How to get a basic notification showing in the Canvas Watchface with Augmented SmartWatch pro

In the Pebble Android app:

  • ensure Send 3rd party Notifications is enabled under settings-notifications

Enable accessibility (under settings) for the Augmented SmartWatch Pro app.

In the Augmented SmartWatch Pro settings:

  • ensure Enable Pebble is enabled under Pebble Watch Options
  • Ensure a Test notification can be shown on the Pebble (menu->Test notification) – if not then check above instructions.

To configure a specific notification for any Android app:

  • Check under “Optimized Notification Options: for the app – enable if it is;
  • Check under “All Other Notifications”  and scroll down until you find the app
  • Enable the App you want notifications from
  • You may need to enable “Alt Info” to get more information

To send to Canvas Watchface

  • Enable “Enable Canvas” under Pebble Watch Options->Advanced Options->Pebble Canvas Options:
  • Enable Active Alert to use the Canvas WatchFace for Alerts (and not the normal Pebble notifications):
  • Configure the Canvas plugin for Notification – Augmented SmartWatch Pro – The %T and %M are for the sender and subject respectively
    • Type – Dynamic
    • Content – Plugin
    • Plugin – Notification – Augmented SmartWatch Pro
    • Format – %T %M

The above settings will show the Sender (%T) and Subject (%M) in the area defined by the plug-in.

Advanced Topic:

This method can allow for a notification to be sent directly to the Canvas watchface via Augmented in a silent manner, while still allowing all other notifications via Augmented to use the regular Pebble notification mechanism.

Edit – an easier way is to use the “Active Alert” Option. Keep this disabled and only the notification specified in the Canvas Watchface Name options would be silent.

To send from Tasker a silent notification to the Canvas via Augmented and all regular notifications via the normal Pebble use the vibration control commands. There is a special Intent to allow the %I Canvas plug-in to show a user-defined string (from tasker, for example):

Service Control Intent API (can be used from Tasker or any 3rd party app):

Intent: com.alk.k9.action.add


canvasinfo:user string to show in the %I plug-in on the canvas watchface


    can be used to go back to prior default behaviour for the %I plug-in


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