Posted in August 2013

FAQ – Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Question #1: The app is not sending text notification to my Pebble. I have Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.1.2. I also use GO SMS as my messaging app. Response: Please confirm the link between your Pebble and Augmented is working properly first. Does the menu->Test notification work? If not you need to enable 3rd … Continue reading

How to get a basic notification showing in the Canvas Watchface with Augmented SmartWatch pro

In the Pebble Android app: ensure Send 3rd party Notifications is enabled under settings-notifications Enable accessibility (under settings) for the Augmented SmartWatch Pro app. In the Augmented SmartWatch Pro settings: ensure Enable Pebble is enabled under Pebble Watch Options Ensure a Test notification can be shown on the Pebble (menu->Test notification) – if not then … Continue reading