Release Notes for Version 6.8+

Current ReleaseVersion 7.6.8 Market Link  Free Trial Version of 7.6.8Link Release Notes for Older Releases (6.7 and older) Updated Sony SW2 Detailed User Guide Top 10 reasons to use Augmented for Android Wear

Current Users: Please disable “Force Use Accessibility” option in Augmented Settings if running Android 4.3+. You will need to enable Augmented SmartWatch Pro in Notification Access in system settings

Also if you are getting double notifications in Android Wear please disable the apps (enabled in Augmented) – you can follow this

Upcoming in Version 7.6.9

  • Augmented Wear 2.1
    • Intelligent Weather updates (if location name changes or temperature changes by +-5 degrees) – enabled by default
    • IMG_20141228_043328
    • Support for Actions using custom alert system on Android Wear
    • Option to disable actions from Wear during meetings (enabled by default)
    • Option to specify the # of times each action is shown for an alert – default is 3
    • Need to enable which apps to show actions during an alert (under all other notification in settings)
    • Screenshot_2014-12-20-08-36-50
    • Tweaks to custom animation alert system

New in Version 7.6.8

  • Pebble Canvas – Addition alerts history (if not using Fitbit)
  • Sony SmartWatch 2 – transparent background for watch-face change
  • Android Wear /Augmented Wear 2.0
    • custom animation tweaks to show sender name and subject over image
    • custom replay framework that can be access via and 3rd party app and used for SMS in Augmented SmartWatch
    • Example Tasker Task showing Custom Framework APIs
      • New Option in Augmented Wear settings to override Intent for response – default is Augmented SmartWatch Pro for SMS responses. You can set it with an Intent for your 3rd party app. Two parameters are returned sender (always augmentedresponse) and subject (the option selected by the user from their Android Wear)
      • Demo use case

New in Version 7.6.7

  • Augmented Wear 1.9
    • More animations for Alerts (image and Text): Bounce, slide down, Zoom in and random

New in Version 7.6.4

  • Fix for Pebble – works with latest Pebble updates
  • New Option to send a (phone) Battery Charged alert to watch
  • Skype, Email tweaks
  • Android Wear optimizations
  • Augmented Wear 1.8
    • Augmented SmartWatch Pro – custom notification system updated to show animation at the start of alerts and in-between image and alert text transitions on Wear. Reminder to enable custom notification system in Augmented:


in augmented – augmented wear settings – enable “use text for alerts”

in android wear options – “enable optimize for sender pictures”

New in Version 7.6.3

  • Whatsapp fix for multiple alerts
  • Augmented Wear 1.7
    • Augmented SmartWatch Pro – Option to show battery drain alerts if Wear battery drain exceeds a user-configured threshold
    • Option to disable showing automatically the battery drain info on the Wear device when Augmented Wear is opened on the Android (enabled by default)
    • Option for a vibration-only mode (visual alert is not shown by Augmented). Meant for use cases where you want to keep the original visual alert but use Augmented for the vibrations (like Skype which has now vibration on the Wear). You should also disable the auto clear notification settings in Augmented. Disabled by default.
    • Bug fixes/tweaks

New in Version 7.6.2

  • Bug fix for predicted travel (traffic cameras)
  • Fix for using Notification Access (instead of Accessibility) for Android 4.3 – already supported for 4.4
  • Option to disable disconnect message on Wear (only in Augmented SmartWatch Pro)
  • Weather update tweak for Wear
  • Augmented Wear 1.6
    • Option to show a radar overlay for traffic cameras showing relative bearing/distance of traffic camera view relative to current location (disabled by default). Current direction is due north (Noon on watch).
  • IMAG0646
    • Smart Haptics now works for custom alerts via Augmented Wear
    • Option (in Augmented SmartWatch) to disable showing weather condition in the sender field – this allows for some of the actual sender info to show in the watchface mode.
    • Show closest traffic cameras + manually selected cameras use the compass in radar mode to show the relative true direction of the location of the traffic camera. Auto tracking mode stills shows it relative to straight ahead (as it is your predicted direction).
    • Hourly Battery Drain info on Wear is shown.
      • Opening the Augmented Wear app on the Android will also trigger showing the battery drain info on your Wear

IMAG0674 IMAG0653

New in Version 7.6.1

  • Added several new Markham Traffic Cameras (please reload via menu->Initialize Traffic Cameras)
  • Added more support for Closest Traffic Cameras – disabled by default – need to enable in settings (Android Wear – Use Traffic Cameras)
  • Option to automatically reduce the vibration intensity for alerts to 1/3 the normal duration pulse if currently in a meeting marked as “busy” and it is NOT a high priority sender. Disabled by default must be enabled in settings.
  • Augmented Wear (Version 1.3)
    • Text alert on Android Wear when smartwatch is disconnected from Android Phone/Tablet
    • IMAG0570
    • Can send a Text only alert to the Wear using Augmented Wear
    •         intent1.setAction(“com.alk.wear.action”);

              intent1.putExtra(“sender”, “showtext sender:sendertext:”); // use : to delimit sender text

              intent1.putExtra(“subject”, “subject text”);

  // other parameters are also valid color, size, vibration etc

  • Augmented SmartWatch Pro can also be configured to use the Augmented Wear Text alert (instead of the native Android notification system). This is disabled by default. This is also a bit faster.
  • Can provision text size for sender and subject on the Wear (settings in Augmented SmartWatch or can be set via Intent API)
    • senderTextSize:1: // 1-small; 2- medium; 3- large
    • subjectTextSize:1: // 1-small; 2- medium; 3- large
  • (requires Augmented SmartWatch Pro) On a closest traffic camera alert on your Wear you can touch/swipe on the traffic camera image on the wear to show up to 15 of the closest traffic cameras. Select any to see on your Wear:

IMAG0571 IMAG0576

  • Custom notification (which are shown by Augmented Wear/Augmented SmartWatch Pro) on Wear (for image/text alerts) now supports swiping left to see next meeting/weather info and swipe left again to see prior alerts (the same info as provided with the native alerts of Android Wear – which are used if the Augmented Wear app is not installed).

  • Can now trigger closest camera action directly from notification alert on your Android Wear. Tap on camera icon to trigger.

    • Weather Info is shown in the alert area (if enabled)



  • “Beta” Feature – meaning it may be disabled in a future update
    • Automatic showing of images from real-time traffic cameras when driving in the direction of your current direction (bearing)!
    • This will use GPS and must be used sparingly (for battery purposes)
    • Can trigger only if traffic cameras are enabled in Android Wear settings of augmented.
      • If you live in Toronto – you must also “Initialize Traffic Cameras” under Augmented->Menu
    • You must start by scrolling on the custom Augmented alert on the Android Wear until you see this action option
    • (There is also an Intent option sender:start auto camera – so you can trigger on a bluetooth connection from Tasker when in the car to make this fully automated!)
    • IMAG0581
    • Auto tracking will stop as follows:
      • automatically after 5 minutes of no location movement (e.g. if you stop driving)
      • automatically (if not in Toronto) after a certain distance is travelled – due to API restrictions
      • Manually by using the action button (by scrolling again in the custom Augmented Alert notification on your Wear)
    • It will only show a camera view once (you can reset by selecting the traffic camera icon on the Augmented custom alert on your Wear)
    • It will show cameras images < 2 km/m in your predicted direction of travel

New  in Version 7.6

  • Augmented Wear (Version 1.2)
    • Optional sender/subject info for full screen Image alert. The alert will be shown in two parts: 1) full screen image for 10 seconds with 2 vibration pulses, and 2) the sender/subject text info for 5 seconds with 1 vibration pulse
      • sender info is specified as sender:message:
      • subject info is specified as subject:messageinfo:
      • Example:  intent1.putExtra(“sender”, “showimage sender:hello: subject:one more time:”);
    • Ability to provision settings for Full screen Image Alert on Wear (appended to showimage command sent in the sender field
      • vibrationCount:2: // will vibrate Wear 2 times for image – default is 2
      • vibrationPulseOn:300: // each vibration pulse is 300 ms – default is 300ms
      • wearImageOn:6000: // image will be shown for 6000 ms – default is 10000ms
      • Example: intent1.putExtra(“sender”,

“showimagesender:Closest Camera:subject:Highway 7 @ Highway 404:vibrationCount:2:vibrationPulseOn:400:wearImageOn:6000:”);

    • Alerts that have a sender with a contact picture will be shown using Augmented Wear (if installed and the optimize for Sender Pictures is enabled). These alerts will be shown in two screen updates (image of the sender alert and the text of the alert).

    • IMAG0559IMAG0560
    • Augmented SmartWatch Pro has been updated to use this feature for closest camera and Google Now alerts

      • Color customization of text shown in Augmented Wear is also supported via AUgmenrted SmartWatch Pro only.
    • Separate preferences in Augmented SmartWatch Pro settings (if Augmented Wear companion app is detected as being installed)
    • Separate notification is shown on Wear for full screen alerts (separate from normal Augmented SmartWatch Pro alerts)
    • Faster vibrations for custom image alerts (now in parallel – vibrations and display of image)

New  in Version 7.5.3

  • Xabber Optimizations (notification access only)
  • Android Wear
    • New Augmented Wear Companion App (Free) will provide Wear Battery life in background images


Augmented Wear will also vibrate the Wear watch when it gets disconnected from the Android (vibration is 4 medium pulses – screen will not light up)

Full screen images now show on watch without any other info! Intent API into Augmented Wear:


        intent1.putExtra(“sender”, “showimage”);

        intent1.putExtra(“subject”, ***URL of image to show ***));


Augmented Wear is free and available here

    • Fix for Hangout messages to provide the correct # of vibration pulses (hangouts must be enabled via optimized notifications in Augmented settings)
    • Tweaked Weather Update Alert
    • IMAG0554

New in Version 7.5.2

  • Regression bug fix – quiet time and high priority senders now working again
  • Android Wear
    • Optimize For Sender Picture Feature (enabled by default, can be disabled in settings):
      • If enabled, When a sender’s picture is found – it is shown in full screen mode on the Wear and the subject is shown in the alert (for only two lines max). Note one very key advantage of Augmented is that it always queries for the Sender’s picture in the contact info for all alerts – so even if an app does not normally show the picture on the Android Wear using the default Wear alerts, Augmented will!


  • If enabled, When a sender’s picture is not found then the default background image is shown (as well as sender/subject in alert).
  • IMAG0550
  • If disabled, then the default background image is always shown (as well as sender/subject in alert).

New in Version 7.5.1

  • Fix for showing whatsapp image on Sony SW2 (root only)
  • Android Wear
    • New option (configurable – default to true) to pre-pend the current weather temperature to the sender of alerts. This allows the Temperature to always be shown on watchfaces (that show the last alert info)
    • IMAG0546
    • Revised background images to optimize better for Moto360
    • Smart Haptics – ability to customize GMail vibration pattern separately

New in Version 7.5

  • Android Wear
    • More info here – Auto Enhanced Haptic Feedback – Taking the cue from Google Maps (short-short-long) vibration cues. Alerts are enhanced as follows:
      • For high priority senders – the # (from 1 to 4) of the high priority sender is pulsed to the Wear watch (after the normal # of pulses to indicate a high priority sender). The # is a short pulse(s) which is the vibration duration / 3;
        • For example – assume we set high priority vibrations to 2 and the high priority sender is #3 then the Android Wear will pulse – long-long-short-short-short
      • SMS – coded to N-1 short and 1 long pulse – e.g. coded as short-short-long (if set to 3 vibration pulses).
      • Network connected or Android Wear re-connect message – coded to all short pulses – e.g. code as short-short-short (if network disconnect is set to 3 vibration pulses)
      • 680newstraffic and Google Now alerts are coded as one short pulse
      • Rain Alerts are coded as two short pulses

New in Version 7.4.5

  • Icon bug fix where Icon shown may be a stale image
  • Optimized background Images for Klout and Withings Scores (if enabled)
  • Support for dynamic images in alerts (perhaps for security camera motion triggers – can be sent from Tasker/Intent based API into Augmented
    • sender: “show alk image” (without quotes)
    • subject: URL of image##text to show (e.g.
    • Example Tasker Task here


  • Added 2nd Tasker Task to menu options
  • Android Wear – Added “show closest camera” (sender) Intent action (for Tasker/3rd party) to show the closest traffic camera on the Android Wear! (Toronto, Boston, SFO supported). Must also enable option in augmented-android wear settings. Example Tasker Task here for Android Wear (optimized)
  • Android Wear Google Now Tweak – When “Time to leave” Google now alert is received, the closest traffic camera image is automatically shown as the background image for the alert via augmented!


New in Version 7.4.3

  • Overall Performance Tweaks
  • Fix for potential issue with ANR with contact pictures – which results in delayed notifications to Watch (specifically Android Wear)

New in Version 7.4.2

  • Fixed Weather null issue – long standing issue when Augmented is stopped unexpectedly.
  • Android Wear
    • Added next upcoming meeting in background image (configurable in settings)
    • Phone Battery status in top left of background image (configurable in settings)
    • Tweaks to show more descriptive pictures (Rain alerts, Klout, Fitbit, Withings)
    • Settings re-organized


New in Version 7.4.1

  • Quiet Time missed alerts notification added (when android phone is disconnected from power source) – disabled by default
  • Android Wear Updates
    • SMS tweak to show contact picture properly
    • up to 3 SMS canned responses – no need to depend on voice!
    • Reconnect alert indicating # of missed alerts while Wear watch was disconnected from Android Watch

New in Version 7.4

  • Android Wear
      • Ability to trigger a Tasker task – which can be programatically set.
      • Extra card with next upcoming meeting, phone battery, weather details, Fitbit, Klout, Withings
      • Extra card summarizing the prior notifications for quick access

New in Version 7.3.1

New in Version 7.2.3

  • Updated Augmented Small Widget to show BT Connected if tethering via bluetooth (in addition to the Wifi status).
  • Weather “Update Delayed” status updated to be more accurate. This also impacts the hyper-location aware temperature – i.e. it is more accurate.
  • Tweak to SW2 deep sleep workaround – if you experience the Augmented Alert on your watch staying on for a very long time (even with this option enabled), try this update. If you still see the issue, disable this option (even with the option disabled it will eventually time out and the alert on the SW2 will be removed).
  • 2 new SW2 Watchface Widgets — for a total of 17
    • ISO Week Augmented – Icon showing current ISO week #  – 1×1 – double tap action is to show next meeting information.
    • 3×1 Summary Augmented – Icon showing curent Date (Month day) weather conditions and current location – double tap action is to show next meeting

New in Version 7.2.2

  • Google Now fix for Sw2 when using Enable Large Display mode
  • New Option for SW2 extended notification on two screens to control the vibration when the 2nd screen is shown on the SW2 (enabled by default)
  • New option to always auto clear alerts in Android 4.4+ status bar – default is to auto clear only if watch is detected as being connected (Sony and Pebble)
  • SW2 Sender Image Widget – richer support for notification image
  • Status bar notification updated to use proper icon and newer notification APIs (in preparation fro Android Wear support)
  • New SW2 watchface widget option for show Fitbit Calories – default is disabled (to show Fitbit steps)
  • Menu option in Augmented to Force Fitbit Token Reset – select this option (after you disable Fitbit) then re-enable Fitbit to re-authorize Augmented SmartWatch Pro for Fitbit (this is required due to recent Fitbit change)

New in Version 7.2.1

  • If you have issues with the Sony Sw2 Watchface widgets – Suggest deleting all widgets and re-provisoning them
  • Added Fitbit Calories to SW2 Watchface (Small Augmented Widget)
  • New SW2 option to configure how long the Augmented Hybrid Watchface will be shown (before defaulting to the user default watchface) – from 0 to 7 seconds – default is 3 seconds
  • 7 New watchface widgets for a total of 15:
  • Detailed4x1 Augmented – last alert sent by Augmented to the SW2 – 4 x 1 – double tap action on watchface is show last alert in detail. Note after viewing an alert, the weather (day high/lo temp info is shown instead, if enabled).


    • Detailed3x1 Augmented – last alert sent by Augmented to the SW2 – 3 x 1 – double tap action on watchface is show last alert in detail. Note after viewing an alert, the weather (day high/lo temp info is shown instead, if enabled).
    • Temp Lo/Hi Augmented – shows the weather High and Low temperature info 1 x 1- double tap action is to show the weather info.


    • Weather Augmented – Icon showing current weather conditions – 1×1 – double tap action is to show weather information.
    • Image Augmented – any URL can be shown as an image – 2×2 – double tap action is to show menu of images available (either from the local file alk8.txt or the traffic images) – it grabs the closest traffic camera or the first URL in the alk8.txt file. Note show Images must be enabled in the Sony SW2 specific settings. Reminder of support for Images – there are three sources of data for camera images:

1) Default – example traffic cameras from Toronto area

2) From a local file called alk8.txt

Each camera has two lines: a) Camera Name/descriptions; and b) URL to get the camera view from

Example file here

3) Traffic Cameras – data is loaded automatically into Augmented app. Traffic Cameras for Toronto, San Francisco, Boston and Washington DC are supported. There is intelligence built into the cameras shown in that the predicted direction of travel is used to prune the traffic cameras shown.

The following must be enabled under SmartWatch 2 Specific Options: Show Images and Use Traffic Cameras (if this option is preferred). Swipe Up on SW2 when the Augmented app to see the list of cameras to view (swipe left or right to cycle thru the list). Tap to select a specific image. In this mode (of showing a camera image) swipe left/right to continue viewing the other cameras in the list. Swipe up/down to return to the prior menu (list of traffic cameras). Swipe up/down to return to the last notification.

IMAG0302 copy

    • Sender Image Augmented – Picture (if available) of the last sender to send an alert or the augmented icon if none – 1×1 – double tap action is to show the last alert info sent to the SW2.


    • Summary Augmented modified to 4×1. Option for how often the image is updated is provided (from 15 minutes to 12 hours).
    • Next Meeting – Time, Title and Location of the next upcoming meeting – 4 x 1 = double tap action on watchface is show next upcoming meeting
    • Watchface editor now shows more representative sample images for augmented widgets
    • Options to invert (black text on white background the Weather widgets – Temp and Day Hi/Lo) – disabled by default.

New in Version 7.2.0

  • New SW2 Watchface Widget
    • Summary Short Augmented – Rain alerts (North America), Fitbit, Withings, Klout info – 2 x 1 – double tap action is execute third Tasker Task defined in settings
  • SW2 Hybrid mode change – the Augmented watch face will only show if < 3 minutes since the last alert, +-2 minutes of a calendar event (if enabled), or a google maps navigation is in progress

  • Tweak for SW2 watchface widget for next meeting to make it sharper

  • Wifi disconnect fix so it shows properly in SW2 watch face

New in Version 7.1.3

  • Updated to SDK version 3.0 (Sony)
  • FC fix for SW2
  • New SW2 Watchface Widgets with corresponding actions when double tapped
    • Temperature Augmented – Temperature (hyper-location aware) – 1 x 1  – double tap action on watchface is show weather summary in Augmented
    • Battery Augmented – Phone Battery remaining percentage – 1 x 1 – double tap action on watchface is execute first Tasker Task defined in settings
    • Detailed2 Augmented – last alert sent by Augmented to the SW2 – 5 x 1 – double tap action on watchface is show last alert in detail. Note after viewing an alert, the weather (day high/lo temp info is shown instead, if enabled).


    • Small Augmented – show wifi name, fitbit steps or location (in that priority order if enabled) – 3 x 1 – double tap action is execute second Tasker Task defined in settings


    • Detailed Augmented – last alert sent by Augmented to the SW2 – 4 x 2 – double tap action on watchface is show last alert in detail
    • Summary Augmented – Month, Day of Month, Current Location, Temperature, Current Weather Conditions – 5 x 1 – double tap action on watchface is show next upcoming meeting
    • Next Meeting – Time, Title and Location of the next upcoming meeting – 5 x 1 = double tap action on watchface is show next upcoming meeting


New  in Version 7.0.0

  • Sony SW2 – support for new widget in watchface (update from Sony) via adding to new events queue (new option – disabled by default) – You will need to enable the option then reboot your android for it to take effect (Sony restriction).


  • New Hybrid watchface mode to complement the new Sony custom watchfaces.  New Hybrid option added (disabled by default). When enabled, the augmented low-power watchface is showing only for 5 minutes after every alert and if there is an upcoming meeting in the next 15 minutes. Otherwise the default Sony watchface is shown. This should tremendously help with battery life and truly have a context-sensitive Sony SW2! Tip – disable vibrations for augmented in the Sony SW2 settings for notifications (under apps on the SW2) – this controls the vibrations for new events (from Augmented) – hence the vibrations will be fully controlled from the Augmented app instead.
    • Also disable the “Enable Watchface Battery-Savings” option to get minute accurate updates in the augmented watchface.
    • This combination of options (Hybrid) plus the above tips should provide better battery-life with the benefits of watchfaces and minute-accurate times.
  • Fix to not auto-clear notifications when smartwatch is not connected to the Android
  • Added an addition high priority sender (for a total of 4). Plus the high priority senders are now in the top level menu.
  • New option to show all Augmented alerts in the Android notification area – can be used by the Official Metawatch Manager to show Augmented alerts on the MetaWatch – option is disabled by default (settings->Other Device Options-Show on Status Bar)
    • For MetaWatch users – suggest disabling all applications under the MetaFilter settings and only enable Augmented SmartWatch Pro)
    • This should also work for the Samsung Gear, Fit etc devices!
    • Reasons to use augmented in this mode?
      • Augmented Optimized alerts (email, whatsapp, hangouts, navigation and more);
      • Filters, High Priority alerts & Stealth mode
      • Intelligent Quiet Mode
      • Takser/Intent API to control Augmented
      • Hyper-aware weather alerts

New in Version 6.9.2

  • 6.9.3 fixes –
    • Fix for “Auto-Clear” with Notification Listener when alerts are not sent to the SmartWatch (but the notification was also being cleared on the Android notification status bar). New behaviour is that notifications not sent to the SmartWatch will remain on the Android status bar.
    • Workaround  for Exchange calendars not being recognized – enable all calendars to ensure the exchange calendars will be enabled (this is the only workaround for now).
  • Android 4.4 optimizations – for timers
  • New feature – can now selected which calendar(s) to obtain the next meeting information from (under optimied notifications)
  • New option in Android menu to temporarily override quiet time hours (to send notifications)
  • Toq – added 3 Tasker Tasks for a total of 6
  • SW2 dynamic navigation watchface tweak to ETA
  • NMA/Whatsapp fix (when using accessibility) to show whatsapp alerts from one Android device on another android
  • Full 4.4 support of notifications (and hence no need for accessibility).
    • Optimized notifications are fully supported in this mode (including Emails, Hangouts, Skype, Google Navigation, WhatsApp  Google Now).
    • If an app is enabled under all other notifications then notifications for the app will be shown. Optimized notification settings have priority over all other notifications settings.
    • To use this feature you must be running Android 4.4+ and disable the “Force Use Accessibility” option under augmented settings.

New in Version 6.9.1

  • Optimized support for native Exchange email on the new HTC One M8 including auto-clear support to get sender/subject/preview on every email (no root required)! Enable auto clear email and Exchange or Enhanced email options (under optimized notifications of augmented settings)
  • Toq – updated to 1.4 SDK version
  • Toq – ability to customize the # of vibration pulses by alert type (including setting to no vibration) including support for high priority alerts!
  • Toq – ability to control music apps (Pandora, Spotify, Play, etc) – if enabled at the end of each Augmented card there are 3 options (play/pause, next, previous). Tap option to control the last music app you used. Set your preferred music app in settings.
  • Toq – separate prior alerts into separate cards – should make viewing/scrolling through prior alerts faster. Note If things don’t work after updating Augmented for your Toq, please remove Augmented under the Toq app (More Applets) and re-add Augmented after updating to Version 6.9 of Augmented. This should not be required however.
  • New SW2 option to show real time alerts in low power mode – this should help to conserve battery even more. Option is disabled by default. Option can also be quickly toggled (independent of settings) on the SW2 via the menu soft button on the SW2 (useful for in the dark as the SW2 will not light up automatically in this mode).
  • New Context-Tap option for default SW2 watch-face
  • New dyanmic SW2 watchface added – will show a calendar specific watchface +-2 minutes for any meeting scheduled start. Also the SW2 will vibrate when the meeting starts (the # of pulses and duration of pulse used is as defined in the vibration settings).
  • Tweak to default SW2 watchface to highlight the next meeting (time and title), if enabled.
  • Bug fix for selecting a new default watch-face on SW2
  • Update Weather notification on SW2 changed to use the nicer looking Weather Widget
  • Bug fix when using Augmented Weather in a Canvas Watchface (Pebble)
  • Default SW2 watchface to show Wifi network name (if Fitbit is not enabled and wifi connect is enabled in optimized notifications and android phone is actually connected to wifi)

New in Version 6.8.2

  • Initial support for the Qualcomm Toq!!! More info here.
    • Will show alerts on the Toq (all options supported included quiet time, tasker intents, etc)
    • 3 cards supported on Applet (Weather, History of Alerts and Fitbit stats)

DSC_0356 DSC_0363DSC_0362

    • support for up to 3 Tasker Tasks! Opening the card will trigger the tasker task
  • Whats App optimized notification works again for every chat message
  • New option to separate Wifi connect/disconnect alerts (previously combined into one setting option). Disabled by default.
  • Enhanced Email (Tablet edition) tweak for HTC custom ROMs
  • SW2 new option (default enabled) to control context-sensitive tap on Watch-Face;
  • SW2 default watchface tweak to show “No New Alerts” and Weather Low/High info (if weather is enabled) after viewing alerts manually on SW2 (until the next new alert arrives on the SW2).


  • SW2 when scrolling through the watchfaces it is easier to know when this is occurring (swipe down from any augmented widget/alert to enter this mode – swipe left/right to scroll through the watchfaces, hit back button to select watchface)


  • Weather icon tweak
  • Google Navigation fix for non-Pebble watches “show direction changes” option now works properly.
  • Special SW2 Watchface when Google Navigation alerts are active (will automatically revert to default watchface when a non-navigation alert is received).


  • SW2 (default) watchface tweak to add day of week and Fitbit Steps
  • Fitbit zip tweak for SW2

New in Version 6.8

  • Vibration controls for Music app (SW2) – can select no vibration for music updates
  • New Low power Watchface option to show meeting location intead of the battery status/Fitbit/Withings/Klout info (disabled by default).
  • SW2 low power watchface behaviour change: Tapping on weather icon will show the weather widget immediately (if weather is enabled). Tapping on Calendar info line (or below) will show the Calendar widget immediately (if calendar is enabled). Tapping on the notification info will show the details for the notification immediately
  • SW2 low power watchface tweak to automatically restart the Augmented watchface after an incoming call ends (it will take about 5 seconds after the call ends)
  • Rain alert, Google Music tweaks

Release Notes for Older Releases (6.7 and older)  


24 thoughts on “Release Notes for Version 6.8+

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  2. Is there a known issue with Motoactv? Since i’ve updated to Version 6.8.1, Augmented Smartwatch is not shown as a plug-in in Motoactv Software.

    • no change in 6.8.1 for MotoACTV – I think sometimes there is a race (timing) issue with the MotoACTV software in recognizing plug-ins. Suggest rebooting your android and starting the MotoACTV software first.


  3. Is time to adjust none-half-wide char showing? Remind you this because you said you often forget many users do not use English. (My English expression isn’t very good, too)

  4. Hello,
    I just purchased the Pro version and have Sony smart watch 2. I get the notification on my watch but it never clears. The watch never goes back into the screensaver mode “with the watch face”. I have to push the button on the watch to force the watch face screensaver to come back on.

    Is there a setting I’m missing?

    • reboot watch and phone and try a test notification – does this still happen – the time to show first screen is the time an alert shows on the watch when it arrives on your android in an entirely “hands-free” mode in that you do not touch the watch or any button on the watch at all. If you do, then the app does stay “on”. The use case is an alert shows on your watch then it reverts to your watchface.

  5. can’t get Google Navigation sent to my SW2 , using Version 7.4.1 and Google Maps 8.1.1 . All other things i have setup are working great.
    Earlier everything was working well, but, not used for a while and unsure which version everything stopped working, Is it possible advise the settings needed to make it work.
    Turned on in “optimized notification options” , but to no avail.

    • I think it is related to a maps update – are you using accessibility or notifications (Access under security settings)?
      You should use the latter – you will need to disable the “force accessibility option”in augmented also

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  7. I am using an Android with a Pebble. Both are up to date wrt to OS etc. I am not able to get Google Navigation sent to Pebble. I believe I have things setup correctly but no luck. Other alerts are working fine.

      • Under Optimized Notifications > Google Navigation Options I have the following items checked:
        Goggle Navigation Directions
        Show Direction Changes
        Control Second Screen (I do not know what the 2nd screen is, but it was checked by default if I recall.

        Time to Waite between Notifications is set to 1 minute.
        Distance Threshold is set to 500. I am not sure what the unit of measure is here.

        Optimize for Phone is NOT checked.

  8. there are two ways on the pebble

    #1 – alerts on Pebble – in this case check only the first two boxes;

    #2 using the music app on the Pebble – do you have this enabled in augmented – e.g. augmented controls what is shown when you select the native Pebble music app on your pebble.

    • i have tried both and neither seem to work. I would like to use the #1 option if that is simplest. Right now I am not able to get that to work I just went in and checked the first two options (Google Navigation Directions and Show Direction Changes) and tried it, but the direction changes did not go to Pebble. My Music app in Pebble Options is also set to Google Play at this time.

  9. Can you ensure under Pebble options -> notification specific options that this flag is disabled;

    Optimize Navigation Info


  10. ok I just tested this on an android 4.4 device, latest augmented and latest pebble and it works.

    I used the nav settings you have.

    quick question are you on 4.4 and if so do you use accessibility or security->notification access – (it should be the latter) and turn force accessibility off,.

    • I corrected the setting suggested above and it now works!
      Thank you augmented!
      I really appreciate you effort to get to the bottom of my issue!
      Kudos! It must be a nightmare to support so many different configuration options between watches and phones and to make them work. Thanks again!

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