Pebble Re-connect and Disconnect – Enhanced features of Augmented SmartWatch Pro 4.2

New feature added with Version 4.9.9i:

  • Added option to Pebble auto re-connect logic. This option will not attempt a re-connect if the audio headset is connected via bluetooth (as it will interrupt the audio). It will only attempt a re-connect after the headset is disconnected. Disabled by default.

The Pebble watch sometimes gets into a state where it does not show notifications. There are two symptoms (and perhaps at least two root causes):

Symptom 1 – It appears to be “re-connecting” within the Pebble app but it never does recconnect until the Bluetooth feature on the Android is toggled (disabled then enabled). This happens once or twice a day; or

Symptom 2 – It appears to be `connected`within the Android Pebble app. The Pebble watch does not show notifications and it appears to be `connected` but the Android Pebble app must be shutdown and restarted (+ or the Pebble watch also be shutdown and re-started). This happens about once per week or so. Although more recently it happens more frequently. To work around this (so far it has worked reliably), I have created a Tasker task to automatically kill (using Root) the Android Pebble app and then automatically restarting it (I have scheduled this for 3am every day which I also have Quiet Time enabled). Will monitor to see if this entirely solves this issue (note I am back to the latest 1.8.1 firmware on the Pebble, was running the nightly build 1.8.2 previously). So to confirm I had to do 4 things and I am not sure which one (or combination of these 4) fixes or avoids the issue..

      1. Pebble Shutdown and restart;
      2. Bluetooth Connection toggle off then on;
      3. Android phone reboot; and
      4. Kill the Android Pebble app and restart.

I had thought 1 was sufficient before, but now I don`t believe that it is as it happened again in less than 24 hours. Will see if my Tasker fixes it. If so I am not sure if (or how) to wrap this into a future version of Augmented SmartWatch Pro as I don`t want to embed killing processes within the app to workaround yet another Pebble software (or firmware) issue. So far the daily restart using Tasker has avoided Symptom 2. To be sure, I would need to test for at least another week – without rebooting the Pebble watch.

Version 4.2 of Augmented SmartWatch Pro has been enhanced with the following features specifically tuned for reconnect/disconnects of the Pebble Smart Watch (and Symptom 1 above):


Upon a reconnect (successful) a notification is sent to the Pebble showing that it has reconnected and the # of missed notifications:


Upon a disconnect, the Android phone will play a short ZAP sound. This short ZAP sound will play every 5-15 or so minutes until the Pebble is re-connected. Moreover, the bluetooth connection will be toggled (disabled then enabled) to fix the issue where the Pebble gets into a state where a manual bluetooth is required. With Augmented SmartWatch Pro 4.2, this is now done automatically – i.e. the state is detected and then a bluetooth toggle is automatically done!  Note that Airplane mode is also respected (i.e the automated bluetooth toggle is only done if Airplane mode is off). In the following log from the Augmented SmartWatch Pro app:

  • Notice the disconnect 8 hours ago and the two attempts to fix by toggling the Bluetooth connection and the successful reconnection on the 2nd attempt.
  • This feature gives you the confidence that your Pebble will always be connected with Augmented SmartWatch Pro and you do not not have to worry about checking for this or setting any LEDs on the Android to show this!


10 thoughts on “Pebble Re-connect and Disconnect – Enhanced features of Augmented SmartWatch Pro 4.2

  1. Correct. I believe there is a memory (or other resource) leak on the Firmware side which required the once a week reboot.

    I also believe the Pebble Android software can also be tweaked to better reconnect to the Pebble watch when it gets disconnected.Do effectively what I was forced to do in the Augmented app – since I was getting quite frustrated with the Pebble app tells me it was “re-connecting” but failing to do so until I manually toggled the Bluetooth on the Android. I am running 4.2.2 on N7 rooted but stock otherwise.

    Agreed Sony is rock solid in this regard, which is one reason I am still using it also.

    Note the firmware one is concerning for 3rd party apps to run on the Pebble. Since (I believe) it is a Real-time OS and one programs in C then bugs in pointers (etc) will easily wreak havoc on the stability of the Pebble watch by any 3rd party app.

    Pebble needs to think about this carefully (which could be one reason the SDK is delayed). I am not sure I would allow *any* 3rd party apps on the Pebble, rather I would only support a strict API and provide a “shell” on the Pebble for 3rd party developers to run within. This shell would enable only this strict API – hence things like watch-face apps etc.

  2. Please consider making a version for iOS….the watch is practically useless without a solution that reconnects the watch to the phone….

  3. Is it possible to have the pebble perform a buzz notification if it detects that the phone has been left behind? Use case would be forgetting your phone at your desk or table at the restaurant, and a buzz on your wrist would remind you to look for it.

    Currently, if you’ve left your phone at a table, by the time bluetooth breaks the connection, you’re too far away to hear the “zap” noise from the phone.

    Perhaps not even have it send the buzz if the phone detects that the connection is at less than X% signal, so it doesn’t actually have to wait for the connection to be truly broken.

    • it is possible, but only an app on the Pebble or the firmware would need to do this. Augmented is not able to do this, since once the connection is lost. Augmented cannot send anything to the Pebble.


  4. Hi,

    I am having a related issue with Augmented SmartWatch Pro and my S4. Whenever I am out of range of the Pebble (e.g. I charge pebble on my desk and go to bed upstairs), music play back will (randomly) pause? I can see in the Augmented smartwatch log that it seems to be related to Pebble disconnects.
    This is pretty annoying as I don’t wear the Pebble all the time.

    Any ideas?

    • Can you ensure the following options are disabled:

      go to Pebble settings – connect/re-connect options -> and disabled auto bluetooth toggle


  5. Hi!
    I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable silent mode on phone when ‘Augmented SmartWatch Pro’ detects a disconnection?
    I’m using phone in silent mode with watch. I would like to immediately see when someone is calling me if my watch is disconnected.
    I could do this using Tasker if it’s possible to get status of connecton in Tasker. Any Ideas?

    • You can use Tasker to receive the Pebble connect/disconnect Intents

      Tasker info:

      Pebble Info:

      } else if (action.equals(“com.getpebble.action.PEBBLE_DISCONNECTED”)) {
      } else if (action.equals(“com.getpebble.action.PEBBLE_CONNECTED”)) {

      the above Intents are what I use to trigger Pebble connect/disconnect actions

      BTW this is an interesting use case for all smartwatches – I may think about doing this more generically.

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