How to Auto Start Augmented Views/Phantom Alert when driving

Use case

  • Enter car and simply place your Android phone in car dock – and voila Phantomalert/Augmented views will start working in hands-free mode.

How to

  1. Need an Android phone with a car dock (detected via magnets) – e.g. Nexus One or Droid
  2. Enable auto start mode in PhantomAlert/Augmented Views
    • menu-Settings->Enable Auto Start

3. Use the “Setting Profiles” Android app

  • Create a rule to trigger condition on “in the car dock” state
  • Insert an action to pause for 1 sec (this is very important)
  • Add action to Start the PhantomAlert/Augmented Views app

Reboot phone and it should now work

Note I am not at all affiliated with the Setting profiles app (I am a happy customer of this very useful app).


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