New Features in PhantomAlert/Augmented Traffic Views 3.3.* Release

New features in PhantomAlert 3.3.* Release

  • The number of traffic cameras in the look ahead buffer is shown by a sequence of colour coded bars as shown in the image below (there are green and blue bars at the top)

  • Typically there would be 10 bars – one for each camera; The relative position of the cameras are from left to right (left being the closest). The cameras shown currently are denoted by the blue bars. So in the above image it is the closest and farthest cameras (shown in blue). As the images change the colour of the bars change to show the relative position within the look-ahead buffer of the cameras currently being shown.
  • The colour of the current “bar(s)” will vary depending on the network connection as follows:
  • Blue – WIFI – useful for MIFI type of devices
  • Yellow – 3G (as shown below)
  • Black – NO Network connection
  • Grey – EDGE
  • White – GRPS

  • The GPS status is shown via two visual indicators:
  1. The Radar circles will be shown in white (as per the image above) until the first valid GPS reading is obtained.
  2. The Radar circles will be shown in green (as per the image below) once the GPS reading is valid. You want it to be green when you are driving.
  3. In the image above, there is a small black circle in the middle. This will provide a visual indicator as to the range of accuracy of the GPS reading (once the circles are green). In a car, this should be 6meters or less.

  • Delete a POI
    • When a POI is close, a flashing alert of the POIs is shown as depicted in the image below:

  • Swipe left or right to delete the POI (if it is a false alarm): The POI will not be shown again (as long as the app is not deleted from your phone).
  • Swipe up or down to delete the POI, locally only (e.g. if it is a valid alarm but you don’t want to be alerted on it for whatever reason): The POI will not be shown again (as long as the app is not deleted from your phone).
  • Add a POI – Touch the screen in driving (tracking) mode. There will be two ICONS showed along the middle row of the display as shown below. One on the left side to add a Red Light Traffic Camers POI and one on the right side to add a Speed Trap POI.
    • Press on the type of POI you want to add;

  • Press confirm or cancel (as shown below). Confirm will add the POI to the global PhantomAlert database.
  • Note (for now) one needs to be a registered user to successfully add a POI.
  • Note also that one needs to reload the PhantomAlert POIs to use the new POI locally on one’s phone.
  • PhantomAlert Icon in Notification bar when running (see below):

Eventually a background support will be provided to allow using Google Maps Navigation and still have PhantomAlert pop-ups displayed! Stay tuned.

  • If one presses the home button, the app still runs in the background (but is entirely silent of alerting on POIs).

  • Go in to the notifications area and select “PA” to bring the app back to the foreground.

  • Other features added:
    • More traffic cameras – many that were requested in the past have now been added. More cities will continue to be added over time.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab support for 1024×600. In the future, custom views may be provided.
    • Augmented Reality view fix for higher res displays – display of image now takes up more of the available screen area
    • Persistent option to not show traffic cameras (settings)
    • Notification of new features during first start-up of the app after upgrading
    • Clean-up of UI
    • Fix 68O News playback and Update of Toronto Traffic Cameras
    • Force Full Brightness (if screen timeout is enabled)
    • Support for Apps2SD (move app to external storage) – Android 2.2 only
    • Bug fixes – all crashes are logged and fixed (if not in the firmware or Android Framework)
    • Show Detailed Info now shows changes since last release

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