Notification Channels in Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Starting from Augmented SmartWatch Pro 8.2.13, The concept of “Notification Channels” has been introduced. Notification Channels replaces the prior vibration customization features within Augmented SmartWatch Pro (ASP).

  • This was required due to changes in Android that became mandatory to support;
  • The ability to customize the vibration pattern per notification was eliminated by Android/Google;
  • Hence instead, ASAP supports 6 Channels – each with a different vibration pattern;
  • The vibration pattern cannot be changed in a channel.

There are 6 Notification Channels:

1 – Default – one normal vibration pulse – blue

2 – two normal vibration pulses – red

3 – three normal vibration pulses – yellow

4 – two short vibration pulses – green

5 – three short vibration pulses – turquoise

6 – one short vibration pulse – pinkish (used when a meeting is in progress)

Notification types can be assigned to the first five channels in settings:

  • Select “Notification Channel Options” in ASP Settings
  • SMS, Calendar, Chat apps and High Priority Alerts can be configured to any of the 5 notification channels (as shown in the right most image above).
  • The colour is used for the notification LED on the phone (if it exists), for android Wear (with the Minimal & Elegant watchface) and for the colour of the text in Wear OS 2.1 alerts as shown below (the colour of text “Test Sender”)


You can further customize the notification channels in Android Settings as shown below (Android settings -> Apps & notifications -> Augmented SWP -> App Notifications) :


You can click on any of the Augmented1-6 above as shown below to further configure each:


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