Sneak Peek at a New Feature in Augmented Traffic Views 3.4.5

Starting in Augmented Traffic Views (3.4.5), there is support for the DineSafe historical data for Restaurants in the Toronto Area.

Support includes the following:

  • Flashing Alerts as a restaurant that has a conditional pass or closure notice since (Jan 2009 to Dec 2010) is in the predicted direction of travel and within a certain (configurable distance). The same algorithms used for the PhantomAlert POIs are used for these POIs. A flashing alert will look like the following:

  • One can touch the flashing POI Icon to remove the alert. The alert will also automatically be removed once you drive away from the restaurant.
  • Augmented Reality View as shown below:

  • Touch a green dot to get more info about the restaurant.
  • If enabled, restaurant POIs in the AR view have priority over the real-estate or traffic camera POIs
  • Support for a list of five closest restaurants with a health warning/closure as shown below:

  • Menu->more->Show Closest Restaurant Warnings to show this list (or use the speech command “Show Restaurants”)
  • This feature is disabled by default. It can be enabled (only if one is in Toronto) and by settings the option (menu->Settings->Restaurant Health Warning – Enable/Threshold) to the distance to alert at.

Data based on Dinesafe @ as per the terms @


One thought on “Sneak Peek at a New Feature in Augmented Traffic Views 3.4.5

  1. Please could you add the Reno/Sparks, NV area. I am requesting this for a group of us that live in this area.

    Thank you
    Rick Winters

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