Why my MetaWatch is Still Awesome

I have had the MetaWatch for almost one year now and I still use it daily. In fact, I have optimized my Augmented SmartWatch Pro app (originally developed only for the Sony SmartWatch) to also support the MetaWatch.

The MetaWatch has several key advantages over the Sony:

  • Robustness – it is tough and it keeps on working. Recently one of my Sony Watches died (all due to a bit of water getting on the watch at Sea World in San Diego). Their new Strata is rated at ATM 5 and will be even more water resistant/proof. As a result, I decided to test out the current MetaWatch while swimming recently and it was unharmed entirely.
  • Viewability of the watch display outdoors in the sun – forget about even trying to look at the Sony in Sunlight.

There is nothing the current Sony Watch can do (hardware or software) to address these two advantages of the MetaWatch and for these two reasons alone the MetaWatch is awesome 🙂

Today I got my shipping survey for the new Strata version of the MetaWatch. They are shipping on time it appears (last week of September < 1 month)! Meanwhile my two Pebbles are being delayed indefinitely – no announced new date other than it will not be shipping as expected in September. I look forward to the Strata due to the larger battery and the improved ATM 5 waterproofing in addition to potentially improved software (which is still a bit vague to me from their videos). I am especially curious as to what they mean precisely by the heart-rate support.

17 thoughts on “Why my MetaWatch is Still Awesome

  1. Enjoying the added detail coming through on my metawatch using mwm ce as the primary interface. Out of interest the metawatch menu item doesn’t go anywhere. Is this a place holder for metawatch strata? I have a strata on order 🙂

  2. Yes it is a placeholder for custom tweaks I hope to do once I get my Strata also. Note the MMW CE appears to not work with the Strata (at least the current one) and I have not seen the official MetaWatch app for the Strata. I would need at least one of them to work properly for the Strata to work. I also hope to do some widgets for the Strata.

  3. any updates on Metawatch Official App support?

    new 1.4 firmware is out, plus v1.1 of MWM offical app also 🙂

  4. Ordered my Metwatch Strata, once I start tinkering with it, I’ll be getting your smart watch pro app. Love my gadgets and this is my first intelligent smartwatch. Hope to do wonderful things with your tools.

    • note Augmented doesn’t work with the official manager from Metawatch. The manager it does work well with is the Noah manager which is no longer on the play store. So augmented may not be usable for you – please play with the trial version. I am waiting for Metawatch to open up APIs into their official manager

  5. With the Noah manager, is there a detailed list of supported features? Personally, incoming callls, sms and TOUCHDOWN are important to me. Do these work in the current version of Augmented & Noah (and the current meta fw)?

    • touchdown + SMS you can get via augmented – incoming calls via Noah.

      It should work – I haven’t tested the latest versions but no one has reported any issues.


  6. Is there going to be an update that allows the official metawatch app work with augmented in the near future. I tried the CE app and I found it to be somewhat unstable which was unfortunate because I really like the augmented smartwatch app

    • Unfortunately the update needs to be on the metawatch side. I have been in contact with them but this is not a priority for them. Suggest sending them an email to show demand for this.

    • Yes in a limited way – enable “Show on Status Bar” under Other Device Options in Augmented Settings and Enable sending Augmented SmartWatch Pro notifications in the MetaWatch app.

  7. i did download a full version from ur website, i tried with version 1.5.3 but the watch hangs, what is the best version to use ur software, where will i get that version of firmware for my watch and is downgrade suggestable

  8. hi 1.5.3 i meant is for the watch, i did download your lattest software and installed, tell me how do i enable notifications to my watch using the official metawatch manager.

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