v1.0.1 now available in the Marketplace

  • Now supporting over 3000 cameras in North America! Cameras added for the following cities:
    • Manhattan, Buffalo, Denver, St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia
    • New Jersey, San Diego, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Vancouver
    • Fort Worth, Houston, Milwaukee,, Salt Lake City,
    • Kansas City, Louisville, Phoenix, Portland, San Fran Bay Area.
    • Added Boca Raton local cameras to the Florida cameras (need to reload Florida cameras for these).
    • Please select menu->settings->local area of interest to select.

–         This is different than the prior, more confusing method.

  • Added real-time SmartAlerts for the Toronto area:
    • Real-time construction/maintenance events are spoken to the user when driven by (i.e. it is location based);
    • Touch the radar center in auto tracking mode to listen to the closest alert;
    • SmartAlerts will show up on the radar screen if within 1-2 km;
    • SmartAlerts are obtained when first starting auto-tracking mode (show radar mode needs to be enabled);
    • SmartAlerts only work in Toronto for now;
  • Usability changes:
    • Selecting a menu option will disable auto-tracking mode (if it was enabled);
    • Attempts to auto detect location and load on appropriate cameras for the first install (default is Toronto, if no GPS info can be determined);
    • Changes in loading traffic camera information to speed things up and to be more reliable;
    • More info in menu->Show Detailed Info

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