My thoughts on the 3rd Generation Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch

I recently received the latest Tag Connected watch and I thought I’d share my observations. I have used quite a number of smartwatches as shown below including most Apple Watch generations. There are a few key features that I’d like to highlight: Speed of customized buttons – I have configured the top-most button for Google … Continue reading


Android with Play Store/Services (Royole Flexpai)

It is not possible to install a fully working Play Store/Services/Framework on the Royole Flexpai at this time. As a result the following software restrictions would be in place: Downloading apps must be via other means (APKPure, etc); APPs requiring on-device Google account login will not work (GMail, Maps, youtube etc); Apps requiring Google Play … Continue reading

Notification Channels in Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Starting from Augmented SmartWatch Pro 8.2.13, The concept of “Notification Channels” has been introduced. Notification Channels replaces the prior vibration customization features within Augmented SmartWatch Pro (ASP). This was required due to changes in Android that became mandatory to support; The ability to customize the vibration pattern per notification was eliminated by Android/Google; Hence instead, … Continue reading

Wear OS 2.1 Support in Augmented SmartWatch Pro

ASWP (Augmented SmartWatch Pro) has the following features to extend the usefulness of Wear OS 2.1 on your Android Smart Watch: Optimized “At a glance” alert with picture; Picture is shown on the bottom half of the watch; Subject (from notification alert) is shown in the top half of the watch; No action required by … Continue reading

Fitbit Support in Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Fitbit only allows notification from ONE Android app. Augmented can be used as a proxy to enable MULTIPLE android apps to send notifications to your Fitbit. Trial version here. In the Fitbit APP select Notifications: Select Text Messages option: Select the Augmented SmartWatch Pro Option:  

Augmented SmartWatch Pro support for Pixelbook

Steps: Download Augmented SmartWatch Pro – Trial version here Enable Augmented in Android settings on PixelBook Enable TTS in Augmented Enable Pop Up Alert in Augmented Select notifications to alert on Enable Augmented in Android Settings: Go to Play Store settings -> Android Settings -> Sound & Notification -> Notification Access. Enable Augmented as shown … Continue reading