Posted in October 2009

PhantomAlert 1.3.5 Release Notes

Changes: Ready for Donut (1.6) for display resolutions 480×320; Usability tweaks for audio alerts and icons/images; Added an option to configure the number of times an alert is played for each POI instance; Auto-start capability improved; Fixed a force close on start-up issue introduced in prior release; Fixed a Day 1 issue that rarely occurs … Continue reading

Augmented Traffic Views 1.0.6 – now available – Release Notes

Fixed key Day 1 bug which causes images to advance faster than expected in automated tracking mode (this only occured under specific trigger conditions) added Birmingham, UK and El Paso Texas traffic  cameras Revised list of Traffic Cameras for Cities/Areas supported(now over 5000+ cameras supported): Ontario Canada (Ottawa/Toronto), Florida, Manhattan/Long Island, Upper New York – … Continue reading