Augmented Traffic Views 1.0

  • Predictive Auto-Tracking – Predicts and presents traffic camera views based on your current location and direction to automatically show the traffic cameras in your upcoming trip;

–          SmartMode feature learns your often-travelled paths and uses that information to filter/select cameras to show in a more optimal manner;

–          SmartAlerts provides real-time traffic construction/maintenance information based on your location so that you are warned ahead of time (e.g., before arriving at a traffic jam or a closed ramp);

  • Support for user-provided Proximity alerts (speed traps, red light cameras) that auto-alert when ahead;

–          Support for merging Proximity alerts from multiple sources (e.g. PhantomAlerts and Trapster)

  • Augmented reality view of traffic cameras and their views to see the traffic before you drive;
  • Real-time traffic maps and on-demand playback of the latest 680 traffic report (Toronto);
  • Support for more than 25 cities/regions across North America and over 3300 cameras;

–          Note SmartAlert and Real-Time traffic map features are not available in all cities yet;

Traffic Cameras for Cities/Areas supported:

Ontario, Florida, Manhattan, Buffalo, Denver, St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC,

New Jersey, San Diego, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Vancouver

Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City,

Kansas City, Louisville, Phoenix, Portland, San Fran Bay Area.

  • Designed for performance, stability and reliability – triple buffering techniques and advance predictive algorithms are employed to ensure these design goals.
  • Support for Text-To-Speech, audio cues and touch-screen short-cuts are designed to ensure a 100% hands-free operation.
  • Highly configurable.

Release Notes for 1.0:

  • 1.0 GA version.
  • Minor tweaks, code clean-up and bug fixes
  • Added support for Dallas Traffic Cameras + more cameras in Vancouver/BC area
  • Added feature to play the latest 680 radio traffic report in Toronto – selectable when in auto-tracking mode and touch the 680 icon. The report will be the latest one (on-demand). Exiting the app will stop the playback.
  • UI has changed a bit:
  • New icons
  • In auto-tracking mode, no icons are shown by default.
  1. Touching the screen will display the (non-transparent) icons for a few seconds to allow the user to select an option.
  2. After about 10 seconds or so the icons will be removed from the display
  • In non-auto-tracking mode, touching the screen will now show the options available.
  1. Quick help guide added as an option to aid in usability
  • Selecting a city for traffic cameras will now only load only the city (and not the region as before)
  • This was done to speed things up (i.e. no need to wait to load all cities in a region). This will also reduce memory usage.
    Other optimizations to improve user response performance.

Finally, this version will be simultaneously available in the marketplace AND submitted to ADC-2


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