Why Notifications in Augmented SmartWatch Pro are Different (Sony/Pebble/MetaWatch/MotoACTV)

Augmented SmartWatch Pro has been optimized over the past 8 months for notifications. Other apps will simply relay the information it receives via accessibility from applications. While this is fine for some apps, I have found that many key apps have some specific behaviour that make this a non-optimal user experience.

Hence the following optimizations are built into Augmented SmartWatch Pro (specific to notifications)

  1. More notification information is provided in Augmented SmartWatch Pro. A good way to test this is Skype chat messages. Augmented SmartWatch Pro will provide the actual contents of the chat message on your smartwatch. Other apps will provide only the name of the sender. This applies to other key apps like  Google Navigation, and many more.
  2. Duplicates are pruned out. Spotify is a well-known app that will send the exact same information to the notification bar. Augmented SmartWatch Pro will filter these duplicates out. Other apps will simply relay the notification to the watch (thereby overwhelming the watch with many duplicate messages).
  3. Intelligent filtering based on actual daily use. Useless information (like being on a skype call) are filtered out in Augmented SmartWatch Pro.
  4. Quiet Time Option – ability to automatically disable notifications to the Smart Watch during the night time.
  5. Stealth Mode – ability to show only the title/sender of notifications and not the details of the notification for situations when your Smart Watch is “public”
  6. Root support in Augmented SmartWatch Pro for even more useful information:

Whatsapp – the ability to see every chat message (not just the count of messages if the first one is unread). Plus the ability to filter out group chat messages;

GMail – the ability to see the sender, subject and preview of every email

Exchange (for some devices) – the ability to see the sender, subject and preview of every email.

Try the trial version @ http://bit.ly/11pnamX (for the Pebble/Sony/MetaWatch and MotoACTV smart watches) and compare with other apps that do notifications and see why Augmented SmartWatch Pro is the ultimate app for your Smart Watch!


14 thoughts on “Why Notifications in Augmented SmartWatch Pro are Different (Sony/Pebble/MetaWatch/MotoACTV)

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  2. I already buy the apps. It works just fine but i looks forward on how to use the root to read whatapps msg because it just show the number of msgs that i recvd.i try to install sqlite3 but still cannot. Please someone help me

    • if you are on Android 4+ and have the latest whatsapp you may not need to root – try enabling whatsapp under all other notifications first (and disable under optimized notifications) – also try alt info when enabling and see if that works for you.

      • Hi, I’m trying out the trial version to view Whatsapp messages and did what you said above. It kinda works. When someone sends me two long messages, I’m able to view the entire second message (because the second message will appear first on the watch) but only able to view half of the first message because the rest of the message can’t fit into the watch screen (since the second and first message is crammed into the same watch screen). The next screen that appears after that just says “null null”. Is there any way I can view the entire first and second message? I’m using the Sony Smartwatch and Galaxy S4 by the way. Thanks.

      • try setting options for the first screen to “extended notfication on two screens” and see if you get more info,

  3. Hi!
    After installing the trial app and enabling it in accessibility menu there is an adverse effect: voice synthesizer launches if opening/closing folder on my desktop.
    How can I turn it off?

  4. @greg – this usually works – it may need slightly different ways of disabling but the gist of what needs to be done is described – it is a known Samsung issue

    • Frankly, it`s so minor inconvenience that I bought your app anyway 🙂
      I have another question (if there is better place to ask don`t hesitate to redirect it): I bought an app for incoming calls answering as well. Unfortunately, when there is a call and augmented is running vertical bars like something was loading appears and after a while SW2 shows regular watch. Is it known issue? What can I do about it?

      • I assume you are using the watch face option in Augmented? This may happen at times – it may be related to CPU loading on your android. Unfortunately nothing I can do (other than another incoming call app).

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