Support for Fitbit in Augmented SmartWatch Pro – for the Pebble and Sony and Metawatch

Updated for Pebble – see Fitbit stairs and calories at bottom of notification:

2013-05-25 10.40.45


The newest Fitbbit (the Flex) was just announced for CES and it only has a LED display (5 indicators). Moreover it syncs directly with specific Androids (Galaxy III and Note 2). It doesn’t have a display to let you know the actual # of steps (for example). However with Augmented SmartWatch Pro, you will get the display! Assuming the APIs, do not change, the latest version of Augmented SmartWatch Pro will show the Flex data once it ships and is an ideal companion to the Flex! Given that I have already lost two Fitbits in the past 3 months (on my 3rd) a device on the wrist is a welcome addition.

Support for displaying your Fitbit data on your Sony and Metawatch is a unique featute in Augmented SmartWatch Pro. This feature has been optimized over several releases and has been tested with multiple users and devices. Support for Fitbit includes:

  • Showing unique data from Fitbit on your Watch on a regular interval. For the MetaWatch we have a dedicated widget so you can always “glance” at your steps/calories info.
  • MetaWatch Widget for Fitbit
    • In the snapshots below is the Fitbit widget which will show steps and calories. The solid bar shows progress (actual vs goal). The  daily goal is denoted by the bar between the 2-3 position so you can see if/how much you exceed your daily goal. The widget alternates between steps and calories currently (you must enable the Fitbit Zip option to get this widget otherwise the older Widget style is used). A “Low” is shown only if the Fitbit battery is reading Low also.
    • strata2

    Sony support – The second screen (if enabled) will alternate with the Weather/Calendar screen and the new support for your Fitbit device. Stairs, Steps, Calorie burned, Sleep and Battery status are shown along with a bar graph of each stat vs target goal. True at a glance support for Fitbit without having to fumble with your device (or look at your dashboard). Sony support as shown below:


  • Fitbit is disabled by default. To enable go to the app->settings/Fitbit Options and enable Fitbit Statistics.

  • At this stage, you will be prompted grant access to the app using the secure OAuth mechanism;

    You will be returned to Augmented SmartWatch Pro after granting access.
    Note if you still have problems with getting fitbit stats, please return to this option and disable/reenable (and make sure you have a solid internet connection).

    The Fitbit stats are shown as follows:

    (All Watches) when an update of data is conducted a notification on the Watch appears

    (Sony only) when any notification is sent to the watch and if the 2nd screen of Notifications is enabled (which it is by default). This display of information alternates with the weather/calendar second screen for subsequent notifications.

    The fitbit stats shown are

    Steps, Stairs, Calorie Burn, Sleep and Battery status on the Fitbit
    A graph of actual vs goal is also shown

    The Fitbit options are

    Enable flag (disabled by default)
    Update frequency – how often to get the latest data from the Fitbit cloud

    Fitbit Zip – enable to supress the stairs and sleep data (which are not available in a Zip device)
    You can also enable forcing a Fitbit update when invoking the Widget mode. Tip – if you are in widget mode (or this is the only widget on your Sony) double-tap the side button and the widget will be shown automatically.
    Target goal for sleep per night (default is 8 hours). The graph is adjusted based on this target goal.


    Battery status is obtained once per day (to minimize data queries and battery life usage)
    The update frequency is the minimum time between updates (and is approximate).
    Accuracy/latency of the real-time nature of the info depends on how often you sync your fitbit. Ideally it syncs wirelessly throughout the day. Ironically, you can only do this via a Windows PC or iOS mobile device. This app does NOT sync/communicate with a Fitbit device directly. This app only communicates with the Fitbit APIs in their mandated APIs/protocol.

  • Sony Fitbit screens showing individual status of actual vs goal for Sleep, Calories, Steps and Stairs. These screens will be displayed as the 2nd screen of notifications in an alternating manner (with Weather and Withings screens).



    • Fitbit Friends Leaderboard display (Sony only) – enabled by default:


    Invoking a Widget start (via a double tap of the side button on the Sony) will reset Fitbit 2nd screen to display the Steps statistics (as this is the most frequently updated metric).

    • Sony – Shown in bottom left of quad-view display (Fitbit Zip must also be enabled). In this display, the Fitbit battery status is shown along the top of the display as a horizontal line (Green-High, Yellow-Medium, Red-Low). If Klout is disabled (but Fitbit is enabled), the the battery status is shown as a normal graph in the bottom-left withing the quad-view display


  • (Sony) Fitbit Summary Screen – shows Steps, Calories, Battery and Withings last measure (if enabled) – need to enable Fitbit ZIP option (otherwise the 2nd summary screen is shown instead) – double tapping side Sony button in widget mode will show this screen (as the 2nd screen):




18 thoughts on “Support for Fitbit in Augmented SmartWatch Pro – for the Pebble and Sony and Metawatch

  1. Hi there,

    I own a SONY SW and I have an urgency to get another watch, the reason being that I am annoyed at having to push the button to see the time.
    I am now undecided between the MetaWatch and the Pebble. Pebble has a way better screen which is a key element, but the widget capability on MW gives it an edge.
    If Pebble could have watch faces with widgets just like the MW that would be a clear win, but at this point this remains unconfirmed (shipping starts today for the Pebble I think).

    Now: what would you recommend I do?

    Thanks so much

    • (IMO) Eventually the Pebble will have the capability to show widgets (based on forum comments from Eric) but I believe it will take a few iterations of the SDK before apps will be able to do this. Since you have an Android the Metawatch is a good option (right now) to get widgets at a glance (and the time), however over time the Pebble will become more powerful as the software matures – the question is what will MetaWatch come up with later this year. IMO MetaWatch needs to invest more in their software and their UIs otherwise the Pebble will catch up.

      I suppose the always on Watch on the Sony is too battery intensive for you (it is for me).
      I am personally keen to get the Pebble – which I expect over the next week or so. I also have two Metawatches. Unfortunately my Strata failed during a firmware update yesterday and is quite frozen so I am waiting for the battery to die (and hopefully this will reset it). My older MetaWatch is 18 months old and is quite robust.

      For my daily use it is the Sony SmartWatch for me. I also expect to get the Mio Heart Rate watch delivered today actually which should be interesting.
      If the Pebble and the Sony can coexist from my Nexus7 without any BT interruptions then I may use that combo for awhile (and hence will spend more efforts on the Pebble).

      Exciting times – BTW the Neptune Pine was announced yesterday – seem very much like VaporWare to me – especially given the timing of their announcement (why yesterday the day before the Pebble ships and not at CES). If indeed that watch ever materializes it will be interesting indeed.

  2. Hi, thanks for your thoughts.
    I remain undecided, as the MW could be a smart choice for the time being but I am missing a jogging app. Also, the poor pixel density really turns me down.
    What battery life you get with the MW?

    In regard to the Neptune you point out -thanks for the hint- it really seems like vaporware. That Android variation needs plenty of dev hours, and it wouldn’t look like there’s anything beyond the concept.

    I know there’s this thing:
    …that seems to actually work. Still, even if it did, I’d rather have a standalone phone with an auxiliary screen, the traditional SW/MW,PB concept.

    I am anxiously waiting to hear your thoughts once you lay hands on the PB.
    Warm regards.

    • Battery life on MW is OK (2+ days or so). I was able to unfreeze my Strata by rebooting my PC and reflashing the watch so there seems to be some bug with the flashing SW. I don’t use the MW daily only once in a while and mostly for testing.

      I just go the MIO heart rate watch yesterday (it also works as a BT BLE heart rate monitor to iOS devices). It seems pretty nice so far and seems to work quite well.

      Based on the current pace it looks like the Pebble is not going to complete even their Day 1 orders (of which I am in) for at least one more week. Hence it will be the 2nd week of Feb before I will get it (at the earliest). Pebble will release their Android SW today so I can try to see if their Intent-based APIs work.

      I was able to get a look at their Help page yesterday for Android (the doc I saw, apparently have since been taken down). In the help page they claimed support for Android email (Native, GMail and Touchdown) which I am a little surprised by as they would need to work with Google/Nitrodesk directly to get the sender/subject/body info (in a non-root manner). In addition they claim only support for SMS, Google Voice Messages and GTalk notifications (plus Email). So on one hand they may have deep integration for some key apps, but on the other hand the list is pretty short.
      What I am worried about is that their Android app will not support their published APIs as yet meaning that we would indeed be limited to this set of notifications out of the gate.

      If however it does support the Intent then things will be very positive. Will update my main Pebble posting once I test their Android app later today.

    • Yes, I tried to enable everything that says fitbit flex in the menu. And I have logged into the fitbit account. When I start augmented from the watch, the Prior Notifications appears. But how can I get to the screens shown in this post? Have tried to swipe in all directions. But nothing happens. I read that secondary screen must be enabled, but I cannot find an option for that. And when is the secondary screen displayed?

  3. You cannot get the screens to appear manually – they will appear when the update cycle refreshes data and will show as an alert on your Watch. What is your update cycle set to – try 30 minutes (for now).

    • Thank you. But I have not made it to work yet. But I logged in with Chrome, and it says that I should not log in with Chrome. So I deleted the link from the fitbit account, but now can’t I figure out how I can log in again. If I turn the fitbit checkbox off and on in augmented settings, I am not prompted for a login any more. How can I log in again? Btw, I set the update to 1 hour.

      • You will need to delete the app and re-install – also go to chrome (under settings applications and ensure it is not the default app – so you can select another browser to do the oauth login).


      • Still can’t get it to work. 😦 Fitbit says that argmented is allowed to read it’s data, but no notifications on the watch. I could not log on to fitbit with the built-in browser. It just says “hold on” and the wheel is going round and round. With chrome it looks ok, but augmented does not work. 😦

  4. perhaps try the Doplhin browser, chrome does not work. With the built-in browser were you able to select your username/account?

    • Hi! Tried the Dolphin browser, but same as the built-in browser. When trying to log in, I can write user name and password, but when I click the log on button, a new screen appears saying “Hold on, please” forever. And the wheel goes round and round. I’m about to give up this. 😦

  5. I’m running an HTC One on CM11 (Kitkat), and when I try to go to enable Fitbit, Augmented just hangs, doesn’t try even try to open a browser. Any thoughts?

  6. Hi. I’m using a SW2 with a new Fitbit Zip and am having an issue, as well as a question. Even though I have the Zip option enabled, Sleep and Stairs are still showing up on my watch as separate screens when I swipe through. Any way to remove those? They’re not a huge deal, but they clutter things up a bit.

    Also, is there a way to manually update the data from the Fitbit? I see the option for Widget Mode, but as SW2 currently doesn’t support widgets, I’m guessing that one is off the table for now. Any other way, or am I stuck waiting for a timed update? Thanks!

    • will look at this soon (fitbit zip).

      You can force an update as follows – open augmented app on android -> menu -> exit

      then open augmented app – again on android this should force an update – also you can modify the update frequency in settings of augmented.

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