PhantomAlert 2.4 Release Notes

  • Dual views now supported in portrait mode in ALL devices and resolutions!
    • Dual view consists of 1) Traffic Camera Views and 2) Real-time Traffic Maps with PhantomAlert POIs
  • Dual views are supported in landscape mode in DROID and NexusOne devices (plus any devices with a resolution > 480×320)
    • Single view mode is supported in landscape mode for 480×320 devices
  • Some UI tweaks
    • Bottom detailed status line is now configurable – default is off
      • Swipe left/right on screen to toggle enable/disable (or change in menu->settings)
    • Radar scope enable/disable was removed – it is always enabled now
    • Device does not auto-rotate when application is running – we fixed the orientation depending on how the application was started
      • Opening in Portrait mode shows a dual-display mode tailored for Portrait mode (which is similar to the iPhone version of the app)

      • Opening in Landscape mode will show a dual-display mode tailored for Landscape mode (if the resolution is > than 480×320).

    • Otherwise the Landscape mode is fixed at single-display mode
    • Status line show more detail about the mobile internet connection (HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, or No Network).
      • If none of the above is displayed, then  you are using a wifi connection (Mifi)
    • Removed compass status from status line. The remaining green status line is for Smart mode
      • 2 bars means it is in learning mode
      • 4 bars means Smart mode is running and learning is complete
      • 1 bar means Smart mode is detected (you are going off your normal travel path)

      Auto-start mode is now enabled by default (for new installs)


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