Revised Tasker Support in Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Tasker support has been revised in the next release of Augmented SmartWatch Pro.

Up to three Tasker Tasks can be called from Augmented via the App shortcuts option (pressing on the Augmented Icon on the home screen):


In the above Image there are three Tasker Tasks listed. Noted the name of the Tasker Task and the description can be specified differently for each Task:

Tesla1 is the (case sensitive Tasker Task) and Air Con On is a more descriptive term to use in the shortcut menu (as shown below).


The Tasker settings are found in Settings – up to three can be specified.


More information on how to use Tasker can be found here.

Note the shortcuts are dynamically set. If you modify the settings then exit the Augmented app (selected the exit option in preferences) and re-open the app. The re-opening of the app will dynamically update the shortcut settings.

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