New – “AI” for Notifications in Augmented SmartWatch Pro 8.3.0+


“Augmented Intelligence” (AI) for Augumented SmartWatch Pro (ASP) is designed to

  • Conserve battery life on Wear SmartWatches – every notification (especially with vibration will drain battery);
  • Notifications can be very bothersome, AI adapts to what is important to you (by continuously learning over time) and only sends notifications to your watch that are important;
  • AI focuses on the sender and subject of the notification – not the application sending the notification;
  • Note all processing is done locally on your android – no data is ever transmitted to the cloud (or any other app on your device).
  • Continuous enhancements to truly customize your notification experience with Intelligent  TTS and Smart Watches. Keep monitoring this blog posting to keep up to date with the enhancements.

An overview of the “AI” processing in ASP is depicted below. There are settings in ASP to customize/configure and monitor the performance of the AI processing (i.e. how many notifications are automatically  suppressed by ASP’s AI engine).


The AI Engine flow:

  • Determination if the notification is a high priority; If it is, then the notification will be sent.
  • If Quiet time not enabled then the Sender/Subject is checked against White/Black lists as shown above.

The AI engine focuses on the Sender and Subject of the notification. The AI makes a decision on if to send the notification to the Watch (or other channels like TTS). The table below also provides an overview:

annotation 2019-01-04 095716

High Priority – A high priority notification can be processed with priority over other (non high priority) notifications.

Quiet Time Override – ASP has a setting to send notifications through for high priority notifications (this is configurable). Intelligent Quiet Time can set different quiet times start/stop for weekend vs weekdays. Also there is an option to enable (in addition to time) if and only if power is connected (i.e. quiet time enable when connected to power during time period specified).

Notification Channel – ASP provides a separate channel for high priority items (vibration patterns and LED colour can be configured per channel);

There are three ways to denote a high priority notification:

  • sender (ASP has settings for 4 names plus one regular expression);
  • subject (ASP has a setting for a regular expression (Seed string for AI – Regex) – so words like urgent/escalation can trigger this (if you wish);
  • AI Engine for ASP tried to automatically detect a high priority sender (not specified in ASP settings). This is based on your behavior after receiving a notification (i.e. if you turn on the phone right after receiving a notification from a specific sender). Note this is temporal – in that the theory is that you may be interested in notifications form a specific user only for a period of time (and they are not in your normal high priority lists, white/black lists). The “AI threshold” setting can configure the “sensitivity” of this option.

An additional feature for high priority items is the option to use Pushover to automatically send alerts to another device (another android or even an iphone). Can be enabled under Other Device Options in ASP settings. The pushover API Token, Key and Optional Device are provisioned here.


Black-List – if an item is on the black list it is not sent to the Watch (or any other channels); Note High Priority settings will have priority over the black-list. The black list persists over time and can be edited from “Review AI Black List” in ASP Menu. Note for un-allocated senders, every time the ASP app is opened on the phone, the user will be asked to classify these senders into the white or black lists. These lists can also be edited from the ASP menu options (if needed).

White-List – if an item is on the White list it is sent to the Watch (and other channels like TTS); The white list persists over time and can be edited from “Review AI White List” in ASP Settings (Menu).

AI Engine Support – There are two parts to this – one for sender and one for subject. The sender AI engine support has been described above under the high priority section. The AI engine for subject is temporal also. It is meant to detect temporary spike in notifications for a subject (like a flurry of “congratulatory emails at a large company). Once a subject has been denoted as “frequent” by the AI engine, then notifications are only sent if the sender is on the white-list (or a high priority sender). This is enabled by an ASP setting (Use White List Strictly for Frequent Subjects).

AI Menu Options

There are 4 menu options related to AI as shown below:


Review AI Subject Topics for Black List – Can review each subject topic and add it to a Black List. All notifications for this topic will be suppressed (other than for high priority senders). Note this black list persists until the next phone reboot or ASP program exit. The use case is to detect high frequency of responses within a very short period of time.

Review AI White List – Can edit the list of Senders in the White List using an on-phone text editor. You may need to download a text editor from the Play store. Note the list is in lexicographical order (for fast searching).

Review AI Black List – Can edit the list of Senders in the Black List using an on-phone text editor. You may need to download a text editor from the Play store. Note the list is in lexicographical order (for fast searching).

Reset AI Training – Clears the White/Black Sender lists.

AI Settings

Current AI Settings (8.3.4) are shown below:

AI for Notifications – Enables using AI for notifications in ASP.

AI Threshold – Specific to the AI Engine sensitivity processing for Sender (high priority).

Use Content of Notification – Enables using the content of the subject to denote a high priority notification.

See String for AI-Regex – Regular expression to denote a subject as high priority. Example:


BlackList Subjects -Regex – Regular expression to denote subjects to ignore. Example:


Use Black/White of Sender Names – Enables using Black/White lists for senders.

Use White List Strictly for Frequent Subjects – To enable the AI engine processing for Subjects (as described above).

Use Black/White Lists Strictly – Enables using the black/white lists strictly. If enabled then a notification is only sent if the sender is on the white list.

AI Metrics

If you open the ASP app on the phone and scroll down you will see the performance of the AI engine as shown below. This shows how effective the AI engine is in sending notifications. Below one can see of the 49 alerts, 7 were marked by the AI engine to not send (note option 5 was not enabled, if it was enabled then 6 more notifications would have been throttled). Starting from version 8.3.5+, these metrics persist across app restarts and phone reboots (meaning the metrics are cumulative over time).


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