Request to add new cities/areas

I welcome the suggestions to add cameras. I have added San Fran, Manhattan, Buffalo and St Louis already for v0.98Beta. I am considering more, but will not have much time to do so, this week.

In your request, if you could specify a city (area) that would be quite helpful (otherwise an entire state/country could be a bit too much to do quicky).

If anyone is interesting in helping to create an “open source’ collection of these geo-coded traffic cameras I would be willing to contribute what I have collected already. Contact via email.


4 thoughts on “Request to add new cities/areas

    • Hello Jurjen, thanks for the pointer. Basically for each Traffic camera, I require the following:

      1) Name/location of the camera (which is displayed on the screen over the traffic image);
      2) URL for the traffic camera image;
      3) Lat/lon of where the camera is locatin.

      #3 is where you could help if you’re willing to encode these manually.

      Basically any xml format would work and if you’re interested send me an email.

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