Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Edge Notification Support

This version of Augmented now support Edge Notifications for the S8/S8+ phones. Note this is a beta version and eventually the paid version of the app will be updated. Some history of why this feature was developed at this XDA thread. Usage notes: Only shows alerts when S8/S8+ screen is off; Always on Display (AOD) … Continue reading

Privacy Policy

Augmented Smartwatch Pro only reads contact data if enabled in settings to extract a contacts picture to associate a phone number with a contact name to make notifications richer in content. Augmented Views does not read any private data other than location which is used only local to the device. Information is never stored locally or … Continue reading

Minimal & Elegant WatchFace Support – Android Wear

Update March 2016: Here are possible context-aware fully automated (100% hands-free) use cases with Minimal & Augmented! 1) Watch Battery – battery capacity shown in the analog minute hand (thick portion is battery capacity, thin portion is used battery – so total is 100%). 2) Phone Battery -battery capacity shown in the analog hour hand (thick portion … Continue reading

Augmented Edge – for Galaxy Note Edge

Note you do not need a smart watch to use the apps – only a Galaxy Note Edge! I recently switched to the Note Edge and saw a couple of limitations with the edge display plus an opportunity to complement using a smartwatch – Augmented Edge fills in the gaps nicely: Any real-time alert can be shown on … Continue reading

Release Notes for Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Current Release: Version 8.0.4: Market Link  Free Trial Version of 8.0.4: Link Release Notes for Older Releases (6.8+ and older) Updated Sony SW2 Detailed User Guide Top 10 reasons to use Augmented for Android Wear Current Users: Please disable “Force Use Accessibility” option in Augmented Settings if running Android 4.3+. You will need to enable Augmented SmartWatch … Continue reading