Sony SmartWatch 2 & Augmented SmartWatch Pro Progress

This post will be updated based on my attempts to get Augmented SmartWatch Pro working on the new Sony SmartWatch 2!

  • For my experiences with the older Sony SmartWatch see here:

Sept 7 – Version 5.0 is ready for the Sony SmartWatch 2!

New Support for Sony SmartWatch 2:
– Optimized support for higher res display (220×176)
– Can send an SMS responses with 3 canned responses
– Can trigger up to 3 Tasker Tasks (including the ability to dynamically change via Intent API)
– App settings have been simplified for Sony SmartWatch 2
– Tap once on watch to switch between full screen mode and control mode
– Options button at any time will bring up the menu (Tasker or SMS responses). Default is Tasker text menu.
In the text menu, tap on selection to trigger Tasker task or optons button again to go back. If current alert is a SMS, the SMS responses will be shown instead of the Tasker Tasks.
– Swipe in any direction to toggle between the text (Tasker/SMS) menu and the ICON menu
– Back or home button to exit app on Watch

August 31 – Updating Augmented SmartWatch Pro to Version 5.0 with the new pre-release of the Sony SDK for the Watch 2! Observations:


  • Two way features will be supported (3 tasker tasks and 3 SMS responses);
  • Will be optimized for the 220×176 display
  • Sony options will be simplified so things will just work when first installed
  • There will only be an “all-in-one” display for all pertinent info (weather, next appointment, battery/network, notification, Fitbit)
  • Will be on market next weekend!
  • Support for both Sony Watch 1 and the new Watch 2 from the same app
  • I am hopeful this will be my main watch moving forward and hence I will continue to work to improve and optimize it – I expect all the learnings from the Pebble will help to make Augmented even more awesome for the Sony Watch 2!

August 3 – Will be attending a pre-release Sony Event to ensure Augmented SmartWatch Pro works on the Sony 2 in Berlin on September 7th – I will be getting a smartwatch 2 then also!

July 4 – Pre-ordered from both MobileFunUK and Clove today – both claim delivery in 2 weeks! hard to believe since all other reports indicate September. However when I pre-ordered the current generation Sony SmartWatch from MobileFunUK last year, I did receive it a few weeks before it seem to be available elsewhere – so there is precedence.

I am pretty excited about the new Sony as it addresses three key areas that the current generation really lack:

  • Water resistance – one of my Sony smartwatch stopped working after getting just a bit of water on it
  • Sunlight viewing – the current Sony is simply unreadable in the sun
  • Battery life – It should be closer to the Pebble in battery life, whereas I need to charge the Sony every night currently

Based on the various youtube videos, it appears that there is more standalone functionality on the watch itself (than the prior version):

  • Ability to configure settings – one option was vibration settings
  • Clock alarms on the watch
  • There seems to be a nice music player widget that can co-exist with other icons
  • The watch face seems to be dim (but always on) and gets brighter upon movement (similar to the WIMM)
  • In general it appears positive but moving to be a bit more similar to the Pebble

Augmented SmartWatch has been expanded for the Pebble. Assuming the new SDK is backwards compatible I will look at porting some key features developed for the Pebble back to the new Sony SmartWatch. These include:

  • Tasker integration
  • SMS and Incoming call canned responses
  • Music App controls (only if no one else does this on the Sony especially for Pandora and Google Music) – Perhaps a shortcut link to these app from the Augmented SmartWatch pro view on the SmartWatch (e.g.. one click to bring up the music controls).

Before I look into these features my initial goals would be

    • Get the current version working on the SmartWatch 2 – specifically for “at a glance” notifications (128×128 mode)
    • Look into optimizing the info to use the full display area of the Sony watch (220×176)
    • Work to tune the app to be optimized for the new SmartWatch 2 – specifically areas like widget mode and being to see the last notification in 1 tap from the watchface
    • It took me @ 2-3 months to fine-tine Augmented SmartWatch for the Pebble, and I expect a similar amount of tuning for this new SmartWatch 2 – in fact it may take longer as the potential (with a colour display)  may be bigger for me. I suppose the more I like the watch the more time I will invest in it. I would expect this watch to have a lifetime of at least until CES 2015, and I would expect it to be my main watch throughout that time as I don’t really see anything on the horizon to replace it (the only wildcard is the new Google  one AKA MotoACTV 2).

I still have some concerns about the new Sony SmartWatch 2:

  • The lack of multiple button controls (like on the Pebble); and
  • The always on nature of the Pebble (The Sony will not be always on in a battery efficient manner).

The promise of Android 3.0 expanded support for notifications is interesting, but I  am not sure what I will do with it.

Other Watches

I do want the new Sony to completely replace my Pebble. Currently I use both a Pebble and Sony connected to a HTC One, but will use the Pebble if I only had to choose one. I am not happy with the Pebble in general. I have 4 of them and they have a 25% failure rate both for their watches and for their chargers. I having been waiting 6+ weeks to get a RMA for the one watch that was effectively DOA. Based on Reddit postings, this appears to be a bit more common than it should be. (update July 6th I finally have a RMA and now am waiting for a new Pebble to arrive – interesting I am supposed to keep my flawed Pebble until they figure out what to do with overseas returns!)

I do not use my MetaWatch any more. Their hardware is OK but their software is slow to progress. I hope they consider a color version for their next generation watch and invest more in software. I have asked them to support an Intent API similar to the 3rd party managers (like Noah).

MotoACTV is the one watch that almost could have been a killer – if it only had a vibrator for alerts. Hopefully Google is working on this.

I did pre-order an Agent but I did it more to support them rather than with the intent to use it. I doubt I will be using it if the Sony SmartWatch 2 works as promised.

I did not pre-order the Kreyos – somehow this looks like a potential over-promising but under-delivering watch. They sure send a lot of email trying to get one to pledge!

12 thoughts on “Sony SmartWatch 2 & Augmented SmartWatch Pro Progress

  1. Hi,

    “The watch face seems to be dim (but always on) and gets brighter upon movement (similar to the WIMM)”

    What evidence do you have of this? I have seen nothing indicating permanent screen on. The impact on battery life may be brutal -as with the Smartwatch1. This is a deal breaker for most.


  2. I saw a reference in one of the YouTube videos of the new watch.if it really has an always on watch face and 3-4 days of real world battery life this would be excellent.

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  5. Hi i am John, Sony new technology in watch is gorgeous step.Present this technological world every thing is use in easy method,this technology is really wonder and some what Sony achieve their goals.I am happy to more in technology updates coming future.thank you Sony and this content writer.

  6. Hi there,
    I love your app, it’s the best one for watches since its very beginning, I´ve used it with first Sony smartwatch, Metawatch and now with this last one from Sony which, by the way, I bought because you say so. Thanks for all your work!!!

    And now the question, I love your integration with tasker, it makes my life much easier, but your ‘other notifications’ are a big time better than the %NTITLE from tasker, but I love also to arrive at work and my tasker seeing the WiFi and disabling certain notifications, or mute some for some time, or just bother me once for that chat app until I turn on my mobile’s display. How can you easily support something like that, for instance reading a variable from tasker before triggering the notification, or a plugin for tasker to send to your app an enable or disable…

    Think about it, I will ask you later on.

    Anyway, you app is the most must have ever!

    • Yeah, that’s what I meant, so far the one that bothers me more is LINE but maybe sending also some kind of Id on that intent we could control anyone.

      • perhaps the package name as the parameter from tasker and keeping a list of 5 of these may work. i.e. a blacklist of up to say 5 package names that are temporarily suppressed from showing notifications – there may be exceptions (SMS, K9, google MusicI believe as these are obtained differently).

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