Advanced Text To Speech Support in Augmented SmartWatch Pro

This version of Augmented now support advanced Text to Speech (TTS) Support. Note this is a beta version and eventually the paid version of the app will be updated.

Usage notes:

  • TTS is on or off for all alerts;
  • TTS is on only when specific bluetooth headset are connected (ideal for automatically enabling headsets used for running +/or specific situations);
  • Intent API to enable using Tasker (allows for very powerful automated use cases);

How to Enable – Augmented SmartWatch Pro Settings:

  1. Enable Notification Access for Augmented in Android Settings (Lock Screen and Security->Other Security Settings->Notification Access)

Screenshot_20170605-0911502. Enable TTS in Augmented Settings: (Scroll down to other device options -> set Enable TTS to on):


3. Option to enable TTS under specific conditions:

  • To emit TTS only when the phone screen is off. “TTS only when screen is off”.
  • To emit TTS only when a specific bluetooth headset is connected to the phone (the name of the bluetooth headset must be provided in either the “bluetooth headset name” or “bluetooth headset Name 2”) and the “Specific Bluetooth headset” must be enabled. Note the name is case-sensitive.
  • To emit TTS as controlled by an Intent API (via Tasker) – Example to import to Tasker here. This Intent API toggles state so it can be used to enable then disable this capability.

Action – com.alk.k9.action.add

Extra – sender: Toggle TTS Override

3. Enable which apps to emit as TTS their alerts. Augmented is a proxy for any 3rd party application. When you enable in Augmented, Augmented intercepts the notification and emits it as TTS (whereas the original app would not). There are two areas to enable these apps: a) Optimized Notification Options and b) All other notifications. Try to enable in Optimized first as Augmented will tweak the notifications to be more readable (e.g. whatsapp, email).

Advanced Features:

  • Intelligent Quiet Time – can set different quiet time start/stop for weekend vs weekdays. Also an option to enable (in addition to time) if and only if power is connected (i.e. quiet time enable when connected to power during time period specified)
  • Global Filters – ability to suppress alerts based on sender and subject content (4 filters each provided)
  • High Priority Senders – ability to define 4 senders that can override quiet time and have custom vibration patterns based on sender (and not the app).
  • Intent API interface (for support via Tasker, etc). More info here.
  • Support for S8/S8+ Edge Notifications and Android Wear with an optional support for the Minimal and Elegant Watchface.

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