My first 12 hours with the Pebble

Context – I have used the Sony, Metwatch, MotoACTV daily for the past 1.5 years and sometimes two (or more) watches at a time. At a glance and hands-free notification is the most important use case for a smart watch for me.

Pebble Pros:

  • looks very nice – sleeker in person
  • Vibration is strong
  • Screen is quite readable
  • Having the notification remain on the screen for a couple of minutes is very nice and then auto flip back to prior watch face
  • Can co-exist with a Sony SmartWatch where both are connected to the same Android device (and running Augmented SmartWatch Pro). A notification reaches the Pebble @ 1 second faster than to the Sony!
  • Absolutely no disconnects at all and reconnects every time (so far and quite quickly) – the Sony is not as robust from my experiences
  • Being able to see the time always is a nice improvement over the Sony
  • Sony looks more toylike now

Open Questions:

1) Will it replace my Sony – not yet but the differences are purely software-related which I am working on!

2) Do I miss the Sony Color – NO but we’ll see over the long term!

3) Do I miss the Widgets of Metawatch – NO! I think because it was hard for me to read the MetaWatch at a glance so this could be a personal decision. Moreover my main device was always the Sony which really had no always-on widgets.


4) Battery Life – Open question


4 thoughts on “My first 12 hours with the Pebble

  1. Well, that was a high-level review 🙂
    I really appreciate the higher def this screen has to offer.
    If Augmented works, the only topic open is the possibility of including widgets on stby.
    Do you see why this could not be possible or it’s only a matter of time -and SDK release?


    • Yes the screen is very nice. I am actually a bit surprised by how much I do like the Pebble. I was not expecting to like it that much. Yes it is only a matter of software and more importantly what Pebble will allow – will write more thoughts on this later. My immediate focus is to tweak the augmented software more so I can really drop using the Sony – I believe I will be close.

      The only annoying thing is the vibration (since I have options to turn each notification into effectively four updates to the Pebble and hence four vibration pulses). I am going to ask Pebble to fast track just adding an option to not vibrate the Pebble on a screen update. This would actually be a quite useful feature (for clock alarms and configurable vibration patterns based on the type of notification) by just this one addition parameter to their existing Android Intent API.

      • If you could convince Pebble to include the vibration control in the Android Intent API that would be phenomenal. I have been using Augmented Smart Watch Pro for a couple of days now and have stayed away from “2nd screen” because I don’t like the 3 vibrations for each notification (notification, 2nd screen, notification).

        Thanks again. @larocquejon (Twitter)

      • Yes I agree – request already into Pebble. Ideally the easiest change for them is to just allow zero or one vibration per screen update – then I can do all the work (including have different pulses depending on the type of notification)

        Note if you enable intelligent mode it will only show extended notifications for long messages.
        If you disable auto-scroll and enable second screen then you get two vibrations ( but only the 1st screen of the message).
        I tried to make it as configurable as possible to make do with the way it is right now.

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