How to Configure and Use Background Mode

Step 1) – Enable Feature

  • There are two settings to configure (that are disabled by default)

Go to menu->Settings (scroll down to the bottom as shown below)

  1. Check “Enable Background Running Mode”
  2. Optionally set a threshold for the “Background Traffic Cam View – Enable/Threshold”. If enabled, then a traffic camera view will be displayed when it is in the direction/bearing of your current driving and within the range selected.

Step 2) – Use Feature

While PhantomAlert/Augmented Traffic Views is running press the “home” button – this puts the app in background mode. You will see the green ICON at the top of the screen (in the notification bar). If you hit the back button or any other key other than the “home” button, the app will NOT be placed into background mode:

Start up any app (like Google Navigation). Alerts will pop-up as you drive by

Note please go back into the app (via the notification bar) and exit the app to exit from background mode (otherwise the battery will drain) when done.


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