Why I still need to carry the #MetaWatch, #Motoactv and Sony #SmartWatch and why I hope the Pebble is delayed :)

(IMO) there are three things that a SmartWatch needs to do:

  • 1) Nail the “at-a-glance real-time notifications” feature – it needs to be “always-on” (or at least the ability to turn on automatically when I need it to display something), real-time and 100% rock-solid;
  • 2) Battery life – it needs to last a long day no matter how many notifications, vibrations are pushed to the watch – this means 20+ hours in some cases;
  • 3) It needs to connect (always) to the internet (which typically means a rock-solid bluetooth connection with automatic re-tries). Even one manual re-connections attempt is not “automatic”.

Only the Metawatch can do this today (as much as I try to get rid of the MetaWatch, it is the only rock-solid device with all three of these key features nailed).

That said, the pace of software updates for these three watches are impressive, though Sony apparently had some hiccups with their update last week.

My attempt to do real-time at a glance notifications on the Sony was partially successful:

  • Eventually my app “exits” after @ 40-60 minutes and thus I need to manually restart it. I think this is due to the way I turn off the Sony display and either how Android or the Sony app is detecting that my app is “inactive”. I haven’t been able to figure out how to auto-start or delay this permanently as I am constrained by the Sony SDK. Indirectly, this “auto-time-out feature” actually helps on battery life so I decided to not push seeking a long-term solution.
  • Battery life was being impacted, hence I had to continue to use my Metawatch also.
  • Even with the above restrictions I can still see it being useful in short spurts (like driving). Hence I did add auto red light alerts to my latest version of Augmented Traffic Views and the Special Notification app.
I fear getting the Pebble too soon as I would be challenged to figure out how to carry four SmartWatches constantly 🙂


One thought on “Why I still need to carry the #MetaWatch, #Motoactv and Sony #SmartWatch and why I hope the Pebble is delayed :)

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