How to get Google Voice SMS/VoiceMail Notifications on your Sony Smart Watch

Updated August 3rd: Please read comments at the end of this post,  as this post was originally written over three months ago.  Note Tasker has been updated and in their new version “Action Intent” is now called “Send Intent”. Also there is a new app in the market which is much more advanced than what is described in this post. I have a later post with details here.

I was asked if I was interested in “making a lot of money” to do a Google Voice notification app for the Sony Smart Watch 🙂 Well here are two solutions (both “free”):

Solution 1:

  • Requires Tasker an awesome  and powerful automation engine for Android
  • Requires my notification app.
  • Create a Tasker “task” as follows:

  • When you receive a GV notification your Sony SmartWatch will automatically wake-up, vibrate and show the following:

  • The widget will show as follows:

Solution 2:

Use another app CustomNotifierExtension which seems to work well as a generic notification app for the Sony SmartWatch. If one simply requires a generic app, then I would actually suggest using this app.

Solution 1 only allows for the custom background graphic and more customizations via Tasker. However Tasker does take a bit of work to set up.

11 thoughts on “How to get Google Voice SMS/VoiceMail Notifications on your Sony Smart Watch

  1. Would a dedicated tasker app with a pluging to recieve a couple of variables not work a lot easier? Kind of how minimalistic text does? (I had the last couple of notifications sat at the bottom of the screen for a while)

    I think that would make it much simpler to set what tasker is throwing at the watch 🙂

    • Perhaps I would need to look into this. Right now I am focusing on the Motoactv it is the first color smart watch that allows for true “at a glance and hands-free” notification of the contents of a message (albeit it needs to be in the SMS message or a FB or twitter notification). However, it has potential and Motorola seems to be updating their software once a month

      I have been trying quite unsuccessfully to do this on the Sony SmartWatch. The incoming caller (ID) does this but it may be using undocumented features to do so (I cannot see any other app on the market that does this).

    • If the Google Voice Message shows up in the drop down notification bar of your android phone connected to the Sony Watch, then it will also show up on your Sony Watch if you using the Augmented SmartWatch Pro version. Note for some messages (that cannot be transcribed by GV or for some Android Phones, Google Voice does not always seem to send the messsage properly to the Notification bar of the Android phone – this is entirely related to GV and Android and not Sony SmartWatch of Augmented SmartWatch). So I suggest you test with your Android/GV setup to see if messages are seen on the notification bar first. If they do then you are good to go, if not then it will not work.

  2. I did everything exactly as you have laid out and nothing whatsoever… did I miss a step somewhere I have redone everything 7 times already and am starting to think I’m just wasting my time

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