Introducing Augmented Glass for Google Glass – Companion App to Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Update for Version 6.1 of Augmented – source code here.

  • Now alerts are bundled so it takes up only one spot in the top time line on the glass

Update for Augmented SmartWatch Pro Version 6.0( User guide):

New Features:

  • Support for images (from Augmented SmartWatch Pro) including location based Traffic Cameras

Updated Augmented Glass Source Code here

I have used a Google Glass for over a week now and decided that the at-a-glance/hands-free aspect for notifications is too compelling to ignore. So I have added support for Google Glass in Augmented SmartWatch Pro. Due to current restrictions, imposed by Google it is a free download (with source code). However only android developers can use it (at this time). My Glass Pics


Use cases:

  • Augmented provides for many alerts/notifications that are shown on your android that are not possible to show on the Glass. With Augmented “optimized’ notifications, open Intent APIs and extensive stealth/quiet time options full control of notifications to your Glass are now possible.


  • In addition there is the added “show until a timeout” feature added specific to the Google Glass:
    • Since I use the Glass in spurts of time during the day, Augmented detects the Glass being connected and can send alerts for a period of time and then automatically stop (timeout reached).
    • Alternatively this timeout can be overridden and an “always send” to Google Glass mode is used. The notifications reaches your Google Glass “in seconds” and a “chirp” on the Google Glass is emitted so you can tilt your head (if enabled) to see the alert info. You can also swipe to the right of the clock to see the Augmented-generated alerts.
  • In addition, the “Read-Aloud” feature is also supported if you manually select it.


Note on Privacy:

Your data is sent from Augmented SmartWatch Pro directly to the Augmented Glass app via the normal Android Intent mechanisms.
However Augmented Glass is only enabled to your Google Glass account and the info is then sent directly to the Glass Cloud to display on your Google Glass. Augmented does not send this data anywhere else. So if you trust Google/Glass Cloud, then you should have confidence in this. This is the only time I ever send the data off the Android (unless you use the Notify My Android features).

Google has hidden APIs that they may one day expose so Augmented may be able to send directly to the MyGlass app. If they ever do this, then Augmented will use this mechanism and hence avoid sending to the Google Cloud. Currently this API is only available for rooted devices so I elected to not use it.

Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Augmented provides for many notifications that cannot be displayed otherwise on a Google Glass (e.g., a second Gmail account, Touchdown, and much more).



  • The Google Glass MYGlass app
  • Augmented Glass (see below)
  • In augmented settings (version 8.5.4 or later):
    • Enable the Enable Google Glass option – this is disabled by default
    • glass3
    • glass2
    • Time-out – how long to send notifications to the Glass for from the time the MYGlass app detects a Google Glass


How to Use:

  • After doing the above (and if using the timeout mode), turn off the Glass and turn it back on as Augmented will only start sending notifications once it detects the “Connected” message from the MYGlass app


  • All normal features such as quiet time, tasker Intent APIs, etc will control the notifications to the Google Glass so you can get all the full functionality of Glass
  • Here is the trial version of Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Augmented Glass

An app ( is required to be installed on the same Android device as Augmented SmartWatch Pro. This app listens for the intent and has two Intent parameters: 1) Sender; and 2) Subject

This app will forward the sender and subject to the user’s Glass’ timeline (via the Mirror API). Note this Intent could also be used by Tasker or any 3rd party app. Please keep the namespace as Augmented checks to ensure it is installed before sending the Intent.

After installation of Augmented Glass (, open this app on the android to select the account associated with your Google Glass. This is required before Augmented can properly send notifications to your Glass. Thereafter you do not need to open the app.

The source code for Augmented Glass is located here:

Please fill in the three strings in the Glassinator class:

API_KEY, CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET – you would obtain these from your Google developers console.

See here for more info. You need to be a developer to rebuild the Augmented Glass apk to install on your Android. If you cannot or are unwilling to do this, then unfortunately you cannot use Augmented SmartWatch Pro wih Google Glass at this time. I am not able to help here as Google has a limit of 1000 API calls per day (currently).

Augmented Glass is based on Glassinator – Orginal source code is located here:

Future Work:


I am not yet sure what I will do in terms of future development for the Google Glass (if anything). One thought is to merge in the Augmented Trafic Views (to automatically show real-time traffic camera views in your predicted direction of travel). However I am not sure that I will do this.



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