PhantomAlert 3.2 – New Feature Delete POI

New feature in 3.2 (now on the market)

  • Can delete a PhantomAlert POI when it is showing the  flashing alert for the POI – simply swipe up/down/left/right to delete. A message saying “POI Deleted” will be shown. Thereafter, the specific POI will be ignored.
  • This is useful for annoying PhantomAlert POI alerts. Note this does NOT delete the POI on the PhantomAlert web site.
  • Menu->Settings->more->Purge Deleted POIs can be selected to restore the deleted POIs (so they will be alerted on next time).
  • Menu->Show Detailed Info will show the number of POIs that have been “deleted” –  (Num Deleted POIs)

New Cities for traffic cameras being added also.


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