How to Use the Real-Estate Features in Augmented Views 2.3.4

Updated for PhantomAlert Version 3.4.3 (or later)  and Augmented Traffic Views (Version 3.4.3 or later)

How to enable

  • You must select one of the cities on Canada (currently either Toronto/Ottawa or Vancouver) and be using the app in Canada.
  • Enable via
    • menu->settings->Enable Location-based Real-Estate Views or tap the screen in tracking-on mode and touch the icon with a house (a red X means it is disabled)
      • if you don’t see the orange house icon then you need to select a Canadian city
    • If you tap the “traffic camera” icon to enable/disable the display of traffic camera images
  • If both traffic camera and real-estate are enabled then the images will alternate between both

New for 3.4.4 – there is a new feature/option:

  • Real Estate Flashing Alert – Enable/Threshold.
  • This is entirely independent from the above configuration option.
  • Will alert on Real Estate in upcoming path of travel (like a phantomalert POI).
  • This option can be disabled or provide the distance from which to alert when the Real Estate POI is in the direction of current travel
  • Note data is loaded in real time for @ a 1 km radius around your current position
    • Data will be re-loaded as you move outside of the radius of the previously loaded region
  • The minimum price can be selected
    • menu->settings->Minimum Real-Estate Search Price (note in 3.4.3 the options allowed have changed so you may want to check the current setting if you were using prior to 3.4.3)
    • all other parameters are hard-coded

Operational Modes

  • There are two modes
  1. Driving – enabled via auto-start or tracking on
  2. Non-Driving – enabled via tracking off

  • In Driving mode, the real-estate pictures are shown every few seconds (if enabled) or the flashing POI alerts will show upcoming Real Estate (if enabled). Address, pricing, reference # and distance will scroll across the top
  • In non-Driving mode, swipe up/down to cycle through the real-estate listing close to your current location. The location of the current real-estate listing image being displayed is also shown in the map section. This is enabled if the Enable Location-based Real-Estate Views is enabled.
  • In either (driving or non-driving) mode or when a flashing alert is being presented.
    • Swipe Left- to email details to your goggle email account of the current specific listing (you must have provisioned your email address for this to work).
  • When a Real Estate Flashing Alert is being shown, you can swipe left to send an email about the specific listing or touch the screen to remove the flashing alert:

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