Hyper-Aware, 1-hour & 2-Day Rain Graph for Minimal & Elegant Android Wear Watchface



Image above shows two graphs in the middle of the watchface

  • Time progresses from left to right
    • For the left graph – left is the next minute and right is one hour in the future (60 minute view). The time (in :minutes is shown at the left marker to indicate the time the rain alert was issued in this case it was :48).
    • For the right graph – left is the next hour and right is 48 hours in the future
  • A vertical line indicates rain is probable (in the timeline)
  • Height of line indicates probability of rain (the higher the more likely)
  • Colour of line indicates intensity of rain (Most intense red, orange, yellow to white)
  • Weather is hyper-location aware


Must not use a background image as it will be over-written by app

Need an API key for Dark Sky Weather (due to API restrictions)

How to set-up:

  • Need Augmented SmartWatch Pro – trial version here
  • Need Minimal & Elegant Watchface app here;
  • To get to Augmented Settings, open the Augmented SmartWatch Pro on your Android an click on the settings icon (in the middle at the top):


  •  Once in setting, there are two menus to set – Android Wear (to get to the Minimal+Elegant settings) and Weather.
  • Screenshot_20160512-185405.png
  •  These settings must be enabled/set:
    • Weather Updates must be enabled;
    • Enable Rain Alerts Notification must be enabled;
    • Use Dark Sky APIs must be enabled
    • Dark Sky API key must be set – get an API key here
    • Update Frequency can be configured  also
    • Minimal Elegant Watchface must be enabled (you find this under Android Wear Options -> Minimal+Elegant Watchface Options)
    • Enable Setting background pic must be enabled.





  • Additional options:
    • Always Show Rain Graph – Enable to always show. If Disabled will only show if Rain is expected.
    • Show RainGraph Only – Enable to only show the Rain graph. Disable to show other weather info in the background image (Location, Conditions, Temperature).


Right image shows graph only – Left Image shows additional weather information.

Option to select Weather Provider Option to Dark Sky to use for all other Weather information also.


You can simulate a Rain Alert to see what it looks like (two images above shows the simulation). In Augmented SmartWatch Pro hit the menu button then select the Simulate Rain Alert option (2nd one).


Tip: – Here is a Tasker Task that can be used by Minimal as a Gesture action (e.g tapping on watchface can trigger an “on=demand” weather update).  Info on how to set up Tasker is here.

If Hyper-location is not supported in your area a message will be shown as indicated below:



5 thoughts on “Hyper-Aware, 1-hour & 2-Day Rain Graph for Minimal & Elegant Android Wear Watchface

    • You don’t need that app for this use case.

      You only need it if you want the custom notification features – which is a lot of customization possible.

  1. Sorry to bug you again, but it also shows android wear detected but not running. Any ideas? Have restarted both watch and phone.

    • that is also normal- I need to clean it up 🙂

      Wait till it rains – I would be interested to see your watch face when it does.
      I may put a test mode in the app so you can see (i.e. fake Rain 🙂

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