Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Augmented SmartWatch Pro today (Updated for Version 3.0)

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1) First and still the only app to support multiple Smart Watches: Pebble, Sony, Motorola MotoACTV and MetaWatch Older/Strata and Fitbit and the Withings Scale are all supported today.

2) You do not actually need a SmartWatch to use the app effectively. The Pop-Up notifications on an Android device and the sharing of notifications between multiple Androids using Notify My Android are pretty compelling use cases. For example, play Spotify on your Nexus 7 and see the song title on your Galaxy Note.

3) Notifications simply appear on the Sony (MotoACTV/MetaWatch) SmartWatch without any user interaction – almost all other apps require the user to tap on their watch to see any useful information. This is true “At a Glance and 100% Hands-Free”.

4) Every Notification is “optimized”. Other applications simply copy the Notification String it has access to via the notification.tickerText.toString() or %NTITLE (via Tasker). Augmented SmartWatch Pro is able to get additional information that most of these other apps do not show. This results in richer and unique notifications (like Exchange, Google Navigation, Pandora, Skype Chat, What’s App, Google Play Music, Executive Assistant and more). Moreover the information is tailored based on context and Icons are notification-dependent. The ability to customize the font and text color of notifications is now supported (Version 2.9)

5) Augmented SmartWatch Pro has gradually risen into the top 5 paid apps for the Sony SmartWatch. It is also the most expensive app on the market for the Sony SmartWatch 🙂 I believe this is due to a number of factors:

  • It provides the functionality (in a superior manner) of a large number of other apps that collectively cost quite a bit more. In fact, some very happy customers run the Sony SmartWatch with only Augmented SmartWatch Pro installed and with no other application running on the Sony watch!
  • Therefore Augmented SmartWatch Pro provides tremendous value for your investment. Note the price will only keep increasing – seriously!
  • I use the app every day on at least 5 of my Android devices and two smart watches. I cannot imagine not having the functionality. I have tailored the app for real-world use-cases to make it invaluable to one’s daily routine.
  • Stability and quality – I take regression issues very seriously and aim for zero-bugs. it simply work (7/24).

6) Superior Battery life on the Watch and on the Android Phone. Instead of having multiple applications running in their own memory/CPU/space footprint, there is only one app footprint with Augmented SmartWatch Pro. Moreover the design and implementation has always been focused on battery life and performance. In fact, the battery life with the Sony Watch is comparable to the MetaWatch based upon my daily use.

7) Open API – There is an open and published API that allows any 3rd party application to send a notification to Augmented SmartWatch Pro (and thus to the MotoACTV, Sony, Pebble or MetaWatch).

8) Support for the Pebble Smart Watch is included and will be a free update to all investors in Augmented SmartWatch Pro.

9) Truly unique features. We listen to our customers. Several recent examples:

I had an interesting request for my app from someone who sleeps with their phone under their pillow with the sole purpose of being woken up when their phone vibrates on an incoming SMS (apparently their job requires them to be on call 7/24 and they are not able to “hear” an alert for personal reasons). They inquired about using the Sony SmartWatch to instead vibrate to wake up on an incoming SMS, but with a customizable vibration pattern and count (since the default Sony SMS app only does one weak vibration which is not nearly enough to wake someone up). I quickly scanned the market and saw that indeed  there were no other app for Sony that does this, so I quickly added this for this individual. My point about this is that the use cases for the Sony SmartWatch will be quite personal in nature and not necessarily obvious.

Someone wrote and asked if I could vibrate their watch when their phone was oriented to “North”. They would wear their phone in an appropriate position so that they are facing in the same direction as the compass in the phone. This would be especially useful when trying to orient oneself in a new city (location) for example.

Last.FM, What’s APP, GMail, Xabber, Live Score Addicts and the ability to filter Skype messages are all a result of customers simply asking for the feature.

10) Awesome Customer Feedback (90% five star reviews – as of November16, 2012):

“Brilliant program by the way. This works the way Sony should have done in the first place.” 

“Then came across an app called augmented smart watch pro in the google play store .This is a must have app
better all the way around everything works like it should. Sony should hire this developer to work in there R&D dept.” 
 Amazon Review

“However the absolutely essential thing you need to do to get the most out of your smartwatch is to download the AUGMENTED SMARTWATCH PRO app for 3 bucks. It completely changes the functionality of the device and allows all sorts of updates and customizations. Without this third party app I’d likely give the smartwatch 2-3 stars, it’s that good.” – Amazon Review 

Gtalk notifier app is useless but a good alternative called Augmented Smartwatch Pro saved the day. In fact said app will enable you to set your watch up to receive notifications for almost anything you can think of. I wouldn’t be without this now.” Another Amazon Review

“Now I do recommend buying one app for it. Go get “Augmented SmartWatch Pro” and run that. It will handle all your notifications with one app without you having to install a bunch of separate apps on the watch that will cause it to slow down as reviewers have mentioned. But I’ve not have any performance issues because I am running this app to handle the notifications. If you have your phone rooted it will be able to extract the sender & subject from the gmail message. I’ve only used it with GMail. If you aren’t rooted then all you get is a notification that you have email.”  Amazon Review

“One step more to bring as the power of our devices I had a Sony MBW-200 and this is the first lack I hate about Sony Smartwatch, enough screen to display messages and info and wasted with an small icon. It seems like Sony team never owned one bluetooth watch. Thank God there are developers around that care and know about usability.”

“5 stars to the app & developer too 🙂 !!! Bought this app and I must simply say it does alone what a bounch of Sony plugins can’t do! And it ALWAYS notifies, there where Sony’s plugins after a while…start failing. And where other programs just say to do…this DOES. So, now my Smartwatch is “Smart” and I uninstalled many unuseful Sony’s plugins. One word about & a big THANKS also to developer, very kind: I emailed him to advise of one broken feature on my Xperia Play & he repaired very quickly, and also implemented some suggested request. 5 stars to the app & to him! Let’s say 6 simbolic stars 🙂 THIS IS GOOD ANDROID DEVELOPMENT !”

 “A good APP! If you once get used to it and all settings are correct, it just works! 🙂 So I can get now all Skype notifications on my smart watch, perfect. I had some probs with the settings first, but wasn´t a prob of the app. The developer was very helpful and we solved it in seconds!”

“Nice Developer always keeps the app up to date. Very useful application.”

“Great app Makes the sony smartwatch much better. Works with k-9 mail and has adjustable vibration settings so that you don’t miss notifications. Highly recommend.”

“Must have for Sony SmartWatch Get this if you plan on getting or have a Sony SmartWatch. The ability to adjust the vibration settings alone is worth the 3 bucks (I frequently missed notifications before) alone not to mention the improved notification layout and everything else included in this app (support for notifications from pretty much every program you can imagine).”

“A must for smartwatch It didn’t work the girst time I installed because I didn’t read the instructions,.but I tried again and I’m very happy I did”

“Makes smartwatch better ‘At a glance’ just works, you won’t believe how useful it is. Using it for emails, sms and facebook updates. Settings and menu navigation could be simpler but developer is quick to response and sorts out difficulties. 5 star.”

” this app is simply perfect!”

” It is even better when you buy this program for 3 bucks as it allows for truly “touchless” interaction with the device. … That said I fully expect the Stata Metawatch to be better (which should hit retailers in a few months) and is also going to be supported by the Augmented Smartwatch Pro dude (his commitment to making smartwatches integrate with android is superb). ” 

” I have been using it for a number of weeks and its fantastic” – Comment on XDA Developers

“Great This product is developing in to an awesome app, thanks for listening to my requests and adding to app so quickly”

“I have purchased your app and i must say it turns the smartwatch into something very useful”

“The one app you absolutely need to download is Augmented smartwatch pro`… but once you figure it out it is extremely powerful and worth the … ” – Comment on AndroidCentral

“Day 3: I then tried trial version of Augmented Smartwatch Pro as lot of other users and expert reviews had mentioned it. This worked well and I was very pleased with it so I bought the paid version for £2.52. It does not show you the email contents on non rooted phones but gives you details about sender, subject and mail to. It gives you facebook alerts, sms alerts (shows the sms on watch), weather alert and supports various other apps from which you can get alerts like google now, google voice, google talk, skype, xabber, viber, calendar and many more and list is growing. It also supports google navigation on watch. This app is highly configurable and people even mention about how it improves the battery life of the watch immensely. I would highly recommend this app as after installing this you can get rid of various Sony apps like weather, messaging (sms), facebook, mail, calendar etc.” Amazon

“I’ve tried others and they just don’t work. This does. You can also customise the number of times your watch will vibrate for certain apps. It does so much more too. The weather info is strangely accurate. Often it’s told me its raining outside before I’ve even noticed it myself. … All in all, very impressive. Worth every penny. I use it in conjunction with Sony’s existing apps but you could effectively delete most of them and just use this. There isn’t much it won’t notify you of. If you own a Sony smartwatch then do the smart thing – Get this app.”

“Really makes the watch more useful This one application takes the place of several application by Sony. I no longer need to have 6 or 7 programs running in the background when I use this. It is great with notifications and very extensive in features.”

“Wow where do you begin? Awesome!! Must Have! If you have a smartwatch, why are you reading these reviews instead of hitting the BUY button!?! This program is fantastic! One of the things i just found is you can have almost any app give notifications even if they are not included in the default program. Root support is better. “

“WOW!! SONY should buy this app and make it native to the SMARTWATCH”

“Best app so far! No Smartwatch should be without this app”

“amazing app you’ve built, you’re clearly the best in the smartwatch category”

“Instant value on the Pebble Instantly adds more value to the Pebble. Notifications for tons more apps … awesome!”

“I had to buy another app to get some of the other notifications to work. Augmented Smartwatch Pro”

“I tested the trial and then bought it. The official Pebble software will probably get better with time and moot the purchase, but it is worth $4 to have all of the extended notifications right now.”

“Just the app I needed. My Pebble came in the mail and I knew there wasn’t going to be third party notification support for Touchdown. Enter Augmented SmartWatch Pro. Instantly got what I wanted from the app. Any notification that hits the bar can be pushed to the watch. Random third party app? No problem. Google+ Messenger updates? Boom, on my wrist. Weather, Touchdown, sports updates”

“That app is awesome!” and “Looking around a bit more I found exactly what I wanted in an app called Augmented Smartwatch Pro.  I believe this app was initially developed for the Sony Smartwatch, but as noted on the developer’s site, it actually can handle quite a few watches with Pebble being the latest and getting some great attention. It’s well worth the few bucks to enhance the watch.”

“First off, I’m sure a lot of emails to you start off this way, great app. It fills the need I had for pushing various notifications to my Pebble.”

27 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Augmented SmartWatch Pro today (Updated for Version 3.0)

  1. Hi,

    I am a pro user and currently the missed call notification integration with NMA does not seem to be working i.e. I have checked “Enable on Other Phone”, installed NMA and also checked “Enable Incoming Call”. SMS notification works but not missed call. Is there something I need to do to enable this? Thanks.

    • This is such an exotic feature I didn`t think there was anyone using it! This is fixed in the next release 4.1 (or rather enabled in the market build)

      • Great thanks! Support fantastic as usual. Also, I just noticed that the notifications to NMA feature on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 does not seem to work. Have you had compatibility complaints with Galaxy Tab 7.7?

  2. Hi. Is there any way to purchase this w/o using google play. I cant make it work and I want to buy

  3. Where is the documentation! This app is will require HOURS of time figuring out what it can do and HOW to do those things. For a fairly expensive app it sure lacks documentation!

    • this web site is the documentation – though it may be hard to decipher. Suggest looking at release notes to start.

  4. Hi, a few quick thoughts/questions:

    1. Version 5.8.3 Trial version has a bug which resets the trial notification counter back to zero when the app *crashes* not when it is *rebooted*. It only appears to happend when the app crashes; restarting the app sets the trial notifications back to 0,

    2. I’d like to upgrade from the trial version to the full version. What is the upgrade path to perform that activity? Should I backup/uninstall/purchase/restore or is there a better/easier way?

    3. Speaking of upgrades, how does that work for paid users? Is it lifetime free updates, or is it time or version limited?

    Please let me know because after getting my Pebble yesterday, it’s clear that this is the app that will unlock all of the little things I’ve wanted it to do. No more hunting all around the ‘net! You should also think about a Tasker/Augmented joint marketing campaign; drive sales for both! Not to worry, once I get Augmented up and running the way I like it, I’ll be picking up Tasker. From the tutorial on the site here, this is the true “skeleton key” for doing *whatever* with the watch.


    • 1. should never crash – hope you send logs to the cloud so I can see the issue
      2. Do a backup of settings (menu button), delete app, buy the app and then a restore of settings
      3. “lifetime” is a strong word – I don’t plan to charge more for purchasers – I plan to keep the app updated for the medium term and adding new features like Google Glass!

      Thanks for your comments

      • Replies to numbered answers:

        1. Update: it’s not crashing (it’s just stopping funny, but not crashing). HOWEVER, it is still resetting trial notifications to 0 after exiting and re-starting. Since I don’t see an option to upload logs to cloud, I will email the LogCat capture to you. Please let me know if there is something else you would like me to do before I purchase (and uninstall the Trial version).

        I really want to help you fix this because I don’t want this to become a workaround to “not” purchase the app. The value is definitely there and the price meets or exceeds the value, so there really is no reason to not purchase. Plus if it supports further development, I’m all in!

        2. Before I do this, I want to make sure you have all the logs you need. I will email you separately.

        3. Thanks for your candor.

    • do you mean or exchange?

      For Exchange I use touchdown – to get sender/subject – no root required.

      For other Exchange try disabling under optimized and enable email app under all other notifications (and enable alt info).

  5. Hello!
    The question arose when buying apps
    Does your application support for notification of incoming calls from VoIP application CSipSimple, Skype, Viber for smart watches Pebble?

  6. It would be rather nice if you could send a notification when the phone is fully charged. You have the low battery but full battery is nice too. Great app, btw.

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