New update v0.98Beta now available!

  • Minor tweaks, code clean-up and bug fixes
  • NEW – support for Florida Traffic Cameras added!!!!!
    • Select menu->Switch to Florida Cameras (note the Toronto cameras will be deleted to save memory). One can restore the Toronto Camera by choosing the menu->Delete Databases option and restarting the application (cameras are reloaded automatically during the restart).
    • I cannot test much in Toronto – so looking for feedback from those in Florida
  • Added a Smart Mode for Auto-tracking – when enabled (it is off by default):
    • Smart mode learns regular driving patterns and is meant for those that drive daily along a regular route which passes by a series of cameras and proximity alerts. Smart mode optimizes the presentation of such data to minimize the driver distractions and showing only the relevant cameras;
    • Optimizes the cameras shown to be only the ones that you drive by in your normal driving patterns in auto-tracking mode;
    • Optimizes the automated proximity alerts to not alert on POIs normally driven by – i.e. it will only alert if the POI is not normally encountered in your normal driving;
    • Once you drive by a camera or POI that is not normally encountered, the smart mode is disabled for the rest of the session (and all cameras ahead and all POIs will be shown/alerted on);
    • In radar mode for the proximity alerts, the POIs that are suppressed are shown as blue blips.
    • When enabled a green status bar (the one on top of the compass status on the bottom of the screen) will be displayed:

One bar – smart mode has been temporarily disabled as a new POI or camera not previously in the learned path has been detected very close by;

Two bars – ready for learning mode – nothing learned as yet;

Three bars – one of the POIs or Cameras has completed its learning process (this will take several trips along the exact same route);

Four bars – all learning has been completed and smart mode is being applied in real-time;

  • Tune Text to Speech to speak the location names in a more understandable manner (e.g. abbreviations are converted to proper names via the TTS engine);
  • Added support for Trapster POIs!
    • This allows the Phantom database to be augmented with the unique (user provided and user selected) POIs from the Trapster database.
    • The user must provide the Trapster database on their local SD card and select menu->Load New Trapster option to have the application load the unique POIs (duplicate ones, with Phantom, are ignored – the Trapster database seems to provide duplicate entries).
    • This allows for a superset of POIs to the user (i.e. the best of both worlds).
    • Note the real-time update from Trapster is NOT supported, obviously.
    • See detailed help for me information on how to use the trapster data.
  • Improved the readability of the camera locations on the display (I don’t know why I was using red for text);
  • Fixed a crash when starting AR view, when in Premium mode and no SIM card is in the phone.

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