Fitbit Support in Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Fitbit only allows notification from ONE Android app. Augmented can be used as a proxy to enable MULTIPLE android apps to send notifications to your Fitbit. Trial version here. In the Fitbit APP select Notifications: Select Text Messages option: Select the Augmented SmartWatch Pro Option:  

Augmented SmartWatch Pro support for Pixelbook

Steps: Download Augmented SmartWatch Pro – Trial version here Enable Augmented in Android settings on PixelBook Enable TTS in Augmented Enable Pop Up Alert in Augmented Select notifications to alert on Enable Augmented in Android Settings: Go to Play Store settings -> Android Settings -> Sound & Notification -> Notification Access. Enable Augmented as shown … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Edge Notification Support

This version of Augmented now support Edge Notifications for the S8/S8+ phones. Note this is a beta version and eventually the paid version of the app will be updated. Some history of why this feature was developed at this XDA thread. Usage notes: Only shows alerts when S8/S8+ screen is off; Always on Display (AOD) … Continue reading

Privacy Policy

Augmented Smartwatch Pro only reads contact data if enabled in settings to extract a contacts picture to associate a phone number with a contact name to make notifications richer in content. Information is never stored locally or transmitted in any way to the cloud.