My Canvas Watchface with Augmented SmartWatch Pro Plug-ins

Watchface can be downloaded from here.

Join this Beta group to get the latest.

Example of the watchface below showing real-time Navigation directions:

2013-08-18 12.48.06
2013-08-18 13.03.28

Notice the distance info on the top left. This uses the %h plug-in which is empty most of the time except for when navigation is being shown:

  • Enable Navigation under Optimized notifications and under Pebble options->Notification Specific Options and enable “Optimize Navigation Info”.

Underneath this plug-in is the Notification Specific Context image plug-in which is shown when the %h is empty. This image plug-in shows the picture of the sender (if any contact picture is shown), otherwise it will show weather, Fitbit steps, Fitbit calories, Withings weight or Klout score (if enabled normally).

The top right Augmented plug-in (%y) normally shows the weather info except as follows;

If there is no Pebble connection then a no connection message is shown by Canvas:

It an active notification is being shown then the sender info is shown here instead.

The date and time are normal Canvas plug-ins.

There is a bar right under the date and time – this is the phone battery status (100% is white all across the Pebble).

The plug-in with the white background is the Augmented (%z) plug-in. This normally shows info on the last notification sent to the Pebble (via Augmented), During an active notification it shows the subject info. If a calendar is upcoming soon that info may be shown instead (if there is no notification in the past few minutes to the Pebble).

Right under the (%z) plug-in is another bar for the Phone signal (wifi or cell).

The last line of text is the (%I) Augmented plug-in which shows info based on weather, Klout, Withings or Fitbit. This info will show an upcoming appointment if one is in the next 30 minutes. Note the phone battery status at the start of the info line. A “C” means charging. The numeric battery percentage is also shown.

There is a 3rd bar along the bottom of the Pebble which shows the current steps vs daily goal – a white bar across the Pebble means you have achieved 100% of your daily goal.

More images from this watchface are shown below:


IMAG0507 2013-07-20 14.43.22












Note the Enable Active Alert is also enabled (under Pebble Canvas Options) so that notifications are show within this Watchface (and not the normal Pebble notification system)

Keep checking the watchface link above as I will keep it updated as I continue to tweak and add features for my daily use.


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