PhantomAlert 2.0.0 Release Notes


  • Added Traffic Cameras for Columbus and Seattle
  • Support for Android 2.0.0
  • Minor UI clean up
  • Bug fixes related to network failures when trying to load new traffic camera data
  • Landscape optimizations for DROID (and phones with resolutions larger than 480 x 320) which shows the traffic camera real-time view side-by-side with the Google real-time traffic Maps overlaid with the PhantomAlert POIs:
    • Periodic, auto zoom out of the Google Maps view, based on current location/direction to show the traffic ahead of your current driving direction;
    • To enable these optimizations, please start the application in LANDSCAPE mode. This mode will not be enabled if the application is started in PORTRAIT mode and switched to LANDSCAPE mode.
  • Support for real-time Tweets based on current location
    • When driving tweets are filtered to search for traffic OR accidents;
    • When not moving, tweets are not filtered;
    • Note this option is OFF by default (please enable via menu->Settings);
  • Link to youtube Demo video

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