Support for Low Power Watch-Faces in Augmented SmartWatch Pro 6.6.3

Augmented now supports multiple watch-faces that are always-on on the SW2 and uses the “low-power” mode of the Sony SW2. The Augmented watchface has some key unique features:

  • Always on Context sensitive tap depending on where you tap on the watch face:
    • Tap on the top to see the last alert sent to the smartwatch via Augmented;
    • Tap on the temp/weather icon to see the current weather conditions;
    • Tap on the bottom to see the next upcoming meeting details;
    • Tap on the AM/PM date indicator to trigger your first Tasker task (if provisioned);
    • Tap anywhere else to light up the SW2 to see the watchface under dim lighting conditions.
  • Truly dynamic watchface that is context sensitive based on current calendar and if you are using Google Maps for Navigation. For +-2 minutes of the start of a calendar event, a watchface specific to the calendar event is shown automatically (if calendar is enabled).


  • A watchface specific to google navigation is shown if you are currently using Google Maps for navigation. It will revert back to your normal watchface once you have reached your current destination (or you exit Google Navigation).



How to use

Enable “Enable Low Power WatchFace: in augmented:


When a watchface is shown using Augmented, the touch and soft button controls are always active (except when Quiet Time is active). In Quiet-Time mode a swipe up will turn on the SW2 Watchface (useful in the dark when quiet mode is on) all other touch/swipe commands on the SW2 will be ignored by Augmented in Quiet Time mode.

Optimizing for Battery Usage on the SW2

There will always be an inherent battery impact on the SW2 (battery hit on Android is minimal). I recommend enabling deep-sleep workaround if you want to ensure you get updates of the time every minute in the watch-face however this will impact the battery usage on the SW2. Tips:

  • Set “Time to Show Screen 1” to 4 seconds or less – you will see the last notification in the top of the watchface – you can tap on watchface to see the last alert
  • Disable “Show More Info” (under SmartWatch 2 Specific Options)
  • Enable “Enable WatchFace Battery Savings” – you can also toggle this from your SW2 (soft right button) it is labelled “Battery Saver”. When enabled the watchface may not be updated every minute. When disabled, the watchface should be enabled once per minute. It will depend on when your Android goes into a “deep sleep” mode.
  • Disable “Enable Default Screen Brightness” (6.6.3) – to use the DIM setting (instead of the BRIGHT setting). One can tap the SW2 to switch from DIM to BRIGHT during an alert.
  • Note that time in the Augmented WatchFace is only updated every 30 minutes during quiet time (for battery life savings during the night) otherwise Augmented tries to update the WatchFace every minute.

Select your WatchFace (in 6.6.3 there are two built-in ones as shown above) – you can also select directly from your SW2:

  • Swipe left or right to browse thru the augmented prior alerts or widgets (weather, fitbit, etc)
  • Swipe down
  • Swipe left/right to scroll thru the watchfaces – the default is automatically set as you scroll
  • Hit the back button or swipe up to save as default


  • Enable Tap to Light Up WatchFace – to control what happens when you tap on the SW2 when WatcFace is being shown in low power mode. Option is disabled by default (shows last alert). If enabled, it will only enable back-light to see the Watch-Face in a brighter light. When in Quiet Time Enabled mode, tapping on SW2 will light up backlight only (change from prior behaviour). Can still swipe left right regardless of setting to see prior alerts and weather etc.
  • Enable Default Screen Brightness – New Option to control the SW2 display brightness when an alert is shown. When enabled, augmented  shows alerts using the BRIGHT setting (disable to use the DIM setting). One can tap the SW2 to switch from DIM to BRIGHT during an alert. Default is enabled.
  • New SW2 LowPower Options – Dynamic Bars in WatchFace – if enabled the horizontal bars will show (from top to bottom, if each is individually enabled): Phone Battery, Phone Signal Strength and Fitbit steps  (actual vs goal). This option is disabled by default.
  • When the low power watchface is enabled, then hitting the soft back button (when swiping thru alerts/widgets) will always return to the watchface. Hitting the back button in watchface mode will still show music controls.


General Comments:

  • I do not intend to make too many watchfaces, but will consider requests – point to designs you like. I am interested in a Fitbit one. Once we get a few I will look into a “dynamic” mode – i.e. display a watchface based on last alert automatically
  • I would really encourage a developer to look at the Canvas APIs used for the Pebble app. I can provide an Intent API to push a bitmap into the Augmented WatchFace (and provide data to show in the WatchFace). This is my preferred approach.

2 thoughts on “Support for Low Power Watch-Faces in Augmented SmartWatch Pro 6.6.3

  1. How do I prevent duplicate notifications? I’ll get an SMS and get notified 4 times on my Pebble (firmware 1.14.1). Some other apps (I.e. Facebook) do the same thing. I have all notifications disabled on the Pebble appon the phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Android 4.3, stock SMS app.

    • You should delete the other notification apps as they could be sending to the Pebble.

      If you do a test message in augmented how many do you get on the pebble?

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