How to set up SMS responses in Augmented SmartWatch Pro for the Pebble

peb11In the Pebble Android app

  • Select Augmented SmartWatch Pro as the preferred music app

In system settings, ensure that accessibility is enabled for Augmented SmartWatch Pro

In the Augmented SmartWatch Pro Settings:

    • Must use SMS monitoring from the Augmented app (not the Pebble app) – Enable under Optimized Notifications of Augmented
  • sms1
    • Must enable override music app
  • sms2
    • Must enable SMS response option
  • sms3
    • Can customize each pre-defined response (there are six possible responses)
      • sms4

3 thoughts on “How to set up SMS responses in Augmented SmartWatch Pro for the Pebble

  1. Have been trying to get this to work with my pebble, and a few questions:

    1) Can we get message body text in touchdown? I do get sender/subject.
    2) Is there a way to do a couple canned actions on incoming Touchdown email? Delete, for example? It does show up as an option on my S4 notification.
    3) I think I have not successfully set up music control. I get the latest track playing to shore up, but the three buttons result in oddball menu items like navigation instead of controlling the music player.
    4) Likewise was not able to get canned responses to work consistently.

    My trial has expired, but send me an email and would be happy to buy if you can walk me through some of these easy ones.

    On a good note, no trouble with Talk Back.

    • 1) Email preview is not possible in Touchdown – due to Touchdown encyrpting their data on the Android

      2) Only mark as read and only with the Sony SW2 and Android 4.3 – thinking about if/how to port to the Pebble

      3) double click the middle button on Pebble – this toggles between normal mode and music control

      4) Need more info – when you go to music app after receiving SMS do you see the canned responses?

      for trial reboot your phone to reset counter 🙂

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