Release Notes for Augmented SmartWatch Pro – For the Pebble,Sony, MotoACTV & MetaWatch Smart Watches

Pebble Users: Please set Augmented to the Preferred Music App in the Pebble App for extended features (Music control, SMS and Incoming responses, Tasker Task initiation)

Quote from an Augmented SmartWatch Pro customer:

“Brilliant program by the way. This works the way Sony should have done in the first place.” 

Updated Free Trial of the latest Version 6.0  of Augmented SmartWatch Pro –download here (Trial expired notice will appear after 20 notifications)

Market/Play Link here (alternate method – send me an email at  augmentedtraffic at gmail dot com and I will send a request to pay via paypal)

See this link for what is upcoming in the next release

See this link if you have issues with Samsung and JellyBean Accessibility

See this link for how to use Augmented SmartWatch Pro with Rooted Devices for Even more functionality!

Tutorial for Tasker and Pebble Users

Some Help Info

Please note that this app is reported to longer works on the latest version of the ClearD MotoACTV ROM

Note also for MetaWatch (newer watches and firmware) make sure you update to the very latest Noah Edition Manager (version or later)

Fitbit Users – do not use Chrome to Login on Android – use default browser

If you are getting double notifications on the Pebble Please do the following:

  • Ensure auto-scroll is enabled
  • Go to advanced options and turn show last notification off (even if off, turn on and turn off again)
  • Restore auto-scroll to prior state –
  • This should fix the issue.

How to get Spotify working:

Pebble Watch options – Music App options – Override music app
Pebble Watch options – Music App options – Intelligent music mode
Optimized notification options->scroll sown to Play/Pandora/Spotify and enable it
Pebble Watch options – music app options – preferred music app – (you simply need to select one of the option).
Now it will only show info when Spotify is running in the background (and when you skip the 1st track).
Release notes for 5.5 – 6.6 – see here.
New Sony SW2 Detailed User Guide

New in Version 5.4

  • Added 2nd filter field for Skype
  • Calendar optimizations to not show blank reminder alerts
  • Added new option for Sony SW2
    • Auto notification only display (enabled by default – can be disabled in settings – Sony Watches Options/SmartWatch 2 Specific Options/Enable Auto Display)
    • if the notification info is longer than could be entirely fit within the allocated space of the default layout, then only the notification is shown on the SW2, otherwise the normal default layout with weather, Fitbit, etc is shown
    • Sony SW2 optimizations if not using Weather, Fitbit to use more area of the display for the notification info. If Calender alerts are disabled, then the reserved space is now used for notification info (if any).

New in Version 5.3

  • Fitbit Calories In stats now provided (must be enabled in Fitbit settings) – Only provided as an Augmented Canvas plug-in (at this time)
  • Sony SW2 tweaks to show watchface faster after notification alert

New in Version 5.2.2

    • Fix for backup/restore for extended options under All other Notifications.
    • Ability to control Stealth, Vibrate, Notifications (eneable/disable) directly from the Sony SmartWatch 2. Swipe up/down to toggle between Tasker Integration or control options mode (hit the options button on SmartWatch 2 to show/hide menu)
      • Stealth mode surpressed the subject for all notification sent to the Watch;
      • Vibration mode will vibrate the Sony watch as new alerts are shown;
      • Notification mode will show alerts on the Sony watch;
    • Potential fix for new installs of version 5.1 not working properly on Sony SmartWatch 2
    • Further optimizations for Sony SmartWatch 2
    • Auto-reconnect option for Sony SmartWatch (if enabled and if the Sony watch is disconnected for > 5 minutes it will toggle bluetooth to try to restart the Sony software automatically – airplane mode is respected)
    • Note for Sony SmartWatch 1 owners that have issues with Notifictions showing in New Events Queue. Ensure Force Sony Watch 2 is disabled (it is enabled by default) and restart your phone.


    • Sony SmartWatch 1 – New Events support is back in
    • Sony SmartWatch 2:
      • General optimiations to show notification faster
      • Contact picture enlarged
      • Gentle Alarm Support
      • Reconnect notification fix
      • 2013-09-08 09.26.47
      • Option to have no vibration pulses (Sony 1 & 2)
      • Music controls for Sony Watch 2
      • 2013-09-08 11.19.10
        • When a music app notification is shown then icons to control the music are automatically shown (previous, play/pause, next track).
        • When starting app manually in the Sony Watch 2, then the option button will show the music controls icons if the last notification shown on the Sony was a music app (it normally shows the text menu otherwise).
        • Can swipe to change from text to icons (in options menu). May need to swipe multiple times for this to take effect (Sony SDK issue)
      • Additonal Status line (near the bottom of the watch display in Augmented) if any additional info is enabled (e.g. battery, fitbit, klout withings). This could be superceded by a Google Now alert.
      • Back button on Sony Watch 2 now brings up the ICON menu (option button continues to show text menu)
      • SMS response fix
      • Layout tweaks to make it cleaner
      • Added a black & white low power mode ready display (Alpha Feature)
        – Disabled by default – option to show an alert after the first colour display of such alert on the Sony watch for a period of 7-70seconds. User can hit home button to exit to view default watchface at any time. User can also hit the back/options button for normal options in Augmented.
        – Option to configure the time to show this low power mode display from 7 seconds to 70 seconds in steps of @ 7 seconds is also provided
    • Added more helper information for the Test Notification option to better determine if/when something is wrong and what to do.

New in Version 5.0

  • Support for Gentle Alarm paid version app as a clock alarm (in optimized settings) – see Tasker Tutorial for more info
  • Google Music tweaks for later Android versions
  • Textra SMS added to optimized notifications
  • Added 15 minute update option for Weather
  • Spotify Tweaks
  • Change to Pebble Pause/Resume Mode to show more of song info – a “(P/R)” is appended to the middle line in the music app of the Pebble if in music control mode
  • Added option to Pebble auto re-connect logic. This option will not attempt a re-connect if the audio headset is connected via bluetooth (as it will interrupt the audio). It will only attempt a re-connect after the headset is disconnected. Disabled by default.
  • Fix for Fitbit Friends Ranking
  • Fitbit update frequency updates.
  • Sony (with Root) – new option (disabled by default) to automatically show image sent in Google Hangouts chat message on your Sony watch!
  • Pebble Canvas Watchface support – more @
  • Sony – Weather location will show “Update Delayed” if scheduled weather update did not complete successfully
  • Fix for those running on older (than Android 4.0 devices) and have GMail enabled – new option to allow GMail and not crash (disabled by default)
  • Pebble – Fixed potential issue with Pandora not doing a silent update to Pebble
  • Touchdown – moved unread info to end of message (looks better with Canvas Watchface)
  • Google Now Tweaks – to make info more readable on Canvas Watchface
  • Google Hangouts
    • Major change to show more info
    • If 1 sender then will see all messages – newest one on top
    • If > 1 sender then will see all messages but newest one at bottom – so need to scroll
  • Root updates:
    • Support for Google Hangouts – every chat message not just the first one
    • Support for email app – sender, subject and preview
  • Tweak to bottom status line in Pebble Music app (when Fitbit is not enabled)
  • Update to Pebble dis-connect options to allow the “zapping” sound to be optional (and still allow the auto reconnect feature to be enabled)
  • Fix for auto re-connect logic for Pebble (potentially reconnecting periodically)
  • MotoACTV – wifi disconnect messages can be disabled now
  • New TTS support for the Message part of all notifications!
  • New Intent API – Ability to send any image to a Sony SmartWatch – in the example below the URL of the image is the parameter for subject (note that no syntax checking is done on the URL)

New in Version 4.9.9

– Update to match Pebble 1.11 music buttons swap

– Tweaks to Next Meeting & Removed Meeting location from middle part of next meeting info (since it is shown at bottom of Music app on Pebble)

Sony SmartWatch Updates

– Connect missed notifications message on Sony. Enabled by default.
– Disconnect zap/vibrate on Phone when disconnected. Disabled by default.
– Will automatically attempt to toggle bluetooth off/on when Sony is disconnected every 5 minutes or so until it is is connected. Airplane mode is respected. Disabled by default.

– New Fitbit option to enable Stairs stats – useful for Fitbit Flex. Enabled by default.

– Revised Fitbit status update (perfect for the Flex) – press bottom Pebble button in music app:

2013-05-25 10.40.45

New in Version 4.9.8

– Support for new Hangouts/chat
– Further tweaks to Touchdown email to make it more precise for at a glance
– Touchdown calendar alert support
– Tweak to GMail under optimized notifications
– Deezer support for Pebble in music app
– Fix to special watchapp (advanced options) to work with new 2-way Pebble communication (now very stable)

New in Version 4.9.7

  • Added optimized support for Touchdown emails (enabled by default)
  • Update description of Gmail/Email under optimized notifications.
  • Updated the default settings under optimized notifications.
  • Fitbit Optimizations:
    • Pebble – Prepend Battery state to bottom of Pebble (First Menu in music app). “H” – High, “M” – Medium, “L” – Low. If not shown then battery state not yet read (which could happen if phone was recently rebooted).
    • New milestone based mode (ideal for the new Flex). An alert is sent to smart watch only when the 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% thresholds are passed for steps (as a percentage of daily steps goal). This is enabled by default.

New in Version 4.9.5

  • Eliminate null GoSMS alerts
  • Filter out Viber ongoing calls (in German)
  • Weather location used now shown in 2nd menu of Music App on Pebble
  • Fitbit Pebble tweak to show ranking with Friends Leaderboard on Pebble (in example below, it shows a ranking of 4 out of 8 friends and 3013 steps today which is 36% of the daily goal (for steps). Note pressing on the bottom button (next to the Fitbit info) will provide the details on the Friends leaderboard (name and # of steps for past 7 days):


  • New option (enabled by default) to stay on current menu page (within the music app of the Pebble) when a Tasker task is associated with the Top/Bottom Pebble key. If disabled (or if the action is not a Tasker task) then the menu will go to the first menu page after the btton press. This option is useful (for example) if the Tasker Task is a volume up/down control and hence multiple button presses are required to get to the desired volume level.


  • Weather condition now shown in 3rd menu of Music App on Pebble
  • Tweak to Navigation information in Music app to make the distance more viewable.
  • Note this option appears to be somewhat unstable so please be ready for Pebble watch restarts. Special Experimental (Alternate Weather Info) option for an alternate behaviour when pressing the top button in music mode.


  • The default behaviour is that the weather info is displayed as an alert (with vibration). Enabling this new option (disabled by default) will use a *hack* to show the current weather temp, low, high and network status and phone battery status for a short period of time. The watch-face is shown at the end (when this option is enabled).


In the first picture above the current temperature is 18.2, High is 27 and low is 10. The network strength is 65% and the phone battery is 83%. Note this feature may break in the next firmware release of the Pebble – so it is truly experimental only.

New in Version 4.9.2

  • Now works with all MotoACTV devices

no Root or special ROM on MotoACTV required any more

uses the normal bluetooth connect

integrated with Motorola’s notification system

Please enable the top two options under Other->MotoACTV settings (disabled by default)


New in Version 4.9

  • German Whatsapp tweak to delete “NachrichtVon”
  • Rdio tweaks for Pebble
  • SMS messages now marked as read (only if a response was sent from Pebble)
  • HTC Email falls back to normal notification info if Root processing fails
  • Quiet Time option added to enforce must be plugged into a power source (during the Quiet Time hours)  – disabled by default
  • Alert messages are periodically sent to the watches (Pebble)  if Accessibility is not enabled for the Augmented SmartWatch Pro App
  • Pebble non-vibrate mode will show more of the subject in the music app (for alerts)
  • Google Navigation optimized for the Pebble. Typically there are too many alerts generated by Google Navigation to be useful as the watch would otherwise vibrate like crazy. A new optimized mode (must be enabled in Pebble notification settings and is enabled by default) will show the directions in the music app in silent mode. Google Navigation also needs to be enabled under optimized notifications.


  • Can Auto-start Google Navigation to Meeting Location when the Pebble bottom button is pressed and Meeting Location is shown prefixed by an (*).  Meeting location is shown for 30 minutes prior to a scheduled meeting next to the bottom button on the Pebble within the music app. Disabled by default.
  • New option to show notifications only if Android screen is off (default is enabled to show a notification even if screen is on)
    • Leave option enabled (default) – if you want notifications to be always shown on the watch (Quiet Time Options are still respected)
    • Uncheck option to show notifications on watch only if the android phone screen is off


New in Version 4.8

  • SMS responses from Pebble are added to message queue (note this feature may break with an update by Google)
  • A picture of detected installed watch is now shown – click on the picture to get to settings.
  • Android Clock alarm integration in the Pebble (supports Galaxy, HTC and Nexus):
    • Set the alarm on your Android as normal
    • Enable Clock Alarms under Application Handling Options-> and set Enable Application Response to “Clock Alarms”
    • ui2
    • ui3
    • Set the # of vibration pulses (from 1-20) under vibration options
    • Set a Tasker Task KillAlarm configure it to Kill the Clock App (use Root if you have it) When the alarm occurs
    • The Pebble will show a message and vibrate the # of times set (maximum)
    • You can optionally go to the music app – hit any key to trigger the Tasker Task to kill the alarm on the Android and to stop the Pebble from vibrating before it hits the maximum count of vibrations
  • Ability to set for one specific application an option (when a notification for the specific application arrives on the Android) to trigger a specific Tasker Task (by hitting the middle button on the Watch) – or to cancel this special menu, press the top or bottom buttons on the Pebble.
    • Enable under Application Handling Options-> and set User Selected Application
    • Set the Tasker Task to trigger when the middle button is pressed on the Pebble (when the special menu for this specific application is presented on the Pebble Watch)
    • ui4
    • Set the packagename of the specific application to monitor (e.g. When a notification for this application arrives on the Android, a special menu is presented on the Pebble watch.
    • ui5
    • This specical menu will be automatically removed after 5 minutes if the user does not select any option.

New in Version 4.7

  • Revised UI


  • Only settings for smart watches installed on your android are shown (this is based on software for these smart watches being detected as installed)
  • Note the Compass features has been removed (to enabled this new UI)
  • View Missed calls when pressing bottom button on Pebble (and there are missed calls)Revised Weather feature:
  • Default is location based weather; Yahoo is still supported, but WOEID needs to be provided via – to get the WOEID for your city and enter it in the Weather Settings->WOEID and set the Weather Provider Option to Yahoo (with WOEID). Another option for automated location-based weather, sign up for an API key at and enter it in the Weather Settings->Weather API Key and set the Weather Provider Option to WeatherGround (With API Key
  • Filter out consecutive notifications that are exact duplicates (this appears to have been occurring more recently so this fixes it)
  • Added ability to specify a Takser Task for top button on Pebble during an incoming call (instead of the SMS Response 1). This allows the possibility for two Tasker Task for incoming call (which could be answer call and reject call).

New in Version 4.6

  • Introducing Intelligent Music Mode for Pebble:
    • If enabled the following will be possible



  • The last music app to show a notification will be used as the Preferred App to control music from the Pebble (hence you can easily move between music apps and the Pebble will control all of them – as long as the new one switched to shows a notification in the status bar)
  • You should enable in Notification settings  the Play Pandora Spotify option.


  • If there is no preferred music app found, then the default music app in settings is used
  • Can select default Preferred Music App via Tasker – (Update Music: package name of music app) – note None is supported to support no preferred music app (hence no action on double tap of middle button on Pebble watch)


  • Increase # of SMS and Incoming Call responses to 6 (must double tap to exit SMS or Incoming Calls response mode)
  • Put package name in list of preferred music apps for Pebble
  • Rdio now supported for silent updates to Music app on Pebble (enable Trim Info flag for optimal info on Pebble)
  • Switching between music and widget mode now preserves play or paused state
  • Fix High and Low Temperature for no-metric with Weather Underground
  • Now support Clock Alarms for HTC devices (OneX) – Clock Alarms vibrations can be configured for the Pebble (from 1-10)
  • Fixed big issue with Metawatch and Fitbit, Klout or Withings making too many networks requests on each notification
  • Optimize Weather to preserve prior data if latest request was not successful (so no more N/A)
  • Option to not show Tasker names on Pebble watch for the first menu), The button actions would still be the Tasker tasks, but the info shown on the Pebble would be the default info (weather, etc)
  • Bug fix to reset Update Tasker controls to default behaviour via Intent/Tasker
  • Pebble Intelligent mode no longer depends on more info
  • Fix to not show SMS responses on outgoing calls (it will only show on incoming calls)
  • Fix cell signal reading for Pebble – need to enable auto-start (other options->auto start on reboot)
  • Optionally allow Update Tasker commands to provide a display name to show on the Pebble Button (that could be different than the Tasker Task name). Format is Update Tasker1:myTask1##Name to show i.e. use ## to optionally specify a name to show on Pebble (if it is provided otherwise revert back to original taskname)
    • In the above example Name to Show will be shown on the Pebble and the task invoked would be myTask1. If the ## is not provided, then the Tasker task name is shown on the Pebble (prior behaviour)

New in Version 4.5

  • Backup and Restore user settings (it will make it easier to upgrade from a trial version to a paid version, just backup settings before installing full version, then restore after installing the paid version). File is located under external directory (augmentedsmartwatchprobackup.xml)
  • Weather Underground fix for non-metric
  • Eliminate possible duplicate WhatsApp messages (Rooted option)
  • Pebble Specific:
    • Can now completely replace the music app – settings allows for preferred music app (select none to keep inactive)

      • Double tap middle Pebble button to activate – music controls are in scope. Double tap middle button again to return to widget-tasker mode. If you have false alarms with the double tap (or it is not switching all the time, there is an option to tweak the sensitivity, default is medium)
    • Option to respond to Incoming Call messages from your Pebble watch with two pre-defined messages and a Tasker Task to invoke if middle button on Pebble is pressed.
    • Support for a Translating from other languages to Latin characters via the AugTransliterator app – See this forum posting for more info. Must enable the Translation Mode (under advanced options of the Pebble) – note you must not also have the Sony SmartWatch software running on the same Android connected to your Pebble (if you do then this option will not work)
    • Special mode for Clock Alarms on Pebble – will vibrate Pebble 10 times (even during Quiet Time if exception is enabled)
    • Incoming call and SMS messages received will have a 5 minute time out in terms of being able to respond with canned messages
    • Option to override the prior alerts middle action of the last menu to simply go to the next screen (this may be useful if you don’t want to see the list or prior alerts)
    • Pebble Menu re-organization in settings
    • Always uses silent mode for Pandora notifications (if enabled). Thus the notification info shows up in the Music app on the pebble
    • Prepend a “V” On menu 1 of the music app to indicate when in non-vibrate mode.
    • Option to reverse sender and subject for IM+ notifications (useful for older Android phones)
    • Added two more Tasker Task slots (to override the top and bottom buttoms of the very first Menu). These can be programmed as Update TaskerA and Update TaskerB also. Can also be reset to (empty) to get the default behaviour.
    • Supressed Turn Phone On Special alert from showing on Pebble
  • Root support for EnhancedEmail and SecureEAS (sender and subject only)


New in Version 4.4.3

  • Various FC fixes
  • Sony fix for Rain alerts showing when disabled
  • Added battery charging state (Pebble: the letter C before battery % indicates plugged in, Sony: last battery bar is white if being charged)
  • Pebble Specific
    • Added battery charging state (Pebble: the letter C before battery % indicates plugged in, Sony: last battery bar is white if being charged)
    • Added wifi state to Pebble status (a “W” is appended to signal strength)
    • Added an option to show the Network Status in the extended (music) menu information shown on the Pebble (when in the music app).
    • New Pebble Option – Option to respond to SMS messages from your Pebble watch with two pre-defined messages (Native SMS app supported only for now).
    • peb11
      • Must use SMS monitoring from the Augmented app (not the Pebble app)
    • sms1
      • Must enable override music app
    • sms2
      • Must enable SMS response option
    • sms3
      • Can customize each pre-defined response (there are two possible ones)
    • sms4
    • Optimize music app to show Meeting location (at bottom of Pebble watch) of next meeting if scheduled to start in less than 15 minute
    • Always uses silent mode for Doggcatcher notifications (if enabled). Thus the notification info shows up in the Music app on the pebble
    • Added an option to Force Weather update (if enabled) when pressing top button in music app in menu. Disabled by default.
    • Bug fix for more info when notification in auto-split mode takes two screens
    • Double notification” issue fixed
    • Music app updates now respect Pebble enable flag
    • Tweak to intelligent mode to be more aggressive in keeping to one screen (and hence one vibrate only), so it will not show a 2nd screen if there is only a little more information to show.
    • Music app widget mode – update to reflect temp notifications paused state (via Android app)
    • Updated Top Button in music app to show all data enabled (not just the weather). If everything is enabled will see (in order) Weather, Klout, Weight, Wifi/Cell Signal, Fitbit Stats
    • Expanded menu mode – middle button to select expanded menu (time to go home, prior alerts, pause/resume alerts)
    • Introduction of a 3rd menu screen (in the Pebble music app) for custom Tasker tasks for complete customization capability within your Pebble. If enabled, this will be the 2nd menu enabled – press middle button from top menu to get to
        • Top button will trigger Tasker Task 1
        • Bottom button will trigger Tasker Task 2
        • Middle button will trigger the 3rd menu screen which is the normal expanded menu (time to go
        • home, prior alerts, pause/resume alerts)
        • Can configure tasker tasks via settings


      • Pressing music app on Pebble will show the first menu
        • Top shows weather, battery on phone and Klout Score
        • Middle show next calendar meeting
        • Bottom shows Fitbit steps


  • Pressing the middle button shows the Tasker options


  • Pressing the middle button again shows the 3rd menu screen:


  • Added ability to override default actions (Time to go home and Pause/Resume Alerts) with Tasker Tasks
  • Extended # of prior alerts to 8 (from 4) to allow more pior alerts to be viewed when selected ia music app option on Pebble
  • New no-vibrate mode using the music app as a “silent widget” to allow notifications to be shown without vibrating the watch – could be useful in meetings where the strong vibration is to powerful. To invoke the Pause/Resume (under Extended menu is changed to No Vibrate mode
    • Once enabled alerts will updated in the music app as follows:
      • Bottom line for sender info
      • Middle two lines for subject info
      • Top two Lines for more info (Weather + battery info)
    • The Action buttons are as follows:
      • Top – Same as the top button in the normal menu to show enable information (Weather, etc)
      • Middle – to go to extended menu – to disable no-vibrate mode and other options (Tasker tasks, prior alerts)
      • Bot – Same as the bottom
  • Can override the Tasker Tasks programatically! i.e. From Tasker can set assignments to the Pebble Keys via the Augmented SmartWatch Pro Intent API (com.alk.k9.action.add)
    • sender:Update Tasker1:nameoftaskertask
    • no subject required – Augmented SmartWatch Pro will switch the Tasker 1 vaklue (2nd menu top button) to the value specified after the :
    • There are 4 possible values:
      • UpdateTasker 1 – For 2nd menu top button
      • UpdateTasker 2 – For 2nd menu bottom button
      • UpdateTasker 3 – For the 3rd menu top button (default button for Time to go home)
      • UpdateTasker4 – For the rd menu bottom button (default for pause  resume alerts or vibration mode on or off)

New in Version 4.3.1

  • New Quiet Time Option (for Nexux 7 only) – Auto Desk Dock State will automatically turn on Quiet Time when docked in desktop mode (typically at night to charge) and will automatically turn off when removed from the dock. The Quiet Time start and end time settings are ignored when this option is enabled. If disabled the Quiet Time and Start settings are used instead. A notification is sent to the watch when un-docked so you know notifications are active to the watch. Tested on Nexus 7 only does not work on other devices.


  • Condensed Pebble settings descriptions so that it is more understandable in Portrait mode.
  • Optimized support for IM+ (especially for the Pebble)
  • Fixed Root GMail bug for users using (instead of
  • Query Fitbit friends info sooner (previously it was waiting one update cycle to do this after fetching the basic stats)
  • Fitbit Optimized Mode – Sony only (in preparation for the Fitbit Flex to allow the Sony to be a true companion display):
    • Tapping watch in widget mode will trigger Fitbit update
    • Update frequency hard-coded @ 15 minutes (approximately)
    • Fitbit update will now show multiple screens (Friends if enabled and the stats summary)
  • Added Intent API option sender: restart pebble
    • Useful for when killing Pebble Android app and restarting it from Tasker (or 3rd party app)
  • Pebble Specific Updates:
    • Fitbit Friends raised to show the top 8 leaderboard (from 4)
    • Fitbit update will show Friends also (after steps and calories and battery status)
    • Options Intelligent mode, Show Notification Last and Notification Summary at top now work even if Second Screen is disabled
    • Option to override Pebble Music App to allow two-way interactions with Augmented SmartWatch Pro and a mini-widget mode!
      • Double tap the middle button to go from watch face to music app
      • Current Weather, Phone Battery and (in a rotating manner) Withings/Klout/Wifi-Cell Signal are shown at top (if individually enabled)
      • Dual-Watch mode monitoring out of range, Quiet Time Enabled or Next meeting is shown in middle (if active) – else # of alerts since last time is shown
      • Rain alert (if active) or Fitbit steps is shown at the bottom (if enabled) – else other info (enabled) is shown
      • Pressing the top button will show the weather info (if enabled)
      • Pressing the middle button will show the last few alerts sent to the pebble
      • Pressing the bottom button will show the Fitbit Friends Leaderboard (if enabled) – else other stats will shown (as enabled for Second Screen options)
      • To enabled this feature – you must select the Augmented SmartWatch Pro as the Preferred Music App in the Pebble Android app and enable Override Music App in the Pebble Watch Options of Augmented SmartWatch Pro


    • Dual Watch Mode – For those using Pebble and have a Sony:
      • Please only enable if you understand this mode;
      • Alerts will not be sent to the Sony. Only the Send Message option (under settings-Pebble-Dual Watch Options) can be used to send a message to the Sony
      • Alerts are sent to the Pebble when the Sony watch gets disconnects/reconnects to the same Android connected to the Pebble. You could put the Sony in your bag, or on your kids/pets, to get alerts when they move away from you physically. Could be useful when taking the kids out to a crowded place or when you travel with your business bag. You can customize the name to represent Sony Watch (e.g. put the name of you kid in the String). Hence when your bag goes out of range the alert to the Pebble could be something like



New in Version 4.2

  • Fixed FC for all other notifications new option (Alt info)
  • Fixed Skype issue with continuous notifications during a call
  • KIK users – enable via all other settings (and not during normal settings) and enable Alt Info – option under settings to be removed in the future
  • Pebble:
    • Show reconnect/disconnect message only if Pebble is enabled (for those with multiple watches)
    • Change disconnect tone on phone to a short zap
    • Added option to remove all spaces in the Title of the notification to maximize the information shown on the Watch. Otherwise the Pebble software may cut off the information shown on the Pebble watch.
    • Added option to issue an audible alert periodically while the Pebble watch is disconnected. This will help to identify those scenarios when the Pebble is trying to reconnect (unsuccessfully). This option is disabled by default.
    • Added option to try to automatically disable bluetooth and then to re-enable bluetooth when the Pebble is detected as being disconnected state. This will workaround possible Pebble issues when it gets stuck in the reconnecting state. Must enable Beep when disconnected to use this feature. This option is disabled by default. Note also this feature will attempt the toggle only if the Pebble is in the disconnect state for at least 5-15 minutes. Note that Airplae mode is respected (i.e. if airplane mode is enabled then this feature will not be active until airplane mode is disabled).


New in Version 4.1

  • Show on other phones option now supports WhatsApp
  • Support for Chomp SMS to eliminate duplicate info (enable from within Notification settings and not from under all other notifications
  • Fix NMA option for incoming phone calls to share notification with another Android device
  • Fix duplicate exchange email notifications (when using Root)
  • New Fitbit specific vibration option
  • Change default Fitbit screen on periodic update to Friends screen (if enabled), else it is the summary screen
  • New options for All Other notifications


1) to address cases where a specific app`s notification may include duplicate information. New Trim option added (only enable this trim option if you see duplicate information for the specific app, otherwise keep it disabled)

2) To provide an alternate method of extracting the data – relevant for Android 4.1 or 4.2 only and for a small # of apps (only enable if you are not getting the information you see in the notification bar and running JB). Flighttrack is a good example of an app that should have this flag enabled.

  • Pebble Specific:
  • Option to Remove Google Talk, WhatsApp or Skype at top of notifications and replace it with the sender of the chat message

Pebble Reconnect message will show the # of missed notifications while disconnected. Some of these notifications will be in the last few notifications queue (if enabled to be shown on the Pebble)


Removed Battery as a separate 2nd screen option since battery is provided in other status areas

Added option to insert a line break before the email body preview (applies to K9, GMail or Exchange)

Setting options grouped for clarity 

New in Version 4.0

  • Fixed Pebble status in status screen
  • Move Monitor Status to optional part of status screen
  • Fitbit update tweaked for Zip
  • Fixed Fitbit bug to ensure that the latest stats are obtained
  • Withings & Klout updates fixed for Pebble
  • Pebble Specific:
  • Fixed missing line feed when extra info is appended to notification
  • New option to show a “Pebble Reconnected” message on the Pebble after the Pebble disconnects and then re-connects. This option is enabled by default.
  • New option to sound an audible alarm and vibrate the Android phone (if it has such capability) when the Pebble disconnects. This option is disabled by default.
  • Append status line of current date, weather temp/condition, phone battery remaining, missed calls, Fitbit steps and rain/snow alert at end of every more info screen (if there is screen space available and each is individually enabled)
  • New option to show last few notifications appended to the end of the notification so one can scroll down in a notification on the Pebble to see the last few notifications (which will be shown after the latest notification information).The info in the notification is truncated for space reasons. This can be configured and is disabled by default.
  • New option to place this notification history at the start of the info (so it can be seen at a glance) – disabled by default. This option affects only the last screen shown when Show Second Screen and Showing Notification Last options are both enabled. To be precise the user will see the following (if this option is enabled):
    • Screen 1 – First part of notification;
    • Screen 2 – Second part of notification (if notification cannot fit into Screen 1)
    • Screen 3 – More Info for “Second Screen”
    • Screen 4 – Summary of last few notifications followed by what was shown in Screen 1 (user would need to manually scroll down to see this).
    • If this options is Disabled then Screen 4 would show what was shown in Screen 1 followed by a summary of the last few notifications (which may be cut off due to Pebble restrictions).



  • Intelligent mode that is available only when the second screen option is enabled:
    • For short messages (taking <=2 lines on the Pebble), the 2nd screen is not shown.
    • Instead the “append status line” described above would be shown.
    • This has two advantages 1) only one vibration/message is shown on the Pebble and 2) This info stays on the watch until the watch face is shown again.


New in Version 3.8

  • Service Control Intent API (can be used from Tasker or any 3rd party app):

Intent: com.alk.k9.action.add


service:turnoff  (pauses notifications from being shown on SmartWatch)

service:turnon (resumes notifications to being shown on SmartWatch)

service:toggle (toggle state)

  • Pebble Enhancements:
    • New option if have Separate Second Screen Enabled. Option will reshow the original notification info at after the 2nd screen info (option can be disabled, enabled by default)
    • New option to auto scroll to the Pebble a long message by breaking into smaller pieces and showing each piece on the Pebble for the delay time period
    • Limit auto-scroll option to only two screen
    • peb1
    • Fitbit friends Leaderboard
    • Fitbit – Add Sleep and Stairs to Fitbit info (if Fitbit ZIP is not enabled)
    • Fitbit Steps now has percentage of daily goal
    • Current Date – format Monday, Month date, year – seems to be a missing feature for the Pebble (option can be disabled, enabled by default)
    • # of missed calls
    • Note optimization for 2nd screen only being shown when no more pending notifications in the queue
  • Menu->Test Notification option will indicate reason notifications may not be shown on SmartWatch (if Quiet Time or Notifications Pause state are active)
  • Quiet Time enhancement to have separate start/end for weekdays vs weekends – note please update your settings for weekends when updating!
  • Clean up sender info for email messages (Pebble)
  • Google Now tweak for Android 4.2 (Option to show notification on every Google NOW alert and it will extract more details about the Google Now Alert). Disabled by default. Note this may also provide even more information on older (than 4.2) Android versions but has not yet been as tested.
  • Filtering of Weather notifications from Google NOW is disabled (since you can always disable in Google NOW directly)
  • Move network (Wifi/Cell) status option to notification group in settings as it is now relevant for the Pebble also (it was previously in the Sony settings)
  • Added Wifi/Cell status to Pebble information options
  • Support for Plume to provide more info in notification to Smart Watch (enable from within Notification settings and not from under all other notifications).
  • Support for GoSMS to eliminate duplicate info (enable from within Notification settings and not from under all other notifications).

New in Version 3.7

  • More optimizations for the Pebble Smart Watch
    • More Weather information – Current Conditions, Low and High Temp, Current Location (automatic based on location)


    • Weather notification (if enabled) is formatted specifically for the Pebble (as shown in the above pic)
    • Fitbit Battery Status added to Fitbit Status details
    • Option to send the extra info (weather, fitbit, etc) as a separate notification after each new notification (for a true hands-free experience)
  • pebble5
    • Option to insert a delay period between notifications (so that newer notifications do not immediately interrupt a prior notification)
  • Metawatch Fitbit – new dedicated widgets for Steps and Calories
  • FC fix for “all other notifications” due to out of memory issue
  • FC fix for Quiet Time
  • Quiet Time Enabled will be specified in the Status screen (if enabled at the current time)
  • Quiet Time bug fix to allow start time after midnight
  • GMail (Root support) – added settings option for default GMail account. Currently for the very first email the email body is not shown. When the # of unread emails is > 0, then the email body is shown. This option will specify the default email account to use for the very first email only.
    • If you have only 1 GMail account on your Android, the email body preview will work properly every time (the very first email and any email thereafter) if this field is properly set.
    • If you have more than 1 GMail account on your Android, set this field to the account you are most likely to receive email from (if you so wish). Note for the very first email (i.e. when the unread count is 1) it will always show the email body from this account (as it is the only way the app can determine which account name to use). So if an email arrives in another account and it is the first unread email for that account then the email body shown on the watch will be wrong. Leave this field blank to avoid this (prior behaviour) but you will only see sender/subject for the very first email.
    • This option is a workaround for the very first email and 100% reliable if you only have one GMail account configured on your device.
    • Note do not enter part only the name of your google email
  • pebble7
  • Move battery status option to notification group in settings as it is now relevant for the Pebble also (it was previously in the Sony settings)

New in Version 3.6

  • Official Release to Support the Pebble Smart Watch
    • Added Android Phone Battery Status and Next Upcoming Calendar Meeting to notification `more info`field (if enabled) for Pebble


  • User Request: Filtering out of Viber calls (ongoing) notifications
  • Fitbit bug fix that will impact MetaWatch and Sony users that do not track counting stairs
  • Updated to support the Noah Edition of the MetaWatch Manager

New in Version 3.5

  • Untested support for the Pebble Watch (please try trial version if you have a Pebble Watch @
    • Option to append Weather, Withings, Klout and Fitbit information to Notifications sent to the Pebble. Only one of these will be sent in one notification.  The information will cycle thru all enabled options: Notification 1 with Weather, Notification 2 with Klout, Notification 3 with Withings, etc and repeat. Option is enabled by default (can be disabled in Pebble settings).
  • User Request: (Sony & MetaWatch) – Images sent in WhatsApp chat message will be shown on the Sony SmartWatch or MetaWatch – Root access required (this option is disabled by default)

  • WhatsApp tweak for Android 4.2
  • Ability to set WhatsApp’s number of vibration pulses for incoming notifications separately (now combined with GTalk and Skype)
  • User Request: Can disable group chat messages for WhatsApp (enabled by default) – (Root only)
  • User Request: Filtering out of Skype calls (ongoing) notifications
  • Bug fix: GTalk Chat (1 unread message) fix to provide the correct count
  • Bug Fix: Weather Icon now showing again properly in Widget mode
  • User Request: Option to show next meeting time in am/pm format
  • User Request: Location data is saved in settings automatically for future weather updates so you can set it once then turn off location services but still get fairly accurate weather updates (note hyper location weather data will not be as accurate however).

New  in Version 3.4

  • New option to enable showing notifications for Clock alarms during Quiet Time
  • New Option to Enable Sending Notifications to the Pebble Watch as per this API (disabled by default). This means that only this option needs to be enabled for Augmented SmartWatch Pro (3.4) to work with your new Pebble Watch!
  • New Fitbit Friends Leaderboard display (Sony only) – enabled by default:


  • New Support for Klout on Sony and MetaWatch:
    • Twitter Handle associated with your Klout account is required to be provisioned
    • Sony – Shown in bottom left of quad-view display (Fitbit Zip must also be enabled). In this display, the Fitbit battery status is shown along the top of the display as a horizontal line (Green-High, Yellow-Medium, Red-Low). If Klout is disabled (but Fitbit is enabled), the the battery status is shown as a normal graph in the bottom-left withing the quad-view display


Klout score is shown on a graph with a range from 0-100 – 50 is at the noon position
The variance over the last week and last month is also shown as a color band that is also color coded (so you can see how the Klout score has changed over the past week/month)
0 .. 25 – Red
25 .. 50 – Yellow
50 .. 75 – Blue
75 .. 100 – Green

    • MetaWatch – to enable “at a glance” the Withings graph is combined with the Klout score and will alternate being display if both are enabled (otherwise only the one enabled will be shown – either Withings or Klout)


  • Klout score is shown on a graph with a range from 0-100 – 50 is at the Noon position

The variance over the last week and last month is also shown as a black band (so you can see how the Klout score has changed over the past week/month)

    • The Klout score is updated every 12 hours (this cannot be configured).
    • Klout is disabled by default
  • User Request: New option to disable the second screen for Google Navigation alerts (the global second screen option can still be enabled for all other alerts).
  • New Open app on Sony watch (in app mode not Widget mode) to manually scroll across display screens. Useful for scrolling through the various Fitbit/Withings/Klout displays quickly. Need to swipe left/right to move between display screens. Please double tap or swipe up to exit app mode (to ensure battery is preserved on watch).
  • A consequence of the above is that the widget mode changes slightly to more efficiently cycle through the various screens (if enabled).
  • User Request: Option to suppress the second screen if other notifications are pending and only show the second screen after the last notification is shown on the Sony watch (option is disabled by default). Also helps with battery life on Sony if enabled.
  • Continue clean-up of settings.
  • Minor Clean up of status screen (when opening app on the Android).
  • User Request – Stealth mode can be permanent via settings.

New in Version 3.3

  • Fix for Navigation crash
  • Fix for showing wrong sender (or blank) in widget mode (occurs right after app restart/crash) – Day 1 bug.
  • Root Exchange Support for Samsung Exchange app and HTC eMail app.
  • Fix for Whats App Root (Non-English) Users.
  • Start of cleanup of settings menus.
  • MetaWatch Fitbit widget fix to initialize with data right upon start-up.
  • New MetaWatch Widgets for Withings and Fitbit data (these will port easily to the Pebble also).
    • In the snapshots below there are two widgets: the one on the left is the new Fitbit widget which will show steps and calories and the one on the right shows the Withings latest scale reading.
      • Fitbit – the solid bar shows progress (actual vs goal). The  daily goal is denoted by the bar between the 2-3 position so you can see if/how much you exceed your daily goal. The widget alternates between steps and calories currently (you must enable the Fitbit Zip option to get this widget otherwise the older Widget style is used). A “Low” is shown only if the Fitbit battery is reading Low also.
      • Withings – the solid bar shows the range of the last 15 weight measures. The solid line @ Noon position is your Target Weight Objective and the longer line (within the solid bar) shows the latest reading. In the image below the target is 165 lbs and the latest reading is 166.4 lbs. The lowest reading (over the last 15 measurements) was higher than the target objective (but by only a little bit).



  • New Sony Fitbit Summary Screen – shows Steps, Calories, Battery and Withings last measure (if enabled) – need to enable Fitbit ZIP option (otherwise the 2nd summary screen is shown instead) – double tapping side Sony button in widget mode will show this screen (as the 2nd screen):



  • User Request: Option to disable sending to MetaWatch even if the Community Edition software is detected as installed and running.
  • User Request: Option to show the Application field (in addition to the Event and Description fields) in Notify My Android notifications (disabled by default).
  • Root enable check to ensure supported Exchange email client is already installed on the Android.
  • User Request – Quiet Time options (disabled by default). Can specify start time and end time – during this period notifications are not sent to the watch. Pressing widget mode during this quiet period will show that Quiet time is active. Quiet Time mode will also extend the battery life on the Sony SmartWatch.
  • User Request – New option (Sony) to only show last notification once in Widget mode. After the first time of showing an older notification it will not be shown again (until the next notification arrives). Instead “No Notification” will be shown. Disabled by default.
  • New option to vibrate when showing the 2nd screen of info (Weather, Fitbit, Withings). Disabled by default.
  • Support for Fitbit Zip (to disable showing sleep and stairs)
  • New Withings Nest-like display of weight. The colour band reflects the range of the last 15 weights values measured (relative to the goal). The objective goal weight is always at the top (center) as indicated by the white marker. The latest weight in indicated by a marker. The Colour of the band reflects the delta from the target weight as follows:

Green – within +-6 and goal is between min and max of the last 15 measures
Blue – within +-6 and goal is NOT between min and max of the last 15 measures

Yellow – between 6-12

Red – > 12


New in Version 3.2

  •  New Fitbit screens showing individual status of actual vs goal for Sleep, Calories, Steps and Stairs. These screens will be displayed as the 2nd screen of notifications in an alternating manner (with Weather and Withings screens).



  • Invoking a Widget start (via a double tap of the side button on the Sony) will reset Fitbit 2nd screen to display the Steps statistics (as this is the most frequently updated metric).
  • Skype Extended notification now supported for two screens of data (Sony)
  • Can have more Skype vibration pulses (up to ten)
  • More vibration options (allow longer pulse times 500-900 ms)
  • See update at the bottom of this post for GMAIL support (root required) and for very advanced users only
  • GMail Android 4.2 fix
  • Root Support for WhatsApp & GMail & Exchange Email (tested on Nexus 7 running Android 4.2)
    • WhatsAPP to show chat message for all messages (Root required)
    • GMail to show sender, subject and preview for all emails and for multiple accounts
    • Exchange email to show sender, subject and preview for all emails (
    • Root support is required – tested with SU Pro (suggest setting default access to grant – otherwise you must manually grant access)
    • Sqlite3 is required (install under /system/xbin) and chmod to 777 (enable execute permissions):
      • sqlite3 for Android 4.0 (must rename to sqlite3)
      • sqlite3 for Android 4.1/4.2
      • Alternatively you can extract sqlite3 using the Android emulator (adb pull /system/xbin/sqlite)
      • Use Root Explorer to move files (to /system/xbin/) and chmod

Press on the sqlite3 file and select move

Move to the /system/xbin directory  (by selecting .. parent folder to move up one level)

When you get to the /system/xbin directory, select mount r/w (button at the top) – this allows you to write to the directory then select paste to copy the file here.

Press on the sqlite3 file and select permissions – ensure read/write/execute are enabled (selected) for owner group and others – hit OK.

These root options are disabled by default. Can enable via settings:

2012-12-30 20.42.53

New in Version 3.1

  • What’s App tweak to get rid of “message from”
  • Withings start-up bug fix (it was not getting data properly upon start-up before)
  • GrooveIP notifications
  • Configurable vibrations for incoming calls into GrooveIP
  • Android 4.2 accessibility wrong status fix
  • WhatsApp/Kakao/Viber/IM+ and for most other types of notifications- extended screen notification (this means that if the notification cannot fit onto the Sony watch in one screen, a second screen is shown with the next part of the notification). A third screen is shown as before (weather, fitbit or withings) if enabled.
  • For”all other notifications”, some of these notifications would not show up on the Watches. This is now fixed in 3.1.
  • Can customize # of vibrations for Google Talk separately (User Request)
  • Weather options moved up one level to be easier to find
  • Rain and Snow alerts can now be silent
  • Separated vibration options for Network/No Network alerts
  • Added network name to Wifi Connect alerts
  • Android 4.2 Google Now Tweak
  • Added for  àll other notifications`an icon specific to the notification
  • Android 4.2 Calendar (Nexus) tweak

New in Version 3.0

  • Support for Withings and Fitbit:

  • Withings Support – The last 15 measured weights from your selected user in your Withings account is shown as displayed below (latest measure is on the right). Horizontal bars are shown at each pound increment (so in the display below the weights vary between 5 pounds over the 15 measures shown). Data is updated periodically and is configurable. A notification is shown when data is fetched (even if it has not changed). The Withings display can also be optionally added as a second notification screen (in addition to the Weather and Fitbit). If all three are enabled, the second screen rotates as follows: weather, fitbit, weather withings, weather fitbit, … – so a Withings snapshot is displayed once every six notifications.

Withings is disabled by default. To enable, go to settings->Withings Options.

Check Enable Withings. Note you must enter your email for your Withings account first, then your Withings password. After hitting OK (when entering your password, then you will be promoted to select a user from your account). The email and password are used only for the purpose of reading the weight data from your account and is not used for any other purpose nor transmitted elsewhere.

You can also enable forcing a Withings update when invoking the Widget mode. Tip – if you are in widget mode (or this is the only widget on your Sony) double-tap the side button and the widget will be shown automatically.

  • Fitbit Support! The second screen (if enabled) will alternate with the Weather/Calendar screen and the new support for your Fitbit device. Stairs, Steps, Calorie burned, Sleep and Battery status are shown along with a bar graph of each stat vs target goal. True at a glance support for Fitbit without having to fumble with your device (or look at your dashboard). Sony support as shown below.

MetaWatch support as shown below. A MetaWatch Strata widget is also available.

Fitbit is disabled by default. To enable go to the app->settings/Fitbit Options and enable Fitbit Statistics.

At this stage, you will be prompted grant access to the app using the secure OAuth mechanism;

You will be returned to Augmented SmartWatch Pro after granting access.

Note if you still have problems with getting fitbit stats, please return to this option and disable/reenable (and make sure you have a solid internet connection).

The Fitbit stats are shown as follows:

(All Watches) when an update of data is conducted a notification on the Watch appears

(Sony only) when any notification is sent to the watch and if the 2nd screen of Notifications is enabled (which it is by default). This display of information alternates with the weather/calendar second screen for subsequent notifications.

The fitbit stats shown are

Steps, Stairs, Calorie Burn, Sleep and Battery status on the Fitbit

A graph of actual vs goal is also shown

The Fitbit options are

Enable flag (disabled by default)

 Update frequency – how often to get the latest data from the Fitbit cloud

You can also enable forcing a Fitbit update when invoking the Widget mode. Tip – if you are in widget mode (or this is the only widget on your Sony) double-tap the side button and the widget will be shown automatically.

Target goal for sleep per night (default is 8 hours). The graph is adjusted based on this target goal.


Battery status is obtained once per day (to minimize data queries and battery life usage)

The update frequency is the minimum time between updates (and is approximate).

Accuracy/latency of the real-time nature of the info depends on how often you sync your fitbit. Ideally it syncs wirelessly throughout the day. Ironically, you can only do this via a Windows PC or iOS mobile device. This app does NOT sync/communicate with a Fitbit device directly. This app only communicates with the Fitbit APIs in their mandated APIs/protocol.

  • Snow icon at bottom of notification (if snowing and enabled)
  • User Request – Live Score Addicts support
  • Executive Assistant (updates) to match recent update which broke notifications for Touchdown
  • (Hopefully) a complete fix for when/if you experience a random notification that vibrates the watch but doesn’t show on watch (in prior releases, try lowering the time to display the last screen to < 6 seconds). This workaround/fix should eliminate all known instances of this symptom. I have traced this issue to the Sony software which occurs when the Android phone is under heavy load and timers are not firing precisely (hence the Sony display behavior was being overridden by the Sony software).
  • Google NOW tweaks to remove # of Cards info from notification (Sony only)
  • Filter out duplicate Skype notifications
  • Tweak Skype message notification display (Sony)
  • Tested with Android 4.2 and related tweaks to Google Now
  • MotoACTV – new option to treat a Wifi disconnect as a regular notification
  • Weather update frequency is now configurable
  • Weather can now be updated silently (e.g. no nagging notifications on the watch) – disabled is now the default setting
  • User Request – Stealth Mode – Must be enabled via app – prohibits the notification subject from being shown on watch (only the sender is shown)

New in Version 2.9.2

  • NEW support for the Sony Headset Pro in a true “hands-free” and “at a glance” manner. The notification sender and subject will scroll/be displayed for a few seconds for each incoming notification. Note there is no vibration on this device. Also if both a headset AND a Sony watch is installed on the same Android, only the Watch would be notified and not the Headset (by default).  To override this default (to send a notification to the headset), uncheck the “Ignore Sony Headset” option under settings. Note sending a notification to both a Sony watch and Sony headset is not supported (it must be either one or the other).

  • Added option to enable/disable K9 Body preview. Disabling has two potential advantages: 1) K9 notifications uses less space on Watch; and 2) (Sony) solves possible performance issues that could cause some notifications to show on Sony watch for a longer time than normal. This is disabled by default, so you must enable this option if you still want to see the K9 body preview after updating to 2.9.2.
  • Clean-up of Weather/Next meeting screen to make the information more viewable.
  • Added raindrop logo when time/temp is being shown (if rain/show is expected in the next two hours, if enabled)
  • Option to not show logo on notification screen.
  • Added option for notification on wifi connect or disconnect.
  • Added option for notification on bluetooth tether connect or disconnect.
  • Music notification tweaks to show the notification information more completely.
  • Spotify enhanced notifications.
  • Option to have sender on two lines on Sony (prior was only 1) – must be enabled via settings (disabled by default)
  • Modified “Unread Messages” to a shorter “Unread” in notification for emails
  • “No Snow” false alarm fix

New in Version 2.9

  • User Request – added local current time (if notification information does not extend to the last available line on the Sony Watch). In addition, the current temperature is appended (only if weather is enabled).
    • Note if (for whatever reasons) notifications have not been sent to the Sony Smart Watch then a message indicating this will be shown instead so that user is alerted to the # of missed notifications (a red bar along the bottom of the Sony Watch will also be shown if/when this condition occurs). You will rarely (if ever) see this.

  • User Request – ability to pause notifications (tap on status notification to resume or on enable button within the app):

  • Bug fix for weather time-stamp status
  • Message clean up of NotifyMyAndroid Notifications (to remove formatting control characters)
  • New Feature – Low Battery Notification warning (can be disabled in settings, enabled by default)
  • Experimental Feature – Sunlight Mode (Sony) – A preset color contrast mode to maximize the visibility of notifications in direct sunlight (to help compensate for the Sony’s poor visibility outdoors). This must be manually enabled (within the app as shown below) and is not recommended for 7/24 use as it will use more battery inherently due to the white background. Note this will also override any color settings for all notifications (the next feature below).

  • User Request – ability to customize the font and colors for notifications (Sony only). Settings->Sony Watch Options->Font Style and Color Options. Note if Sunlight mode is enabled, then the color settings are ignored.

  • Version 2.9 introduces the concept of different levels of notifications – for now only the color of the notification on the Sony watch is affected by the level:

Level 1 –  Weather, Network Notifications, Google Navigation, Music, EBay, Instagram

Level 2 – Chat messages, Google NOW, Calendar Alerts, SMS, Notify My Android,

Level 3 – Emails (Default Level)

By Default the color is the same for all levels of notifications (and the same color as prior versions of Augmented SmartWatch Pro). So there would be no change by default for anyone upgrading from an older release to 2.9.0. Version 2.9.0 gives the user the opportunity to customize (if they so wish).

  • User Request – Feature to notify the Sony SmartWatch with any image from the internet. Current implementation monitors the K9 subject field of emails looking for a keyword string you define in settings (followed by the URL of the image). Example is shown below – subject field


Image on Watch that is shown as a result


  • (MotoACTV) – added a third option upon Wifi network disconnect notification to just tap “OK” to clear the notification without needing to go to Wifi Settings. Hence there are now three options upon Wifi disconnect: 1) Goto Wifi Settings, 2) OK, and 3) Disable future notifications (until re-enabled or MotoACTV restart)
  • (Sony) – Added option to config the default action when tapping on the Sony watch in Widget mode. Two options are supported: 1) Update Weather and 2) Time to go home. Note the update weather option has a guard time of 5 minutes (i.e. an update will not be done if the last update was within the prior 5 minute window).
  • Only paying customers will know: a surprise (experimental) new feature for all North American customers only (for all watches). Read this link for a concept of the SmartWatch of the future.

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.8.2

  •  Ability to resume phone/tablet pop-up notifications from the status notification bar when temporarily paused. Useful for quickly pausing/resuming notifications appearing on your phone/tablet while reading/watching videos/in a video call (for example). This also works on the MotoACTV (i.e. can tap on status bar notification to resume pop-ups on MotoACTV).
  • Exciting New Feature– Now all notifications that can appear on the status notification bar can now be shown on the watch (Sony or MetaWatch or be sent to a MotoACTV).
    • By default, these are disabled.
    • You will need to go to settings->Notification Options->All Other Notifications and CHECK the appropriate tick-box to enable notifications for each specific application.
    • This eliminates the prior need to use Tasker to get notifications for apps not directly support by Augmented SmartWatch Pro.
    • Moreover the information provided is richer than the information provided by Tasker.
  • Added accessibility enabled check on start-up of App on phone and upon start-up of app (can be disabled in settings) (Not enabled for MotoACTV)
  • Fixed potential accessibility status issue in app view on phone
  • Updated Battery and Cell/Wifi signal status color bars to make it easier to see status (Sony Watch)
  • Added Google Voice Messages as a notification that can be sent from one Android device to your other devices (Settings->Phone Options->Notify Other Phones Options).
    • So (for example), if your Sony watch is connected to your Galaxy Note, but you also have another Android phone (say a HTC OneX) running Goggle Voice (for another account), Google Voice messages to your HTC OneX can be shown on your Sony (or MetaWatch/MotoACTV) smartwatch connected to another Android device!
  • Filter out Google Now Weather notifications (it is not useful)
  • Fix potential Force Close issues when K9 is being installed (after Augmented SmartWatch Pro is installed)

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.8.1

  • (MotoACTV only) Ability to see the last notification shown by turning MotoACTV on. Note the last notification will keep appearing on display turn-on until the user taps OK or taps to see all notifications via the NotifyMyAndroid list (as with a new notification on the MotoACTV). If the user does not do anything, then the pop-up notification will disappear after 8 seconds (and re-appear if the user turns the MotoACTV display back on).
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 option to tweak Exchange email notification (flip sender/subject fields) – disabled by default.
  • (MotoACTV & Phones) Option added on pop-up to temporarily disable pop-up notifications. Will be re-enabled after restart or by opening app and re-starting “Phone PopUps Stopped. Click to start”. This could be useful when viewing a video or during a Skype video call (for example). Example on MotoACTV shown below:

  • To re-enable on MotoACTV (ensure green button below is enabled)

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.8

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.7

  • Finally workaround to Accessibility JellyBean disabled/re-enable issue – no longer need to do this  (from 2.7)

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.6.1

  • Weather Underground support if you have a free API key
  • User Request – Xabber (Sony and MetaWatch)
  • Visual indicator if Accessibility needs to be disabled/re-enabled in JellyBean
  • Google Navigation bug fix (now works again for Sony/MetaWatch Smart Watches)

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.4 (Now Available)

  • Fix for Weather issues recently introduced due to Google API shut-down
  • Introducing a new feature to allow users with multiple Android devices to receive notifications from your other Android devices (other than the one Android device connected via bluetooth to your SmartWatch!

  • There is a growing trend of users having multiple phones and/or tablets but only one SmartWatch.
    • Augmented SmartWatch Pro (version 2.4) allows for notifications to be sent from one Android device to another so it can be displayed on the SmartWatch (or even on the other phone via the Pop-Up feature).
    • Use cases for this includes incoming phone calls, SMS messages and music playing on one device.
      • So if you have a Android phone and a Nexus 7 device, but your MetaWatch (or Sony) is connected to your Android phone and you play Spotify from your Nexus 7, this unique feature will allow the music track information playing on your Nexus 7 to be shown on both your Android phone and your Smart Watch!
      • If an incoming calls shows on your Android phone, it can be displayed on your other Android phones also (SMS messages also)
      • This is quite useful if you use different devices in different environments (work vs home vs car) but still want all your notifications on your SmartWatch and/or your other android devices.
    • A Notify My Android API key is required to use this feature. In addition, the Notify My Android app must be installed on your devices that you wish to receive such notifications on.

  • (Sony) Increase internal guard time to address the symptom when the Sony watch vibrates but no notification is shown on the display as the watch does not wake up to show the notification. This is a known limitation when many notifications arrive very fast to the phone (and a trade-off on stability was made vs speed) – note you may never experience this, so don’t worry if you don’t understand this! If this still occurs do not hesitate to let me know (as I may make the guard time more configurable). Note a red bar along the bottom of the watch will appear when a notification is skipped. This red bar is cleared when you go into widget mode (double tap side button on watch)
  • Support for Last.FM
  • Fixed duplicate notifications to MetaWatch bug
  • Google NOW FC fix
  • Viber crash fixes and tweaks for multiple notifications
  • Option in menu of the main app view to do a test notification to your watch (Sony or Metawatch). This ensures everything is working OK from an installation perspective.
  • Tweaks for Google Navigation to make the # of alerts more reasonable (especially useful for pop-up on phone mode while driving and using another app in the foreground). Several configuration options are added:
    • Distance Filter – when the next direction is < distance filter all notifications are shown; if the next direction is > distance filter, then the time filter is used
    • Time Filter – when the time since the last notification for the exact same directions (e.g. turn left @ front st) is < Time Filter, the notification is not shown. Only when the time since the last notification is > time filter will the notification be shown again (for the same direction)
    • If the direction changes from the prior one, then it will always be show regardless of the time or distance settings.

    • Optimize for phone – if enabled, this will show notifications only on the phone (and not the watch as otherwise there could be a lot of notifications being sent to the watch).
    • The pop-up on the phone has two options:
      • “OK” – to dismiss the pop-up ahead of the default time-out;
      • “See on Map” – to go to Maps/Navigation centered around the current position;
  • Pandora & Doggcatcher tweaks
  • Configurable option to tweak unread count option for Executive Assistant/Touchdown – seems to be an issue for non Android 4.1 users. Need to enable this option and to enable “notify on new emails” within TouchDown. There will be double notifications in the status bar on the phone as a result  (but the notification to the Smart Watch will have the right info)
  • User Request – New Feature (Sony/MetaWatch) – Notify Watch when phone is oriented to North (helps to navigate in a new city, assumes phone is positioned appropriately)
    • To activate, enable within app view (remains active until a reboot or user disables it, so it keeps running in background mode even when one exits the app)
    • Notifications are purposely throttled to one every 30 seconds.
    • A configuration parameter allows the # of vibrations to be customized for this notification.
    • The compass on the phone may need calibration (if message is displayed in app view)

New  in Augmented SmartWatch 2.3

  • (Sony) – Wifi or Cell Phone Signal (shown on left side of watch)
  • Support for Doggcatcher, eBay, Instagram
  • Support for Samsung Exchange email notifications (will only work on some devices/versions – tested to work on Samsung Galaxy Note/4.0, tested to not work on HTC . On Nexus 7 4.1 only get new message notification)
  • GTalk tweak for unread chats
  • What’s App now properly shows the first chat message
  • Added list of 3rd party apps not installed that are supported to status screen in app view
  • Timestamp info in error logs in app view
  • Fix refresh bug in app view
  • Refined status on Pebble/Sony/Metawatch install/running/connected in app view
  • Fix to Calendar alerts for HTC & Nexus phones
  • Some diagnostic info to help determine if Exchange Emails and Calendar alerts are supported on a specific phone in app view
  • Larger accessibility red dot indicator
  • Updated phone pop-up notification to show icon
  • Revised Preferences organization to make it clearer which options are relevant to the MetaWatch
  • Automatically clean up stale notification files after a reboot of phone (or Sony software restarts)

New  in Augmented SmartWatch 2.2

  • Experimental feature – temporary pop-up of notification on your Android phone. *May* be useful to you when driving and using GPS programs and cannot (easily) glance at your watch when driving fast or when your phone display is off but strategically placed so that you can view it more discretely (when glancing at your watch may be socially constraining). There are two options for what the display looks like on the phone:
      1. A text view of the notification (this feature can be used even if there is no smartwatch or it can be used with only a MetaWatch or Sony or Pebble);

      1. As it appears on your Sony SmartWatch – for Sony users only:

Enable via settings (Duplicate on Phone as shown below) or via Intent parameter sender:SCREENS_ON_PHONE (to turn on) and sender:SCREENS_OFF (to turn off).  Note on Android 4.1, the screen will turn black briefly when the notification is displayed and when the notification is removed from the display. This artifact is not present on Android 4.0.

Note there is a second option to also show the notification even when the phone display is off. Please enable this option sparingly as the battery life could be impacted (as the display on the phone would be turned on for each notification).

  • Google NOW Tweaks
  • GMail notifications are now working for Android 2.*
  • User request: Skype filtering
  • User request: Added Contact name to SMS (if found)
  • Phone battery indicator tweaks
  • Option to add notifications to New Event queue on Sony (note the “notification only” option is optimized for this feature):

New in Augmented SmartWatch 2.1

  • Notify My Android, KiK Messenger, Facebook, Viber, KakaoTalk
  • Weather fixes

Upcoming in a future version a new concept called “SCREENS”  which would allow any notification that can be sent to a SmartWatch to additional (simultaneously) or alternatively be sent to any device that can render HTML. This enables new and futuristic use cases when combined with Tasker (to route to various HTML displays based on context/location)!

New features in Augmented SmartWatch 2.0

New – application mode (invoke like a normal application) – to get quick access to settings, detailed help and status

  • User Request – New support for What’s App (note from the 2nd chat message on, will only show sender of message and the chat message count, if the first chat message is not acted on – limitation of What’s App implementation)

  • User Request – New support for GMail (note from the 2nd email on, will only show the new message count, until the user goes into GMail app to clear the new messages – limitation of GMail on Android)
  • User Request – Modified the second screen (if enabled) to not show the 2nd screen if weather is disabled and there are no more meetings upcoming
  • Support for MetaWatch and preliminary support for the Pebble Watch!

  • Notification only (first screen) – improved readability (larger font and avoiding word wrapping)

  • Support for Google Play Music Artist/Track
  • Formal introduction of an Open API to allow any 3rd party application (such as Tasker for non-developers)  to quickly send a notification to any Smart Watch supported by Augmented SmartWatch (Sony, Pebble or MetaWatch).
  • Further tweaks to Google Now Traffic notifications (manual mode) – Sony only

Support for the MetaWatch

Augmented SmartWatch 2.0 requires the MetaWatch Community Edition app and Augmented SmartWatch complements the MetaWatch Community Edition app notifications as follows:

  • Skype & What’s App Chat Messages are shown in the notifications (instead of just the name of the sender of a chat message). Note for What’s App it would be only the first chat message sent, thereafter it is the count that is displayed (until the user clears the notifications).

  • Support for notifications from Google Play Music, GMail, Google Navigation, Pandora & Google Now

  • Support for true sender/subject from TouchDown (using Executive Assistant as described here)
  • Support for showing the body preview in K9 emails
  •  Motion detector Pro integration (image that triggered the motion on Watch automatically)! Note SMS sender must be configured
  • Pre-filtering of notifications to reduce the notification load sent to the MetaWatch
  • The vibration settings for the Sony Watch are also used for all notifications sent to the MetaWatch
  • The MetaWatch appears to co-exist nicely with the Sony SmartWatch when both watches are connected to the same Android device (and notifications are pushed to both watches simultaneously using Augmented SmartWatch)

Support for the Pebble Watch

  • Based on Pebble’s Android API, support for the Pebble watch has been started (but it still needs a couple of things once Pebble defines their API more precisely). While it cannot currently be directly tested with an actual Pebble watch (or even an emulator) the API is quite clear and the output messages have been verified to be consistent with the API (except for a couple of portions which will be trivial to add once Pebble makes this public). The key point being, that once a Pebble is connected to your Android, the Augmented SmartWatch 2.0+ version (theoretically) should simply start pushing notifications to the Pebble watch (as it currently does to the Sony and MetaWatch)! Hence as soon as the Pebble is shipped, out of the box (with this app) the pebble will immediately get all of the notifications that Augmented SmartWatch supports!
  • If anyone from the Pebble team is reading this, I would be happy to receive a pre-release of the Pebble Watch to test (even though I pledged for two Pebbles via kickstarter already) or alternatively I would be happy to send you an .apk of Augmented SmartWatch to test with (once the APIs are completed).
  • One other outstanding question is if the Pebble will play nicely with the Sony SmartWatch connected to the same Android device.

Features of Augmented SmartWatch 2.0

Augmented SmartWatch is the ultimate notification app for the key SmartWatches (Sony, Pebble and the MeatWatch). Augmented SmartWatch provides for a  true “at a glance” and 100% “hands-free” notifications on all supported Watches:

  • Important: K9 emails (including a Preview of the email Body) – please install K9 BEFORE you install this app (otherwise crashes will occur, seems that this is a restriction that other apps have with K9, like Executive Assistant). If you have not installed K9 but already installed this app, then uninstall this app, install K9, then re-install this app.
  • Executive Assistant – Note with Executive Assistant (EA), you also get Touchdown email support with Sender AND subject for EVERY email (regardless of if you clear the notification bar or not). Please enable email notification within EA AND do NOT enable the Notify Once option.

  • Optimized for Google NOW (for Android 4.1 and 4.0) – For 4.1 you must turn on/turn off/turn back on the accessibility settings option for this app to workaround a known 4.1 issue (after every reboot or re-install of this app)

  • SMS, Skype, Whats App, GMail, Google Talk/Google Voice (must have notifications enabled within these apps) and must enable Augmented SmartWatch via settings/accessibility

  • Calendar Alerts
  • Alarm Clock alerts (for some phones only) – HTC phones do not support this feature currently
  • Pandora, Appmonger, Spotify and Deezer

  • Location based weather with hourly updates
  • Google Navigation directions (must set route via normal app-use in walking mode)

  • Estimated driving time from current location to home – tap in widget mode to activate (must configure home/work locations via settings->sony->location):

3rd Party Integration to Augmented SmartWatch

Augmented SmartWatch provides for an open and very simple API to allow any 3rd party entity (like Tasker or other Android app) to send a notification to a Sony, Pebble or MetaWatch at any time. The interface is very simple as follows:

    Android Intent – com.alk.k9.action.add

   Parameters: 1) sender 2) subject

   Tasker Task example  – note in the latest version of Tasker it is called Send Intent (it was Action Intent in older versions of Tasker). Note also the “Target” must be set to Service:

  Android Code example:

Intent intent1 = new Intent();
intent1.putExtra(“sender”, “PA Speeding”);
intent1.putExtra(“subject”, “PA Speeding Details”);

Features specific to the Sony SmartWatch

Highly configurable, with a unique widget mode that manually shows the last notification received (in case you missed the automatic notification display).

Tip: Click twice on the side button of the Sony watch to see the last notification!

Shows current battery status of the Android phone connected to and details of your next appointment.

For each notification, there is a rich set of options on what is displayed (6 combinations that can last from 3 up to 21 seconds). The Sony watch will wake up for a # of  seconds (with an initial vibration to alert user to “glance” at their watch). the 6 combinations are derived from two options:

1) How the notification is displayed – 3 options:

2) If a second screen is displayed;

For the notification option, the three options are

    1. The notification is displayed alone

2. The  notification is displayed with other information (weather, battery life, custom)

3. A two-screen view specific for K9 emails/SMS notifications that take up more than one screen real-estate to display; the first screen is like option 2 above and the second screen shows the email body (preview) information. The email body preview is optimized for display on the Sony SmartWatch.

For the second screen the weather information and details about your next upcoming meetings are shown.

Other Features:

– Motion detector Pro integration (image that triggered the motion on Watch automatically)!

Note the phone number of the phone running Augmented SmartWatch Pro must be configured in the  MotionDetector Pro app (since the alert is sent as an SMS).

The phone number running Motion Detector Pro must also be configured within Augmented SmartWatch (settings->other):

– Duration time for each screen and the vibration can be fully configured via settings

– Battery remaining indicator icon (right side)

After you first first install the app (Sony)

Once you install the application, please ensure the following:

1) For Sony Watches – go into LiveWare->Augmented SmartWatch settings and enable widget mode
2) For all Watches – go to system settings->accessibility and enable for this app (note the Android 4.1 comment above)

If you still see a red dot on the Sony Watch in the bottom-left, then accessibility is not enabled.

You should now be up and running with the default settings.

Error Conditions Indicated by the Sony Watch:

Note if you see a red dot on the app it means

top/left – no network condition
bottom/left – accessibility setting is not enabled (for some notifications to work, it must be enabled)

You can also see a colored bar which indicates the phone’s battery life as follows:

        • Green – above 75%
        • Blue – between 75% and 50%
        • Yellow – between 50% and 30%
        • Orange – between 30% and 20%
        • Red – below 20%

How to Get Support

If you have questions, problems or would like to suggest a feature or request for a specific application to be supported please email @ augmentedtraffic at gmail dot com or use Google Talk (augmentedtraffic).

Motivation for this application 

On the Sony SmartWatch, a typical notification is a small icon. One then always needs to manually tap the watch to see the notification details. This is not true “at a glance” nor is it “hands-free”. Augmented SmartWatch is a true “at a glance” and 100% “hands-free” LiveWare extension for the Sony SmartWatch. The notification details appears on the watch automatically. The screen will automatically turn on for a few seconds and then automatically shut off. The watch vibrates just before the display is turned on to alert you to “glance” at your watch to see the information. Augmented SmartWatch makes the Sony watch hardware realize it’s full potential.

The Smart Watch trend is only just starting and there is no clear leader. Augmented SmartWatch address this uncertainty by abstracting the notifications from the various key applications on an Android and supporting the key smart watches in a seamless manner to all 3rd party applications. Augmented SmartWatch is the first and only application to support multiple Smart Watches (simultaneously) in this visionary and future-proof manner, hence the price of the application will continue to increase as new notifications/watches are supported and added, thereby rewarding the early adopters that had the vision to recognize this emerging trend first.

The application is specifically designed with 100% hands-free and for real-time notifications, hence some fundamental design decisions were made:

  • Rather than allow all applications notifications to be used, the focus is on optimizing the experience with selected applications/notifications instead. However I will add support for other applications upon request.
  • 100% hands-free means truly being able to glance and get the information without requiring any manual interactions with the watch. In only a few use cases do I optionally allow such interactions.
  • Battery life is immensely important and the use cases are highly personal; hence the duration of notifications/vibrations and what is notified upon are all highly configurable within the settings of the app – with different settings the application can behave (and look)  quite differently. The default settings are based upon my personal use cases, but they can easily be tweaked/disabled.
  • Investing in Augmented SmartWatch, means that as new Smart Watches  evolve, your investment in this app will be protected as new Smart Watches will be supported by future versions of Augmented SmartWatch (all settings are reused for all watches as applicable). Moreover with an open API, other applications can use the Augmented SmartWatch Open API to quickly support any smart watch supported by this app; thereby increasing the value of your investment in Augmented SmartWatch. For advanced users, Tasker can be used to “roll your own” notifications via the Augmented SmartWatch Open API.
  • There is no need to buy separate apps for the same Smart Watch simply because each app supports a different notification type. Augmented SmartWatch can be used to aggregate all notifications into a common user interface and operational approach (rather than a more costly and less user friendly approach of truly having separate applications). Moreover each app will take separate memory (and CPU) resources on the watch/Android.

Watches NOT supported

WIMM –  I do have a WIMM and it simply isn’t currently designed for hands-free, real-time notifications (or at least I cannot get it to work reliably)

IM Watch – no interest in supporting this, nor am I sure that it is even possible to do notifications reliably and in real-time. Note with support for MotoACTV, Augmented SmartWatch Pro will run on an IM Watch (just enable the “Force MotoACTV” option under settings->MotoACTV Watch Options). Alternatively Augmented SmartWatch Pro should treat the IM Watch as an Android device and show local notifications. I do not have an IM Watch nor do I intend to get one, but if someone has an IM Watch and wants to test, please email me and I can provide a test apk build for you.

Cuckoo – meant for different use case and is to restrictive in the information that can be shown on the watch

Augmented SmartWatch Notify vs Augmented SmartWatch Pro

Here is a recent comment on an earlier version of this app:

A great idea, but not a practical app This could so easily have been a great SmartWatch app for users of Tasker. The use of intents allows instant notifications to be triggered from within Tasker, so there’s no need to have another accessibility service running all the time and/or another app always running in the background, eating up your ram and battery (which is the case with all other SmartWatch notification apps on Google Play at the moment). Unfortunately, this is really just a demonstration of instant SmartWatch notifications, and not at all configurable enough to be a usable, practical app. It forces the display of two screens of information, most of which will be missing or invalid for most users that do not have or want certain apps installed. Only 2 lines of text can be set by the user. It seems that this app was probably just an intermediary step during the development of the author’s paid app, and it’s somewhat frustrating that with just a little work (removing all the extraneous information you are forced to display, the pointless 2nd screen, adding configuration options) this could have been so useful for many SmartWatch owners.

Well Mark, you are right and this is precisely what this paid app does. However, if you email me, we can discuss how to get you a free version of what you want.

59 thoughts on “Release Notes for Augmented SmartWatch Pro – For the Pebble,Sony, MotoACTV & MetaWatch Smart Watches

  1. Hi, I bought your app and I love it!
    Just say that, for action intents with tasker, at least in my HTC One X with tasker 1.3u1m, The Action intent is called ‘Send intent’ and you must set the ‘Target’ to ‘Service’

    • BTW I saw your posting @ a couple of comments

      1) Yes I did have bug in weather that should be now fixed in the latest 2.1 version (uploaded yesterday). If it still does not work than please email me or respond back here.

      2) I purposely do not put the notifications in the event queue. The key reason is that a notification at the top middle of the smartwatch will show when I show my notifications and hence the display of the top line is not shown properly (this is displayed by Sony’s software which I cannot control). I elected to therefore not support this feature. I could reconsider (making it an option) if you really want to see it?

      • 1) The weather thing is working for me now, thanks!
        2) Don’t worry about that, I don’t need it, it was just I had the option and I tried it.

      • Actually in 2.2 (just uploaded) I added the ability to use the new events queue – there was other demand for it so I added it!

  2. your app sounds very promising. I have 2 comments. First, do you plan to support the upcoming MetaWatch STRATA model? 2nd, I wish you had a “lite” version of the app to get a chance to try it out before buying. I have a few 3rd party apps, like “Notifry” and others, I’d like to make sure they work fine with Augmented SmartWatch Pro.

    • 1) Yes I have pledged for a MetaWatch Strata for Sept and I will support it if they have an open API (as they do today via the Community Edition). If they do not have this Open API, I will not be supporting it as it would be too much work for me. However all signs indicate that they will support it. Moreover, it may even support it with the existing APIs which would be even better. I also plan to support the Pebble watch as they have already published their APIs.

      2) I just emailed you a “lite’ version of Version 2.1 to try.

  3. I love my SmartWatch!

    I’m using v2.3 on an Xperia X10i.
    I’ve got 2 problems…
    1) Temperature seems to be constantly 12C
    2) No email or calendar items are notified. (I’ve been using Touchdown for a while and just installed the free version of EA)

    Any tips as to what I may be doing wrong?


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  6. Hi I am wondering if there is a way to scoll down longer text (similar to stock SMS and Gmail app) on the Sony Smartwatch, I received some longer text form google talk and whatsapp but the text was truncated, i can’t scoll down for the remaining of the text. Let me know if I did not use it the right way…

    • Hi Jason

      At this time there is no way to scroll down as the key intent of the app is only to provide a screen’s worth of info to “glance” at to determine if to look at the message on your phone in more detail.

      If you use K9 and enable body preview, you will see more info in a middle screen (this is for K9 emails only however).

      Alternatively you could enable “Add to new events queue” under settings->Sony Watch options and use the new events widget to see the info by scrolling down (this is another Sony App). This is a manual operation though.


      • Thanks for your response – just that sometimes the “Message from XXXXXXXX” took some message space already, if we can extract just the XXXXXXX part out (skipping from “Message from” part) that will allow us to see a bit more into the message.. Then I am not looking for the app to see the whole message, maybe just as long as the one display in the stock SMS app.. I was a bit suprise to see the scrolling down is not that as I read through the Smartwatch SDK and it seems to me that it is supported… I love your app and I hate to be forced to write my own in order to read some messages…

  7. Hi Jason

    Good suggestion I will delete the “Message from” in the next update.

    Scrolling is possible in the SDK (via swiping up/down for example), it is just that I purposely did not have this as a feature (I am trying to minimize all interactions with the watch).


    • Thanks very much, shortening to “XXXXX: ” instead of “Message from XXXXX:” will help providing more clarity and additional info. I understand your rationale / philosophy of keeping it simple and makng the app as the notifier for user to detemine if they need to check their phone. At the same time, at the same time as a greedy user, I will also try to have as much information as i can get with a single glance – that will only help my decision for next step easier and maybe skipping the step to look at the phone if i get most of the message.

      I tried a few of those notifiers, like the Universal IM Notification, they don’t work quite well with the Jelly Bean devices and with different IMs like WhasApp, WeChat, Google Talk etc, only yours work the best so i am a huge fan.. Only that the Universal IM Notification seems to be able to display more text or scrolling. You are doing great, and keep up the good work, I am so looking forward to the next update. I will try to take a look at the SDK and examples, and see if I could quickly put together a simple WhatsApp client for the watch – or you can use your code base to develop a new app just for that, i am sure there is a market for that and people are willing to pay for it – a simplified IM client that can work with differnet IM apps, provide reasonable amount of text, or maybe even a simple action to clear all the past events from the watch itself.

      • I actually have a middle screen that shows more info for K9 emails only. I can see how easy it is to reuse this to show a 2nd screen of info (only if it has more content). Other than What’sApp which other notifications would you want this 2nd screen of info for? The reason I need to ask (unfortunately) is that I customize the presentation (based on notifications). I would use the same timer

        If it is only Whats App (for now) it may be doable for the next release. Stay tuned.

        Note the weather/fitbit/withings would still show (as a 3rd screen).


  8. If you can get WhatsApp working for showing more text on the 2nd screen then it would be great – for now it is just showing when i enabled the 2nd screen. I think WhatsApp is the #1 IM out there in terms of populartiy, then a newer one called Wechat is picking up due to its innovation so i will not be suprised that it will surpass WhatsApp within a year – that one can go to your future release if it will require more work. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, best wishes and thanks for the great work.

    • Wechat works via the “All other notifications” option. It has the same symptom as WhatsApp in that the actual chat for only the first message is shown, but all future chat messages are not (only the # of chat messages is shown), until one clears or views the chat messages within the Wechat app.

  9. “WhatsAPP to show chat message for all messages (Root required)”

    What does this mean? Does it mean you can read the content of all Whatsapp messages when they arrive, rather than just getting a notification? Or that you can browse through your message history like you can through the Sony Message App?

    – Sony SmartWatch Owner

    • It means you can see the messages as they arrive on the Sony Watch without needing to even touch the Sony Watch at all and for every message!

      All other apps just show the ICON and you need to touch the watch to see details.
      Moreover, for the 2nd chat message on (e.g. if you receive one chat message and then a 2nd chat message without clearing the first one by reading the message within the app) you don’t even get the chat details, just that there are x new messages.

      With ASP and Root support you get every message on the Sony Watch (or MetaWatch) AND without needing to touch the Watch at all – both of this is very powerful combined.

      See this post (use goggle translate) for someone that has successfully used ASP w Root

    • Just out of interest, what is your use case then for using Augmented SmartWatch Pro since the key feature is to show the notification details. There are other apps that would show the icon I beleive to give you more stealth info. I will look into making this a permanent option thanks

  10. I just bought today, and was a bit confused by the mix of 24 hour vs AM/PM time formats. Is there an option I’m missing to have the calendar meeting event reminders show using 1:00p instead of 13:00? Otherwise great app, very helpful and configurable.

    • Hi Scott,
      Currently there is no option for this.

      However I will add an option in the next release (3.5 to be released very early in Feb).


  11. I’m new with this app and I can’t manage to make the whatsapp notifications to work. It keeps saying that the sqlite3 is not installed even when I did exactly what the instructions explain. Please help!!

    • The test is pretty accurate so you should triple check that sqlite3 is installed under /system/xbin and permissions were changed.

      • This is really strange. Re checked and it should work. I copied the sqlite3 with rootexplorer and set the permissions with root explorer too. I have checked and all the permissions are set. Im running JB 4.1.2 with a siyah kernel dual boot. My second rom is CM10.1. I am not sure if that affects. Thanks for your help.

      • Any ideas why this is happening? I really appreciate your help. Do you need any information from my device?

      • Please send me a screen grab of the /system/xbin directory showing SQLite3 and a screen grab of the permissions for the file.

        Also did you install the right SQLite3 for your Android version – what version are you using?

  12. Hi, I am using the pro version and am receiving double notifications from NMA for whatsapp messages sent from my other android phone running augmented smartwatch pro.

    How do I solve this? Thanks

  13. In the NMA log do you see the whats app message once or twice – I just tested and I get only one message
    I used three phones for the test

    One to send whats app
    One to receive it and push it back via NMA (settings is show on other phones and whatsapp is enabled).
    Another one to show message on Pebble watch (settings is show on other phones enabled and whatsapp is enabled)

    Just to confirm whatsapp is enabled via settings-notification options and not via settings-all other notifications (it must be disabled here)


    • Hi, I have two entries inside my NMA log. I have also set it using phone options – enable on other phones – enable Whats app.

  14. How many phones do you have whatsapp running on. The use case assumes only one – it sounds like you may be running whatsapp on two devices

    If you look at the title of a NMA message (Augemented SmartWatch pro following by some letters and digits), for the two instances (in the NMA logs) of the same whatsapp message (in the title) are the letters and digits the same or different.

    if the same then there is a problem, but if they are different then it means you have two instances of whatsapp running and each receiving the message and hence sending back up to the NMA cloud – hence two notifications.

  15. Am afraid that its the same. For example, in my NMA log it says @1747 Augmented SmartWatch Prof391a2859a4db388 Whats App “Oh ok: “. There are two instances of this at the same time. Same message and same letters and numbers i.e. Prof391a2859a4db388.

    I have tried this on 2 different phones. One a Galaxy S2 and the other the Xperia Z and both have the same result (when trying to push Whatsapp messages to each other)

  16. Ok – I did some testing and I saw it once only in @ 20 tests. I suspect the whatsapp is issuing multiple notifications under some conditions. I can look at filtering out duplicates in the next release.

  17. Thanks again. Strangely for me it happens for every message. Not sure why that should be the case. However, it is not a show-stopper and am thankful for the utility of this app and of course the great support.

  18. Hi, I am having problem with the incoming call module for the Pro software. Currently, when I receive an incoming call, I am unable to take the call using tasker. I have turned on the option in the Pro software and set up a tasker task to “Answer Call” with the corresponding Take Call function in tasker. However when a call comes in, when I hit the top button of the Pebble, nothing happens.

  19. Unfortunately the tasker answer call action does not work with all phones (e.g. HTC one it does not work – Samsung phones i think do).

    Reject call works on all.

    • Hi, thanks for the reply. I would like to ask if the “Forward incoming call alerts” on the Pebble App should be turned on for this feature to work? So far, when I turn it on, I will see the incoming call on my pebble but pressing both the top button and the middle button does nothing. If I turn the notification off, then no notification appears when there is an incoming call. For the augmented smartwatch pro app, the “Enable Incoming Call Response” option is ticked for both cases.


  20. You need to go to the music app to see the options – it does not pop up automatically (unfortunately)

  21. I really like the app with my pebble, iOS, and am especially eager to use the find my phone feature, BUT–it often doesn’t work. when pebble and iphone are connected, it will sometimes ping my phone and a noise sounds, but then the next time, it doesn’t work.
    Also, the battery feature often doesn’t work. It seems that although the phone says the devices are connected, this feature doesn’t recognize it. both battery and find the phone are great ideas, but it seems they often don’t work.

  22. Is there a general tutorial on how the buttons work on this app? Honestly, I am pretty tech savvy and am having difficulty doing basic things like (1) playing my music app, (2) changing the volume and (3) responding with SMS. There does not seem to be any info.

  23. Hi, I have a SmartWatch MN2, and a Galaxy S4. For the life of me I cannot get notifications to vibrate and appear on the Smartwatch. The debug screen in augmented looks fine, but when I send a test notification it does not vibrate and appear on the screen.

    If I scroll to the augmented widget then I can see the notification, but it does not vibrate and appear automatically.

    Please help.

    • does it show up as a plugin in the motoactv android app – this is critical to ensure the communication path from Augmented to the motoACTV is working OK.

  24. Well, I use the pro version since some years with no problem with the Sony Smartwatch 1. Now I’ve changed phone with a Samsung Xcover2, everything was working good until the app disappeared in the app list inside the smartwatch application. I can’t see it as a widget anymore and nothing is working no more. Tried to reinstall everithing, augmented SW pro is there, but not inside the smartwatch app. 😦 What can I try to do to have it back working again?

    • Disable the Force SW2 option in augmented settings + reboot.

      If it still does not work please email me

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