message on the phone, no further skypes are notified. Is there anyway all new skype messages can be notified to watch as they are received ?

    • I just tested and each chat message shows up on the SW2 – do they show up in the notification bar on your android – if they do they should show on the SW2

      • HI and thanks for the fast comment. Yup they show up on the phones notification bar, but transfer to the watch is hit and miss. Mostly miss sadly.

  21. is there a yellow or red bar at the bottom when every skype chat is not sent to the SW2 (if so then the chat messages are arriving very fast on the Android and augmented purposely ignores these to avoid issues with the Sony software)

  22. Hello,

    I recently bought the Augmented Pro for my new Smartwatch 2. Overall I like the app very much, but there are few things, which would make it even better. It might be hidden somewhere in settings, but I don’t know.

    1. The weather Icon I get is very squarish and does not look good. But in your photo it was clear and good.

    2. If I can trade of the location where phone batter and missed calls are being shown with the location of the meeting, that would be great.

    2.1 If that can not be done, if touching the calendar area can take me directly to the meeting details page, which comes after swiping left 2 times. that would be nice as well.

    3. Similarly if touch the weather icon on watch face bring up the weather page, that would be great.

    4. I can not figure out what the Battery saver in Tasker would do, what all functionality will be enabled/disabled if I turn it off/on.

    5. Also I am not able to switch to AM/PM mode of the watch. Since I donot see AM/PM, can I see the day of the week there, e.g. Sun, Mon, Tue etc

    I have shared the my watch screen at


    • 1) it is only due the “haze” conditions – when your weather changes the other icons are better – I need to get a better Haze icon
      2, 2.1, 3 are great ideas – stay tuned
      4) it only enables updating watchface every minute (it will depend on how your android phone goes to deep sleep if this helps). it will impact battery life of SW2
      5) go to optimized settings scroll down for the calendar option and the am/pm setting right under it.


      • Hello.

        Thanks for the prompt reply. I think using the same colored icon for low battery watch may not correct. Even I see that other icons are slightly better but not excellent.

        If you can get some black and white clean icons for watch face it would look much better.

        I searched for term “black and white weather icons” on Google and got lots of these. I am not sure if any of them can have copyright issues. But you can definitely get some ideas.


  23. Are you willing to share your experience of a smart watch?
    My name is Tobi and I am a MSc student studying human factors design at Loughborough University, UK. I am contacting you to ask whether you are willing to share your experience of any smart watch.

    I am currently doing a project on usability of smart watches. My main research questions are how accessible, acceptable and usable smart watches should be when they are used for preventive healthcare.
    I am hoping to carry out a (15-20?) min interview with (potential) users of any type of smart watches; you don’t need to have experience of a smart watch for preventive healthcare. In return, I might be able to give you a brief update on some latest smart watches and also share my findings with you after the completion of this research.

    Kind regards
    Durowoju Oluwatobi

    • Tobi please send on Twitter @augmentedtraff and I will retweet – I am sure you will find someone from my followers to help you – most of them are passionate about smartwatches


  24. Hi,
    I just got my SW2 two weeks ago and installed augmented sw pro a few days ago an my galaxy S4 mini. Thanks for that great app!
    I just got 2 issues I couldn’t fix so far: Even if I disable vibrations for google play music, the sw2 is vibrating everytime the player skips to the next track.
    The other thing is that I can’t get google maps navigation notifications working. Everything else works fine, just no notifications from that certain app.
    I played around with all the settings for quite a while, but maybe I just didn’t get the exacly right settings so far.
    Thanks in advance for your help!


    • DO you also have new events enabled in augmented – if so you need to go into “Apps” on the SW2 directly and click on vibrate on notification and set to “none”.

      for google navigation – go to augmented settings->> optimized notification options -> scroll down to “Google Navigation options” -> enable the first two options only.


  25. Hi, I’m using the Augmented app with the Song SW2. However, I have to always open the app on the phone to see anything. What am I doing wrong? The way I envisioned it, the app would take over the phone, and update the screen accordingly?

    Also – the weather location doesn’t seem to wanna change from Takoradi???

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