Augmented SmartWatch Pro (3.1) and MetaWatch Strata Progress

This is a general update for MetaWatch users as it appears that the latest MetaWatch Firmware does not work well with 3rd party apps (like Augmented SmartWatch Pro). I have not changed the code for Metawatch in quite some time and the APIs have not changed. 

I believe the issues are in the MetaWatch firmware – do not use the official 1.3 version.

The release candidate is considered to be the most stable one: v13rc-458-401.a43


This post will details progress of ASP support for the MetaWatch Strata:

Update December 30 (New Widgets for Augmented SmartWatch Pro 3.3):


Update December 21:

  • Augmented SmartWatch Pro (latest version on market) confirmed to work on MetaWatch Strata using the latest version of MetaWatch Community Edition (1.23.2)
  • You do need to get Firmware 1.2 (just email support @ metawatch and they will send to you).

Update December 5:

2012-12-04 20.44.17

  • The good news is that once the awesome MetaWatch Community EditionVersion works with the MetaWatch Strata properly, then Augmented SmartWatch Pro (3.1) will also work with the Strata (as-is).
  • The bad news is that this is entirely out of my hands and I am in waiting mode.

Update November 30:

  • Updated to Firmware 1.1 (had to do this twice as the first time it wouldn’t connect with any Android device).
  • Little surprised by the state of the Android software (e.g. it is very limited) especially compared with the Community Edition which doesn’t yet work. I highly recommend to MetaWatch to fix the firmware bug that prevents the CE software from working ASAP.
  • I cannot communicate with the official Android software and would need the Intent API details (assuming there is one) to be made public (or the CE software to communicate with the Strata firmware). So until either one of these two things occur, Augmented SmartWatch Pro will not work with the MetaWatch Strata. I have no intention of replicating the CE software into ASP.

Update November 26:

  • My watch has been delivered – but unfortunately it was delivered literally hours after I left for a week long trip overseas. Terrible timing. I will be back on Thursday and will promptly test.
  • I already have the beta Android apk from Metawatch, but there are reports that it has very limited functionality. All ASP needs is the Intent APIs – I do not know if it exists and even if it does what the API is (i.e. is it identical to the MMW CE one).
  • As soon as I can send notifications properly to either manager SW ASP 3.1 will be released to the market.
  • Things I look forward to observing (for personal use):
    • Battery life – it should be @ 2x the original
    • Water Resistance – should be even better @ATM-5
    • Aesthetics – this is the one area all watches can improve on and will need to be addressed to have wider adoption.
    • I expect the Strata to surpass the original in every aspect and the original MetaWatch was quite robust.
  • Features I am thinking of for future ASP releases:
    • More widgets (Withings, general info) – my goal is to complement not overlap the existing software
    • Dual simultaneous use with a Sony – e.g. using the light sensor to determine which watch to send a notification to (outdoors to the MetaWatch, indoors to the Sony) – this is admittedly quite a niche use case but I believe there is at least one other person out there that wears both watches for everyday use 🙂

BTW I just got an email that the Basis watch will finally be ready to ship within days! Not yet sure if I will order one but the heart rate info is tempting.

16 thoughts on “Augmented SmartWatch Pro (3.1) and MetaWatch Strata Progress

  1. Really looking forward to what you have in store for the Strata! I just got mine and the official app is really lacking for android. I used your software for the sony smartwatch and loved that you made it work with google voice. Hope you’ll do the same for this one!

  2. Hi there,

    I’m glad to see how you keep up the good work and I’m lookgin forward to have a Metawatch Strata since you are working on it.

    About this update regarding whatsapp notifications, I assumed that root whatsapp notifications are to be able to get every next message rather than ‘X Messages’ text. If I’m right, it’s not working for me. I have my phone (HTC One X) rooted, sqlite3 installed and Whatsapp notifications activated in both places (root and regular) I can see the toast message saying everthing went fine (rooted + sqlite3) but I still have this unuseful message after the first non-read one.

    A lot of people is wating for that feature since Whatsapp is there and I think you are the first one claiming the prize, congratulations!

    • I am utterly embarrassed – fix just uploaded to market. I also just got a pre-release of the Strata firmware to test the new Software with – so it will work with MetaWatch also.

      Thanks for letting me know.

    • i have issues with gettin this to work on my Samsung S3 and metawatch frame on latest MWM CE and 1.2 firmware.

      Nothing happens. i just get the normal message from xxx when i get a whatsapp message.

      • 1) We need to ensure that the CE notifications for whatsapp is disabled (as the message you see could be from CE and not augmented).

        2) Can you confirm that the root options in augmented are enabled for whatsapp? You also need to enable whatsapp notification under settings->notifications (before enabling root options->whatsapp)

        3) Can you also confirm you can send a test notification to the Metawatch – open the augmented app on the android -> menu -> Test notification and you should see a test message on the MetaWatch

        Note you should not enable whatsapp under all other notifications (of the Augmented app). It needs to be enabled under settings->notifications (of the augmented app).


      • hi, all of the above except item 3 works.

        nothing happens when I try sending a test notification via Augmented Smartwatch Pro.

        when I suspend notications from the app, I do however receive a msg on my metawatch saying notifications stopped, tap to resume.

      • OK so it appears notifications are not getting from Augemented to CE and the message you see is from CE.

        Note you should not be seeing the tap to resume message. You may have accidentally stopped the notifications (you can re-enable by opening the augmented app and tapping the middle top button – Click to re-start)

        If you still see issues, can you open the CE app and see if there are any notifications pending that have not been sent to the MetaWatch (you will need to enable in the CE app preferences->Other->Show Notification Queue) If you see an augmented test message there then there is an issue with the CE app on your phone.

        1) I suggest rebooting the phone (and watch).

        For Augmented- I assume that accessibility is enabled within the system settings (while this will not affect the test message, it will affect the whatsapp).

        Also when you open the Augmented app do you see for Metawatch Software: Running status message in green?

        Others have reported similar symptoms to what you are seeing and a reboot usually fixes it.


      • hi, I have tried rebooting both watch and phone but to no avail. the metawatch status shows as green and running but again no test notification shows on the watch. the only notification in metawatch queue and to my watch is the Tap to Resume when I stop and enable notifications in Augmented smartwatch pro.

        I noticed in the status screen for Augmented Smartwatch Pro, it shows notifications sent to Pebblewatch (instead of Metawatch) even though in settings, sending of notifications to Pebble watch is unchecked and sending to Metawatch is checked.

        any other suggestions or areas to check?

      • The confusing part is when you state “when I stop and enable notifications in Augmented smartwatch pro.“.

        After a reboot this should not need to be done as notifications are always enabled by default (unless it is Quiet Time).

        Do you tap the button at the middle top when you open the augmented app on the Android – if so you are actually pausing notifications so nothing would be sent to the watch. Just retap to reenable notifications.

        The Pebble log will not impact things (I presume you are using the trial version of 3.5)

        Also double check that Metawatch is enabled under settings-metawatch options


      • I reinstalled augmented smartwatch pro and it seems to be working again.

        not sure what is the original issue though!

  3. how is the battery life on your strata so far? i am using the old Dev Analog model. Thinking to buy the Frame watch if the battery life lasts a comfortable 5 days with about 8 hr or so use a day. 🙂

    • The Strata I believe has 2x the battery size than the older digital version. Battery life is dependent on the software running on such device. I believe the Strata will be able to get to 5x of heavy use once the software is up and running and is optimized. I have not yet been able to really use the Strata as I am waiting for the software to be ready.

    • enable Withings and Fitbit then the widgets will appear in the Noah manager under the widget settings to select from.

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