Posted in January 2013

Progress of Augmented SmartWatch Pro and the Pebble

Version 3.8 is the first step in optimizing for the Pebble Google Now on the Pebble Location based weather on the Pebble: GMail – Sender, Subject and Body (Rooted Phone) Phone Battery Status on the Pebble User Reviews for Augmented SmartWatch Pro on the Pebble: “Instant value on the Pebble Instantly adds more value to … Continue reading

Why Augmented SmartWatch Pro for the MetaWatch?

Augmented SmartWatch Pro runs on top of the MetaWatch Community Edition software and provides the following additional features: Unique widgets for Fitbit, Withings and Klout With Root support, can get every chat message in WhatsApp, Sender Subject and Preview of GMail and Exchange emails More information for your notifications (than is provided with Community Edition): … Continue reading