Motorola MotoACTV SmartWatch now supported by Augmented SmartWatch Pro for “At a Glance” Notifications

Major Break-Through – Now works with all MotoACTV devices


no Root or special ROM on MotoACTV required any more

uses the normal bluetooth connect

integrated with Motorola’s notification system

Please ensure the MotoACTV settings are as follows:


Please also ensure that Augmented SmartWatch Pro shows up in the Motorola software under Plugins:



Information below is out of date


Augmented SmartWatch Pro (Version 2.8.1) now supports pop up notifications on rooted custom ROMs for the MotoACTV Smart Watch:

Version 2.8.1 is now live on the market 

Please note that this app no longer works on the latest version of the ClearD MotoACTV ROM

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.9

  • Added a third option upon Wifi network disconnect notification to just tap “OK” to clear the notification without needing to go to Wifi Settings. Hence there are now three options upon Wifi disconnect: 1) Goto Wifi Settings, 2) OK, and 3) Disable future notifications (until re-enabled or MotoACTV restart)

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.8.2

  •  Ability to resume MotoACTV pop-up notifications from the status notification bar when temporarily paused (when Disable is selected on notification pop-up to pause showing notifications on the MotoACTV)

New in Version 2.8.1

  • Ability to see the last notification shown by turning MotoACTV on. Note the last notification will keep appearing on display turn-on until the user taps OK or taps to see all notifications via the NotifyMyAndroid list (as with a new notification on the MotoACTV). If the user does not do anything, then the pop-up notification will disappear after 8 seconds (and re-appear if the user turns the MotoACTV display back on).
  • Option added on pop-up to temporarily disable pop-up notifications. Will be re-enabled after restart or by opening app and re-starting “Phone PopUps Stopped. Click to start”. Example shown below:

  • To re-enable  (ensure green button below is enabled) within ASP on MotoACTV

The MotoACTV device is so close to being an ideal “SmartWatch”. It looks more sturdy than the Sony, is more viewable under sunlight and is more water resistant. It also has the ability to connect to a BLE (or ANT) heart rate monitor and does step counting and calorie burn tracking.  Moreover the ability to root and install a custom ROM is very easy with precise and accurate instructions @ this link . The MotoACTV is however lacking some critical features: no vibration for alerts, no open SDK for 3rd party apps, battery life with constant Wifi is not ideal. Despite these limitations, support for the MotoACTV is now available within Augmented SmartWatch Pro.

Key Features:

  • All notifications supported for the Sony SmartWatch including the notifications triggered by the Augmented SmartWatch Pro Open API (e.g. from Tasker) are supported!
  • Notifications pop-up on the MotoACTV for a few seconds, then the watch display returns to prior state (about 8 seconds):

  • Zero configuration install (for the Augmented SmartWatch Pro part) – simply install the apk and the app is ready to go (Note Notify My Android will also need to be installed and set-up on the MotoACTV)
  • Notifications from multiple Android phones/tablets can be sent from to one MotoACTV (using Augmented SmartWatch Pro installed on each Android device)
  • LED will light up (if display is off and an incoming notification is received). The status bar notifications would need to be cleared to clear the LED (the Zeam Launcher can be used to do this – swipe down if configured). Alternatively, selecting any option on an Augmented SmartWatch Pro Pop-Up would also clear the status notification/LED.
  • The normal Pop-Up will show two options: OK (to close) – See notifications (to see all the notifications received on the MotoACTV by Notify My Android)

  • Once configured for one SmartWatch like the MotoACTV, other SmartWatches are supported today (Sony and MetaWatch). The Pebble watch will also be supported in the future (if they ever release it). So if you invest your time in setting up Tasker tasks/profiles to use the Open API of Augmented SmartWatch Pro, these Tasker tasks/profiles will support all smart watches supported (or will be supported) by Augemented SmartWatch Pro.

Requirements to Use

You will need to install and configure software on both the MotoACTV and (optionally) an Android phone. The MotoACTV would need a constant connection to the internet to receive notifications.

  • An Android phone connected to the internet. Running on this phone:
    • Augmented SmartWatch Pro (Version 2.8 or higher)
    • Augmented SmartWatch Pro will need to be configured as follows to send notifications to the NMA cloud to be received by the MotoACTV:
      • Accessibility settings need to be enabled for Augmented SmartWatch Pro
      • Under settings->MotoACTV Watch Options

        • Enable MotoACTV

        • Optionally Enable Vibrate Phone (this will vibrate the phone so you can be alerted to look at your MotoACTV watch as the MotoACTV does not have a vibrator)
    • Under settings->PhoneOptions->Notify Other Phones Options->Notify My Android API Key (please enter your API key from your Notify My Android account). Once you log into the Notify My Android Web Site, under My Account you will find your API Key. You can cut/paste from an email by emailing the key to yourself. Note a check is done on the validity of the API key, so it is highly recommended to use cut/paste from the web site.

  • You can verify the above has been configured properly by
    • On the MotoACTV – verify that you have three green status lines for Augmented SmartWatch Pro and Notify My Android

    • On the Android Phone, the following three lines highlighted should be green

    • You can do a test notification within the app on the Android phone
      • Open the Augmented SmartWatch App
      • Menu key-> Test Notification
      • The notification should appear on the MotoACTV watch if everything is configured properly

Note you will need to ensure your wifi connection is set-up properly in the MotoACTV. Note in the event of a network disconnect a message will pop-up on the MotoACTV. It will also re-appear when the MotoACTV display is turned back on (a manual tap on “Wifi Settings” is required to clear the notification). This will alert you to when the network disconnects so that you can ensure the network is connected properly again. Tapping on the “Wifi Settings” will take you to the configuration for wifi networks.

com.motorola.motogolf – is used to detect the MotoACTV ( to make it easier to deploy). If you see the following on your MotoACTV, then it was not detected properly:

To address this you can force the app to act as if it is running on a MotoACTV – settings->MotoACTV->Force MotoACTV enable

Note notifications do not necessarily need to come from another Android phone. They can from any source NMA supports such as

Combined, these sources provide for a rich set of possibilities of information to be pushed to the MotoACTV.

TroubleShooting Guide

If you find that notifications are not `popping-up` after confirming your network connection is OK, try re-installing the NMA app onto the motoACTV:

adb uninstall

adb install -r

Also I left the NMA app on the default install location (external). I did NOT “move to phone“

See this post for details on how to configure notifications within Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Note upon a MotoACTV watch reboot, it should just work (assuming you have wifi connected properly).

Not tested/Restrictions:

  • Other ROMs;
  • Internet of Bluetooth tethering
  • Simultaneous connection to MotoACTV Android app (over bluetooth)
  • Enjoy!

38 thoughts on “Motorola MotoACTV SmartWatch now supported by Augmented SmartWatch Pro for “At a Glance” Notifications

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    • In short no. I have tried BT tethering but push notifications doesn`t seem to work. A more direct BT connection would potentially conflict with Motorola“s app (if one uses that).
      What I have been researching (specific to the MotoACTV) is trying to get external BT devices to vibrate upon notification (directly connected to the MotoACTV), however I fear this will not work and or would be too limited in support.

      With Motorola`s apparent lack of future support for MotoACTV, that is also a factor.

      I am getting ready for the MetaWatch Strata and continuing to work on more (unique and potentially very useful) use-cases applicable to all watches. I can see some `future`potential based on (for example).

    • Are you willing to share your experience of a smart watch?
      My name is Tobi and I am a MSc student studying human factors design at Loughborough University, UK. I am contacting you to ask whether you are willing to share your experience of any smart watch.

      I am currently doing a project on usability of smart watches. My main research questions are how accessible, acceptable and usable smart watches should be when they are used for preventive healthcare.
      I am hoping to carry out a (15-20?) min interview with (potential) users of any type of smart watches; you don’t need to have experience of a smart watch for preventive healthcare. In return, I might be able to give you a brief update on some latest smart watches and also share my findings with you after the completion of this research.

      Kind regards
      Durowoju Oluwatobi

  2. Hi, I just purchased the augmented smartwatch pro. Where can I find instructions on how to download and install the augmentedmotoactv.apk
    and Notify My AndroidApp for the MotoActv watch?

    • It is the exact same APK for the MotoACTV and the Android phone – it auto-detects the MotoACTV (or it should). You can force it via settings if it doesn’t.
      For NMA you will need to get an account here and just download their Android app and enter you login credentials.

      Note this works with Wifi only (to the MotoACTV).

      • Thanks so much for the quick response. I downloaded the app from my phone. Do you have a link where I can download the app directly from you? That way I can have the apk to install with. Also, I did sign up for an NMA account. But I don’t see where I can download the NMA apk. Can you give me a hint?

  3. Hi,

    How would I keep my motoactv connected to my phone when I’m out and about? Am I right in thinking that this app needs a wifi connection to the Internet for both devices to work?

    • Using a wifi hot spot from your Android would work. A Bluetooth connection is not supported as push notifications do not appear to work with the MotoACTV ROM based on my usage/testing.

  4. I did not realize that the MotoActv needed to have constant WiFi for this to work. This makes the app practically unusable for me. 😦 I have to learn to research more before I buy an app.

  5. carefull guy this app does not work with cleard latest rom beta9 we tested 2 motoactv and it does not get the push notification , you have to manually refresh the NMA to get the message , but still there no pop up notification , we hope the developer update and try the lateast rom beta 9 from xda or in cleard website, as for now ill stick with motoactv dafault notification,we have tried everything in perfect configuration wifi, nma, and still no luck

    • Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately If NMA is not getting push notifications then the Augmented App will not get the info to pop-up. I will put a notice on the web site and Play app.

      Note if anyone wants to help fix this, I have another key customer using IMO (instead of NMA) and they are pretty happy with IMO – they did significant testing of NMA was not happy and moved to IMO since it appears to be quite reliable. I do support IMO side, but would need someone to help push from an Android app to a 3rd Party chat that IMO supports (like Skype). Also I will also create a special build to push towards an android Intent to this app (if someone were to create it) and provide unlimited versions for free. This would work for MotoACTV only, but perhaps allow more create developers to expand the capability and also perhaps even getting it working with Bluetooth. So to be precise this 3rd party app would do the following:

      1) listen for an intent that the augmented app would send with sender and subject parameters;
      2) push this info to a 3rd party chat that IMO supports
      3) Always be on and listening

      If any one purchases the app recently for this MotoACTV ROM version, I will also refund your full price – please send email to augmentedtraff at gmail dot com and reference this comment.

      • wow thats a quick support very good idea , NMA is a bit laggy sometime it take an hour to get your notification there server i think is so saturated im hoping that IMO will supprt whatsapp and facebook chat nad more aplication , for now ill wait for the new build version of ASP , i dont want a refund ill keeo the apps on my phones still it a great app and support, any ways ill be hanging around in here for a while GO go go motoactv

  6. Hi I’ve rooted using the latest version of clearD and it wont work, just read it at the top of the page, and Ive paid for the app, how do I root my motoactv to get it to work? easy instructions please

    • I am told latest version does not work. If you already have ClearD installed you do not need to root it. Install NMA and see if it works. NMA can be spotty at times.

      if it still doesn`t work I can refund to you.

  7. Do you really think motoactv and andropid phone has enough battery to turn on wifi all the day? Have you ever tried that? I think this is such a nonsense. To see phone’s notification on the motoactv, motoactv should always connected on the electric wire.

  8. @augmentedtraffic: I just bought the Motoactv and I bought your app as well. However, I was not able to find a rom that works. Can you help me out? Do you know which rom works (and in that regard, does the same rom work with NC Tether)?

    I really want this to work.

    • I have tried NC Tether + it didn’t work for push notifications unfortunately. The only ROM I tested with is the one referenced in the post (DPRomBeta8).

      If you cannot get it to work I will gladly refund you the full purchase price – just let me know.


      • No worries. I’m going to keep trying. There appears to be someone on the DPRom thread who got it to work. I’ve PM’d him but haven’t gotten a response yet.

      • Something strange is happening now.
        I’ve previously been able to install the app onto my Motoactv via Google Play (“My Apps”). Today, after I flashed a different rom, I still see the app in the list but now it quotes a price and I’m not able to install it.

      • you need to be in the original account you purchased it from when going to Play store. If you use multiple accounts just try your other one. if still have an issue send me an email

  9. For those who update to clearD latest 1.1.8T rom, the augmented software still works. However, you need to go application manager and click on augmented smartwatch pro and select clear data twice until you see the icon ghosted everytime when the bluetooth disconnect. Next unpair motoactv by selecting bluetooth, motoactv unpair. Next go to motoactv, general, smartphone setup and activate the bluetooth setup. Select bluetooth on your phone to pair with the motoactv, you must see the pair message on both the phone and motoatcv and click ok in order for it to work.

  10. IS an update forthcoming to view multiple messages on Motoactv Notifications Recent window. Right now with Augmented I only get one at a time. I cannot see history.

  11. Have this app running perfectly between my note 3 and my motoactv rooted running cleard’s rom. Doesnt even need wifi to notify me of things which is awesome. just curious if theres any way possible so that when i read/see messages on my motoactv they are than marked as read on my phone, also curious why theres still a pop up notification on my phone even though i have it disabled in the settings.

      • Starting to support this – 6.0 has this for Sony SW2 (ability to mark notifications as read). Unfortunately the MotoACTV cannot support this as it does not have 2-way support (only 1-way)

    • Try reinstalling the two apps (Augmented smartwatch and the Moto app). The order of install may impact if it gets recognized.

      No need for NMA once this works.


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