Minimal & Elegant WatchFace Support – Android Wear

Update March 2016: Here are possible context-aware fully automated (100% hands-free) use cases with Minimal & Augmented! 1) Watch Battery – battery capacity shown in the analog minute hand (thick portion is battery capacity, thin portion is used battery – so total is 100%). 2) Phone Battery -battery capacity shown in the analog hour hand (thick portion … Continue reading

Augmented Edge – for Galaxy Note Edge

Note you do not need a smart watch to use the apps – only a Galaxy Note Edge! I recently switched to the Note Edge and saw a couple of limitations with the edge display plus an opportunity to complement using a smartwatch – Augmented Edge fills in the gaps nicely: Any real-time alert can be shown on … Continue reading

Release Notes for Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Current Release: Version 8.0.4: Market Link  Free Trial Version of 8.0.4: Link Release Notes for Older Releases (6.8+ and older) Updated Sony SW2 Detailed User Guide Top 10 reasons to use Augmented for Android Wear Current Users: Please disable “Force Use Accessibility” option in Augmented Settings if running Android 4.3+. You will need to enable Augmented SmartWatch … Continue reading

Qualcomm Toq SmartWatch + Augmented SmartWatch Pro

The evolution of Augmented on the Sony SW2 brings together context-aware watchfaces, always on at a glance info, and truly hands-free alerts. The biggest (and a big one) downside is the < 24 hours battery life (due to the watchface). Hopefully Sony can make improvements in their next promising firmware update. I decided to look … Continue reading