3.4 PhantomAlert – What’s New

  • New Cameras for Pittsburgh and Toledo – see a snapshot for Pittsburgh traffic cameras below:


  • Critical Bug fixes
    • background mode POI visual alerts (this got broken in the last release)
    • Fix for resuming from background mode via notification bar
  • Significant tuning of predicted travel algorithms to present only relevant cameras – prior algorithm was too “wide” and it presented some cameras that were not in the current predicted area of travel
  • Bearing color on Radar is white until a valid predicted travel is known, it is red thereafter – the white bearing is shown in the image above
  • New Icons – User Interface has been improved
  • Support for multiple resolutions from same source+to improve presentation of camera views
    • Significant re-vamp to make the presentation of images much nicer and no longer showing cropping.
    • Artifacts of the prior method are no longer visible.
  • Improved speech recognition accuracy
  • Landscape optimization for DROID/Milestone to take advantage of the full display area
  • More install footprint reductions – over 30% over the past few releases

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