Guest Post (by User Paul) – Sony Smartwatch tips

1. Once you’ve settled on your preferred watch band, remove the clip and glue the watch body to the band.  It may be necessary to cut into the rubber and expose metal to get the glue to bind well. This makes for a much sleeker device. See photo below.   Without the phone’s clip, you’ll need to use something like a bulldog clip to hold the charging cable in place.


2. Install Bluetooth Auto Connect, to simplify pairings and maintain the connection. Ironically, the connection seems to by much more flaky with my Sony Xperia Z than it ever was for the Galaxy S2. See screen capture for my settings.


3. Dump most applications, and replace with Augmented Smartwatch Pro. This does almost everything you could wish for from a smart watch, and frees up memory on your phone compared to having multiple applications running.

The other three applications I have enabled are:

a. Call handling –  to know if it is worth taking out your phone to take a call,

b. Music player  – great for skipping songs and changing volume when the phone is charging/ attached to speakers


c. Find phone.  To find your phone when you have your watch.


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