Introducing Augmented Traffic Views for the new Sony Smart Watch

The incredible introduction of the Pebble watch on Kickstarter has been quite fascinating to watch (especially the comments). I of course had to  pre-order two of the Pebble watches with the thinking that I could either use one each with my android and iPhone or give one away. I also had the hope that I would not have to carry at least one of my MetaWatch or Sony SmartWatch. However I have been slowly implementing a use case (that is now published in the Android market) that would really require the need for a colour display and would not really be possible to implement (easily) on either the Pebble or MetaWatch. This would potentially result in some difficult decisions later this year or the thought of carry yet another SmartWatch that Mark would surely find even more humourous 🙂

Introducing AugmentedTrafficSmartWatch – a LiveWare extension for the Sony SmartWatch

 This new app for the Sony SmartWatch will automatically show real-time traffic camera images based on your current location of your Sony SmartWatch.

Prerequisites to using this app (this app is not a standalone Android app):

Note traffic camera data is only relevant for selected areas of the UK, US and Canada. The app has three running modes:

Mode 1) Preset mode – use Augmented Traffic Views to set presets;

Mode 2) Closest mode – Uses current location to figure out closest traffic camera images (requires Augmented Traffic Views to be installed);

Mode 3) Real-Estate mode – Uses current location;

User Commands on Sony SmartWatch:

  •               Swipe Up – Exit

  •               Swipe Down – Switch between modes (preset->closest->Real Estate)

  •               Swipe Right – Pause/Resume auto-scrolling – regardless of mode

  •               Swipe Left – if in real estate mode, will show more details on phone in browser, else will toggle auto-scrolling.

Full functionality of this app will require Version 3.7 of Augmented Traffic Views (select Menu -> more -> SmartWatch – Save Closest) to save the current location for the preset mode (and the information for the 10 cameras around your current location).

Customization: If you want to show your own images from the internet, you can as follows:

  • The local file File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + “/alk8.txt” can be used to store user genreated images as follows

Each image has two lines:

Line 1 – Name of image (or location) – which is shown at the top of display on Sony SmartWatch
Line 2 – URL of image

Repeat the two lines for each image to display – the app will read in data for a maximum of 20 images.

As a reminder, I have another LiveWare extension app that is effectively a generic notification engine for the Sony SmartWatch. I see from this pingback that my post is likely quite confusing. My app is meant to be integrated with Tasker. Hence it can only be invoked via the Android Intent mechanism. I will not put it on the market until I get a chance to properly document how to set it up (which may never happen). Augmented Traffic Views is not required to use this notification app, but a trigger-like app (like Tasker) is required.


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