Augmented Edge – for Galaxy Note Edge

Note you do not need a smart watch to use the apps – only a Galaxy Note Edge!

I recently switched to the Note Edge and saw a couple of limitations with the edge display plus an opportunity to complement using a smartwatch – Augmented Edge fills in the gaps nicely:



  • Any real-time alert can be shown on the edge display – when the phone display is off;
  • The text is shown properly (not upside down);
  • A picture of the sender (regardless of android app) is shown if available;
  • Option for Google Music track info to be shown on the edge display – without being sent to smartwatches (which can be annoying) – note Augmented Edge (Version 1.1 or later) supports this capability as a standalone app.


There are some times when glancing at your watch will not be possible/preferred, but having the Note Edge positioned in one’s line of sight could provide an alternative. For example, in a meeting, you feel the watch vibrate but it may be “rude” to glance at your watch. Instead you can still get the vibration on your Android Wear and glance at the note edge display to see the info in a very discrete manner.

Install the two apps above. Alerts are only sent if the note edge display is off (they are not sent if it is on).

  • There is a setting to only send alerts if the note edge is being charged (and the phone display is off)
  • The time to show the alert on the Note Edge  (from 3-10 seconds) can be configured in Augmented SmartWatch Pro
  • The test notification alert will show on the edge display (even if the screen is on) to allow you to ensure things are working properly
  • Option (enabled by default) to force Alerts to be shown at full brightness (rather than default brightness)


  • A flashing colour bar is shown with alerts for High Priority Senders. Color for each High Priority Sender can each be individually configured in Edge settings.



  • Option (enabled by default) to show a flashing colour bar alert (similar to Edge S6) prior to showing the alert text. The # of times to flash this color bar and the color can be configured. Note if it is a high priority sender then the colour associated with the High Priority Sender is used instead.


  • Animation options for pre-alert colour bar. There are two animation options: a sliding square and sliding bar.


  • New feature to use system LED colour specific to an app (if enabled within the app to customize the LED on the phone) – e.g. Touchdown allows a new email to customize the colour of the LED on the phone. Augmented Edge will use this colour automatically. Note a high priority sender colour will have priority over the default colour set by the app. You can now use an app like Lightflow to further customize the colours per app. Must use Notification Listener for Augmented SmartWatch.
  • Separate Pre-alert Colour options for Chat (Skype, WhatsApp), Email, Google Now, Music and SMS) in addition to default and High Priority Sender colours. So the flashing colour will now be alert-context aware and generate a colour accordingly.


  • Can configure duration of each pre-alert flash. Can also fast flash for Calendar, SMS alerts or High Priority Senders (flashes 3x the normal # and 1/3 faster and as a solid bar, no animation). All configurable in settings


  • Option for Sirius to show alerts only on Note Edge (Useful if have a smart-watch connected to the Note Edge also and you want the Sirius info on the Note Edge only).
  • Option for Calendar alerts to show alerts only on Note Edge (Useful if have a smart-watch connected to the Note Edge also and you want the Calendar info on the Note Edge only). Note Calendar alerts colour can be provisioned and can will be shown as a flashing alert if Fast Flash in enabled.


  • When Full Brightness is enabled a new option to only use Full Brightness mode when not in meetings is added (default is disabled).


Many of Augmented SmartWatch Pro key benefits are available:

  • Optimized alerts
  • Intelligent Quiet Time
  • Hyper-local weather alerts
  • Klout, Fitbit, Withings support
  • Works well in combination with Android Wear or any other smartwatch that Augmented SmartWatch Pro supports

Augmented Edge can also work as a standalone app as it provides for an Intent API: intent – com.alk.edge.action.add Parameters: sender and subject Example Tasker Task here.

Augmented SmartWatch Pro:

  • Enable Augmented SmartWatch Pro under system security settings for notification access
  • Open the Augmented SmartWatch App – menu-> Test Notification – it should show up on the Note Edge to confirm things are installed and working OK
  • Enable notifications for apps you want to see alerts from on the Edge – under settings in Augmented SmartWatch (optimized notifications and all other notifications control these settings)

34 thoughts on “Augmented Edge – for Galaxy Note Edge

  1. Is there any other documentation for these? I don’t understand these instructions.

    I’ve installed Augmented edge, but when I run it the only thing that happens is the main screen goes dark and my edge screen says “augmented edge”. I can’t figure out how to get to any options or anything else??

    Do I need the other app as well (for $3.50) before I can do anything???

  2. I have a Gear 2 neo and the note edge. also getting the black screen only. Can I use the augmented Edge only withe out the Augmented SmartWatch App?

    • You can use without AUgmented Smartwatch but you will only get music track information.

      Augmented smartwatch is for all other alerts – note the augmented edge app does nothing when you open it.

      It shows info only when the Note Edge display is off – it runs in the background.


  3. Is it posibble to enable Notifications in the Panel even with the original Flipcover with Magnet?? This would be great…..

  4. Hi, am unable to get this to work in actual use. I have both apps installed on the Edge. The settings are fine and the test notification works. But real notifications don’t. Are there are any changes to be made to the settings for sms, email etc? Or if I have overlooked that in the instructions, could you point me in the right direction?


    • ok which app do you want to see alerts from?

      You need to enable augmented smartwatch in notification access (security system settings).

      You select applications to show alerts within augmented smartwatch settings – optimized notifications or all other notifications.
      Augmented apps do not show notifications by default – they need to be enabled – this is to allow you to customize which ones are shown on the Edge.

  5. I’ve done all that. Enabled notification access. Ticked sms, exchange mail, alarm and aquamail in settings. For sms, I also turned off the native notifications to edge. No luck.

    When an sms comes, the screen lights up briefly, then goes dark again. No sliding bar etc, or even the sms text.

    Should we continue this here or should I send you a separate mail?

    • Do you use the Samsung official cover – the one with the magnets? Unfortunately Augmented cannot support this cover. You could wrap the cover around the back (i.e. not cover the front display) as a workaround to see alerts on the desk.

      If you are not using this cover then set the timeout to a higher value “time to show alert”.

      Note did you change any of the default settings as this could also impact things like quiet time, etc.

      • 1. No its a zenus cover, no magnet

        2. Kept default settings. Quiet time is disabled.

        What’s frustrating is that the test works, so there is some interaction happening. Will try a few settings changes and report back.

  6. OK try email first the email info needs to show in the notification bar of the Note Edge so augmented can capture it to show on the edge – when the display is off.

    Note – Augmented will only show alerts when the screen is off (it will purposely not show if the display is On).

    For SMS – if it shows something for a small period of time but with no flashing it may be SMS app – I use the separate SMS app (not using Hangouts).

    The test notification does not use the notification access it confirms everything is set up OK. What we need to do now is capture the alerts you want and have them show on the note edge.


    • Okay email works fine, so must be the sms app. I use the stock messages app in touchwiz. Notifications on edge and popup are enabled. I get notifications im the notification panel when an sms comes in. Could you check if you have the same issue under those conditions?

      So basically, have to ensure that the app is getting notifications into the notification panel,
      else it won’t work, right?

      Any way to change the font size?


  7. hmmI use the stock SMS app also – actually can you disable SMS notifications in the SMS app itself (notifications off) – Augmented gets SMS via a different method – the SMS notification actually interferes with Augmented Edge.

  8. Hello,

    I am using the free trial on my Galaxy Note Edge. I have Lollipop update installed though and i wonder if the new lock screen notifications features are affecting the Augmented Edge.

    I have the Augmented Edge notifications working, however the regular lock screen notifications are coming up before the Edge notifications. I don’t want to display both. I have the option “Show Notifications on Phone” set to disabled but they still show.


    • I haven’t tested on Lollipop as yet so I need to wait till my edge is updated. Only thing I can think of is to disable lock screen an does that work?

      I will test this once updated thanks

  9. hello, i have bought youe app and i like it very works great…the only thing i would like to know if it is possible for the main screen not to turn on after the notification has passen on the edge screen…i would like to receive the notifications on the edge screen but leave the main screen out afterwards???thanx

  10. Hello, I understand that the Samsung flip cover is not supported…bummer did not see that before purchase.
    Will ignoring the cover from Samsung edge settings make it work?
    Do you think it will work in the future? becouse otherwise i bought the app but can not get it working than.

  11. Hey Dude,
    I am trying to enable this feature on my Edge 915FY MM, but it doesnt work at all… well, the testfunction does, but when screen is off, it doesnt work with no app at all…

    Any recommendation how to get it working?
    I have made all the settings that are required to give the app to get the right permissions.

    Thanks in advance


    • Just to confirm you have installed two apps – augmented edge and augmented smartwatch pro?

      Also you have enabled the option “Always Send Notifications” (in augmented smartwatch)?

      Do you have a 3rd party screen lock app installed & enabled?

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