Why Augmented SmartWatch Pro for the MetaWatch?

Augmented SmartWatch Pro runs on top of the MetaWatch Community Edition software and provides the following additional features:

  • Unique widgets for Fitbit, Withings and Klout


  • With Root support, can get every chat message in WhatsApp, Sender Subject and Preview of GMail and Exchange emails
  • More information for your notifications (than is provided with Community Edition):
    • Skype,
    • Google Navigation
    • WhatsApp
    • Gmail
    • Exchange Email
    • Spotify
    • Pandora
    • LastFM
    • Google Now
    • LiveScore Addicts
    • GrooveIP
    • Google Voice
    • Executive Assistant/Touchdown
    • Kik/Kakao & More
  • In addition, most of the above notifications are “optimized” to eliminate duplicate notifications based on real-world use cases and tuning. Some (like Google Navigation) can be configured via settings.



10 thoughts on “Why Augmented SmartWatch Pro for the MetaWatch?

  1. Oh boy! I love you, It works like a charm in Metawatch Strata even this one being still in kind of beta. (At least notifications I use that are a few of them)

    But your last update has been amazing, filtering group chats from Whatsapp, you´re the man and whoever asked you for that feature. What Whatsapp guys were thinking adding group chats without any filter available?

    Anyway, thanks man!

  2. I’ve bought a Strata Stealth and it will take a few days to arrive. I need to have Whats App in it, your app has it ” with root support” What does it mean? do i need to root the phone.or the watch? Can you help in this. Thanks. Felix

    • It means you need to root your Android Phone (not the watch). Rooting depends on your phone – go to xda-developers.com

  3. ASP Trial keeps hanging on the Galaxy S2 running ICS 4.04. It was working fine yesterday.

    However, today, it works fine after a phone restart, but after a couple of minutes, the service seems to crash, and trying to open up the ASP app to check, only results in a freeze of ASP app.

    Not sure if you have received any such reports.

    ASP Pro on my Galaxy S3 on JB 4.1.2 is working fine though!

  4. Suggest checking network connect and disabling weather, fitbit, kout, withings (things that use the network). If it was working fine – something must have changed on the phone as the app should not start mis-behaving for no apparent reason

    • no need for root. Almost all functionality is fine without root. Root is only needed to get richer info and is more useful on older Android versions. Whatsapp does not need root any more either

  5. I love my MetaWatch but have a problem with the Community Edition of the MWW and the v1.4 watch firmware. The clock goes crazy. It’s a watch…it should AT LEAST keep the time properly. I purchased your app hoping that it will help keep the clock “in line” (even tho I know it’s really for notifications.)

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